Saturday, November 25, 2006

Radical Islam-appeasing Manmohan refuses stronger laws to fight terror

The Muslim-vote-banking (pseudo-)secular (anti-Hindu) UPA and Congress Party Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has refused to enact stronger laws to fight Radical Islamic terror.

He has shown the gall to suggest that existing laws are enough to tackle terror. After dozens of Radical Islamic terror attacks in Mumbai, Srinagar, Ayodhya, Ghatkopar, Nagpur, Delhi, and tens of other cities have killed hundreds of innocent Indians, maimed thousands, and destroyed tens of thousands of lives (orphaned children, widowed wives, helpless old parents, etc) and none of the attackers have been brought to Justice, after the existing legal infrastructure has proved to be incapable of convicting even those responsible for the Mumbai 1993 bomb blasts 13 years ago yet, after the Muslim-coddling vote-banking pseudo-secular UPA has shown the temerity to call for the pardon of 2001 Parliament attacker Muhammad Afzal, after the UPA and Congress came to power by proposing to remove the anti-terror POTA law to gain popularity among Radical Muslims sympathetic to and supportive of Islamic terrorism against Hindus, the UPA Prime Minister has the gall to claim that the existing legal infrastructure is sufficient.

The UPA removed the POTA law. That was directly followed by an upsurge in terrorism. The UPA has blood on its hands.

The UPA Government has failed to apprehend a single terrorist responsible for the tens of major attacks that have occurred since it came to power.

By removing the POTA law and publicly refusing to strengthen laws against Islamic terror, the UPA and Congress has demonstrated that it has no intention to fight Islamic terror.

Indeed, the UPA and the Congress have repeatedly made statements like "... no stapling the terror tag on any community. No community or religion can and should be blamed for irresponsible and violent acts of a few individuals of that community or religion. Terrorists have to be dealt with as terrorists per se."

This is a blatant attempt to deny the fact that the terrorism being carried out in India by Muslim terrorists against innocent Hindus are being committed in accordance with the instructions in the Koran.

Furthermore, the acts of terror are committed in places and at times when Hindus are most likely to be in the targeted area.

For instance, the attack in Delhi during the Diwali shopping week at the most popular market in Delhi was carried out at the time of day when religious Muslims are supposed to be in mosque saying prayers. Since Diwali is a Hindu festival, the people in the market shopping at that time were all Hindus.

Since the UPA is showing this towering hypocrisy about even acknowledging the existence of religiously-motivated Islamic terror, and unwillingness to deal with it, they must be considered accomplices in acts of Islamic terror against Hindus.

The UPA Government is anti-Hindu and does not care about the welfare of Hindu citizens of India. All it cares about is to get Muslim votes to win elections. Dividing Hindus on caste lines with the OBC Reservations controversy, distributing guns and encouraging Caste War, etc are all part of the same dirty political gameplan. The Government knows it is safe: our own children serving India in the Army, Paramilitary and Police forces are keeping them safe by betting their own lives everyday. So the Government does not care about what happens to us -- the common people of India.

Once we agree that the UPA Government is an accomplice of Pakistani Radical Islamic terrorists and their sympathizers among Radical Muslims of India, it is reasonable to conclude that the UPA Government must be punished for acts of terror against Hindus that they have caused by weakening the legal framework (eg. by removing the POTA law, that too at a time when the rest of the Civilzed World is strengthening its legal framework to fight Islamic terror, eg. with the PATRIOT ACT in USA) and by making it clear to the terrorists that it has no political will to effectively fight terror.

Thus, when the next Radical Islamic terror attack occurs, if the terrorists cannot be found by the UPA Government, the punishment should be inflicted on the accomplices: UPA Government's Ministers and key decision-makers -- in particular UPA Chairperson Antonia Maino (who calls herself Sonia Gandhi), Casteism Minister Arjun Singh, incompetent Home Minister Shivraj Patil, Assistant Casteism Minister Ambubani Ramadoss, and useless Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

These five people have shown amply that they are willing to beat up innocent students and doctors (who protested against the Casteist Reservations policy aimed at dividing and conquering Hindu society) but do not want to convict Muslim terrorists.

The next time innocent Hindu blood is spilled by Muslim terrorists that the UPA Government fails to catch, the price must be paid by these five people.

Antonia Maino first. She must pay for the next drop of innocent Hindu blood spilled by the Muslim terrorists she is aiding and abetting with her idiotic pro-terror policies.

The revenge must be taken by the Police, Paramilitary, and the Armed Forces of India tasked to guard this horrible woman. If they are loyal to India, they will know that Antonia Maino's Crimes Against Humanity must not be allowed to go unpunished. She must pay.

Vande Mataram. Jai Hind.

Times of India reports:

Existing laws enough to tackle terror: PMA
[26 Nov, 2006 0024hrs ISTTIMES NEWS NETWORK]

NEW DELHI: PM Manmohan Singh on Saturday joined the debate on whether a special law was needed to fight the challenge of terrorism, virtually turning down the demand of Intelligence Bureau chief E S L Narasimhan for the enactment of a new law.

In what was seen as a riposte to Narasimhan’s spirited pitch for a special law on the ground that existing legal architecture was not adequate to deal with the new-age terrorist, Singh suggested that authorities should take recourse to "stringent measures" under existing laws to "cut off" the illegal flow of money to terrorists through money laundering and organised crime.

Speaking at a seminar on "Law, Terrorism and Development" here, the PM was in complete agreement with the IB on the threat posed by different forms of terrorism. "Having large financial and material resources at their disposal, terrorist groups are able to use modern communication systems and state-of-the art technology to pursue their agenda. They have become more sophisticated, better networked and highly motivated in carrying out their nefarious designs. A matter of extreme concern is also their linkage with organised crime, like drug trafficking, gun running, counterfeit currency and money-laundering," he said.

However, he appeared to suggest that existing laws had enough teeth. "We also need to use relevant provisions of the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act and the Prevention of Money Laundering Act to cut off the flow of funds to terrorist groups," Singh said.

On Thursday, Narasimhan had argued for a special law to cope with the changed scenario since the existing legal framework was conceived. The PM, who was present when he spoke, had kept mum.

The subject of a special law has been politically fraught, with vocal liberal groups charging that they are used to harass members of the minority community.

The PM spoke against stapling the terror tag on any community. "No community or religion can and should be blamed for irresponsible and violent acts of a few individuals of that community or religion. Terrorists have to be dealt with as terrorists per se." However, he suggested that leaders of all communities should work to encourage "fringe elements seeking to disrupt society" to join the national mainstream.

Hindustan Times reports:

PM for clear and purposive response to terror threats
Aloke Tikku
New Delhi, November 25, 2006

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh virtually ruled out the demand for tough anti-terror legal laws on Saturday, saying the government was "firmly" committed to enforcing zero tolerance to terrorism "within the framework of our existing legal system".

Singh had heard the Intelligence Bureau chief ESL Narasimhan make out a case for strengthening the legal framework to fight terror at a conference of police officers on Thursday. The PM's response came on Saturday, wrapped up in a speech at a seminar on terrorism, law and development.

The PM made no direct reference to Narasimhan's demand. But the emphasis on the existing legal framework and the "need" for law enforcement machinery to set their house in order indicated that the targeted audience was the security establishment clamouring for tougher provisions.

"We need to use relevant provisions of the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act and the Prevention of Money Laundering Act to cut off the flow of funds to terrorist groups," Singh said, suggesting that the problem was not with the laws but their inefficient deployment.

Singh went on, in some sense, to tell them what else they needed to work on. "We also need to streamline our investigation and prosecution machinery to apprehend culprits involved in acts of terrors. We have to pursue investigation and prosecution of such cases in a professional and scientific manner," he said, advising them to make a "determined effort" to ensure that the innocent are not harmed or harassed.

"Judiciary at different levels also has a vital role in ensuring that such cases are tried expeditiously and offenders are brought to justice without undue delay," the PM pointed out in his speech that also called for "a clear and purposive" response to terrorism, insurgency and extremism. "Certain and swift punishment is often the effective deterrent to potential wrongdoers."

Singh, who has had to face uncomfortable moments on several occasions when minority leaders complain about policemen going on an overdrive and painting the entire community with the same brush, also advised them against this tendency. At the same time, he also asked leaders of all communities to ensure that the "fringe elements" seeking to disrupt the society are identified, isolated and encouraged to join the national mainstream.

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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Muslim-appeasing Congress ignores IB Chief's plea for political will to fight terror effectively

In India any bureaucrat, however educated, however effective, however efficient and competent, keeps his or her job only as long as he or she manages to keep the political masters happy.

Merit does not matter in India. What matters is keeping the political masters of the ruling party happy. The most recent episode proving this was when the world famous doctor, medical researcher, and and AIIMS Director Dr Venugopal was sacked by the Casteist UPA Minister Ambubani Ramadoss for opposing the Casteist OBC Reservation policies of Arjun Singh and his gang of anti-Hindu Casteist Divide and Conquer politicians.

This is why educated and competent non-political bureaucrats usually keep quiet in public and have little influence, while ignorant uneducated and stupid Ministers talk big on TV radio and newspapers all the time and make idiotic decisions that affect the destinies of ONE BILLION people.

Now the chief of the Intelligence Bureau, E S L Narasimhan, has risked his job and career by openly speaking out about the horrible state of affairs in India on the anti-terror front, because of the complete lack of political will by the Muslim-appeasing UPA Government to fight against Radical Islamic terrorists.

The UPA came to power through Muslim vote bank politics. The only common element among all the UPA parties is that they are all anti-Hindu pseudo-secular parties. They have nothing else in common -- no common economic ideology or agenda, no common agenda on social policies, nothing at all except their opposition to the BJP and its insistence on dropping pseudo-secularism and replacing it with real secularism, where all religions are treated equally, and the coddling of Muslims and mistreatment of Hindus is stopped. Indeed, the Communists have never for one day supported the pro-liberalization economic policies of Manmohan Singh. Every few months they organize massive public rallies in West Bengal and Kerala protesting against the Central Government's economic policies -- the policies of the same Government they are keeping in power by supporting in Parliament. Do they really think the People of India are so stupid that they cannot see through this simple hypocrisy ?

It is no surprise that the UPA's agenda is called the "Common Minimum Programme". The various parties in the UPA really have so little in common that their common programmme is the bare minimum: survival in power by keeping Hindu society divided, and the BJP out. All their major policies -- like the OBC Casteist Reservations, distributing guns to Casteist groups and encouraging Caste War -- have been aimed at Dividing and Conquering Hindu society.

It was one of the poll pledges of the Congress to remove the anti-terror POTA law. They removed it. In response, there have been terror attacks with increasing frequency -- at Varanasi, Ghatkopar, Mumbai, Nagpur, Delhi, Srinagar, Ayodhya -- all over the country.

Hundreds of innocent Indian men women and children have died and thousands have been horribly maimed. Tens of thousands of lives have been destroyed -- widows reduced to penury, children orphaned.

The blood is on the hands of the UPA Government.

Even after this, they have shown the stupendous height of Muslim-appeasement by calling for the release of convicted Radical Islamic terrorist Muhammad Afzal who was responsible for planning and executing the terrorist attack on the Indian Parliament in 2001.

The terrorists who carried out the 1993 bomb blasts in Mumbai have still not been punished -- they continue to enjoy Indian hospitality while their trial drags on, waiting for an Indian airplane to get hijacked somewhere and their release demanded. Indian courts take forever to hear and decide cases -- even simple ones like terror cases with overwhelming evidence. (In contrast, the US has already finished dealing with all the criminals in custody who had something to do with 9/11.)

On top of this bad legal system that already allows terrorists to escape Justice by delaying it forever, the Congress and its Muslim-loving terrorist-sympathizers in UPA are asking for convicted Islamic terrorists to be released after they already had the full benefit of delayed Justice through the stupidly ineffective and loophole-full Indian legal system and somehow miraculously were indeed convicted.

How much of this iniquity will the People of India tolerate ?

Will the People of India defend E S L Narasimhan for bravely risking his job and his career by boldly challenging the UPA Government's Muslim-coddling anti-terror policies ? Or will they forget about him in a week and let the UPA Government quietly sack him after the issue dies down ?

Those who quietly watch while this infamy goes on should remember that they or their near and dear ones may be at the receiving end of the next terror attack in India. By then, it will be too late.

The time to fight appeasement of Radical Islam is NOW. To do so, talk to people around you. Build awareness of what is going on. Do not allow the past to be forgotten. Force the Muslim-appeasing UPA Government to get tough on terror or get out of power. United we stand, divided we fall.

Remember, the moment you forget Varanasi Ayodhya and Mumbai, it will be time for the next terror attack. The Americans have not yet forgotten 9/11. The Spanish have not forgotten 3/11. The British have not forgotten 7/7. Do you still remember 7/11 ?

The Times of India reports:

PM dodges IB demand for more teeth to fight terror
Subodh Ghildiyal & Vishwa Mohan
[24 Nov, 2006 0030hrs ISTTIMES NEWS NETWORK]

NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Thursday had to duck a strong pitch for an effective anti-terror law by Intelligence Bureau chief E S L Narasimhan.

In his welcome address on the second day of the conference of country’s police chiefs, Narasimhan surprised many by strongly articulating the need, long felt by IB as well as police, for special laws to deal with the ever-growing terror threat.

"We need a more robust legal framework to deal with these new threats, which were not envisioned when much of our legal architecture was framed," said Narasimhan. He went on to remind the PM about the threat from tech-savvy and globally-networked terrorists who can strike at targets here without having to step into the country. "The modern environment with all its technological excellence including ease of travel and free information flows offers a vast array of targets to terrorists who need not be based here."

He also spoke of the legal problems that police personnel face while pursuing intelligence leads — an allusion to the inadmissibility of electronic intercepts as evidence — and said that law needs to factor this in.

Referring to fidayeen attacks in the Capital, Mumbai and J&K, Narasimhan said: "We need to revisit our strategy of counter-intelligence to deal with terror."

The PM, who spoke afterwards, did not touch upon the subject which has taken on strong political overtones because of the perception in certain quarters that anti-terror laws are vulnerable to misuse, particularly against minorities.

Narasimhan’s pitch for a stronger law assumes significance because it came within days of Prime Minister’s categoric assertion that his government was opposed to the return of POTA, which was repealed by UPA government to fulfil its poll pledge.

Unless inspired from within the government and meant to build a case for bringing a special anti-terror law without having to pay the political cost, the IB chief’s advocacy could be seen as a bold expression of the sentiments of the security establishment.

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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

UK protests harassment of Hindus in Kazakhstan; India silent

Secularism means "anti-Hindu"-ism in India. Here is another example to illustrate this phenomenon.

The United Kingdom, a Christian-majority secular country, has protested the harassment of the tiny Hindu minority of Kazakhstan in Central Asia that has survived a thousand-year-long Radical Islamic genocidal campaign to eliminate Hinduism and Buddhism that has succeeded so well in Central Asia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan and Kashmir.

India, the land where Hinduism and Buddhism were born, and which is home to an overwhelmingly vast vast majority of the 900 million strong worldwide Hindu community, is completely silent on the issue. Defending Hindus being mistreated in Kazakhstan apparently would violate the Congress-Communist-style "secularism".

This once again exposes the Congress-Communist parties' "secularism" to be nothing but Muslim-appeasement and Hindu-bashing. The Hindus of India are being kept divided on Caste and Linguistic lines through issues like SC/ST/OBC Reservations, distributing guns to casteist groups and encouraging them to engage in caste war, and Muslim-appeasing vote-bank politics is going on in full swing.

How long will the people of India tolerate this towering injustice ? The answer depends on you -- what you think, what you say, what you do.

The Times of India reports:

UK protests against Kazakh Hindus harassment
[22 Nov, 2006 1028hrs ISTPTI]

LONDON: British Prime Minister Tony Blair has raised the issue of alleged harassment of Kazakh Hindus with the Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev at a meeting in London.

The Hindu Forum of Britain alleged on Wednesday that 60 riot police and bulldozers assembled inside a Hindu temple in Kazakhstan and demolished five Hindu houses. According to the forum, the Kazakh government is allegedly planning to bulldoze a Hindu temple in the Karasai District in Kazakhstan.

In an effort to highlight the plight of Hindus in Kazakhstan, Ashok Kumar, Member of Parliament, has tabled an Early Day Motion in the House of Commons.

The motion said: "This House, prior to the visit of the President of Kazakhstan, condemns the harassment of and discrimination against Hindu minorities in Kazakhstan; notes that Hindus in the Karasai district have had land, barns and cows confiscated, have been threatened with demolition of their houses, and denied the right to own land.

It further notes that Kazakh Hindus who applied for ownership of their houses were asked to declare that they were not Hindus, while non-Hindus who made similar applications were immediately granted ownership rights. The motion also acknowledges that the Supreme Court reviewed two cases regarding Hindu cottages and ruled against Hindus, without inviting the plaintiffs to the hearings.

Forum 18, a human rights website has linked the Kazakh President's brother to the demolition and land-grab attempt suggesting that the value of the land could be the reason why Hindus are being harassed and subjected to human rights violations.

"The human rights violation against Kazakh Hindus has caused worldwide condemnation," Sudarshan Bhatia, President of the National Council of Hindu Temples, UK, who is leading the Defend Kazakh Hindus Campaign, said.

"We ask for a complete review of decisions made against Hindus in the court, call upon the President to order the Karasai District Hakimat to have all cases against the Kazakh Hindus withdrawn and basic human rights values restored," Ishwer Tailor, President of the Hindu Forum of Britain, said.

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Monday, November 20, 2006

Muslim vote bank politics heats up in UP

In 1991 Muslims constituted 15 per cent of the population of UP. In 2001 their share had gone up to 18.5 per cent of the UP population. Thus, the Muslim votes are now more important than they ever have been at any point of time in the past. Simply because there are many more people listening to Imam Bukhari and other Islamic "leaders" like him and voting according to their "fatwas".

This is a continuing trend: Muslim percentage of Indian population is increasing, and Muslim vote bank politics is becoming more and more important. Muslim population has been increasing faster than that of any other community because most Muslims are uneducated, illiterate, polygamous, backward and don't do much other than make money through low-skilled menial labour or by committing crimes (stealing, robbery, gang activities like smuggling, drug distribution, etc), marry four wives, and create lots and lots of babies. People from other, more law-abiding, communities get married later in life because they need to acquire more difficult skills (being a bricklayer, mason, clerk, engineer, doctor, etc requires decades of hard work and practice; becoming a smuggler or murderer is much easier) to make a living, and are monogamous. This is documented fact: Muslims are grossly over-represented among thieves, murderers, gangsters, smugglers and other criminals compared to their share in the overall population.

As this thousand-year-old trend of accelerating Muslim population continues, any political party that confronts Muslim extremism (such as the hue and cry and street rioting violence and arson committed by Indian Muslims over some cartoons published in newspapers in Denmark) will find it more and more difficult to win elections in India.

This is simply a part if the continuing slide into higher and higher levels of Islamic extremism that has been happening in India over the last 1000 years.

Based on how things have shaped up earlier in recent history when Muslims crossed 20 per cent of Indian population (in 1946, when a Muslim leader Muhammad Ali Jinnah managed to build the flames of Islamic fanaticism in about half of undivided India's Muslim population, comprising about 10 per cent of the total population of undivided India at that time and started a "jihaad" for Partition marked with large-scale rioting -- directly brought on by Jinnah with his calls for "Direct Action" and "jihaad" -- in which hundreds of thousands of innocent Hindu men women and children were butchered in West Punjab, Calcutta, and East Bengal by Muslim League fanatics while the provisional Muslim League governments that controlled the police forces calmly watched, and finally took 25% of Indian land to create West and East Pakistan in 1947) the future does not look very promising.

Hindustan Times reports:

Race for Muslim votes hots up in UP
M Hasan
Lucknow, November 19, 2006

Muslim electorates are up for grabs. There is intense competition among non-BJP parties for crucial minority votes in the state. The parties have been trying to tap all resources to capture this constituency.

Chief Minister Mulayam Singh Yadav is on pre-poll dole distribution spree to keep the fast eroding base in the community intact. From Lucknow to Malegaon and now proposed rally Mumbai on November 21, "Maulana" Mulayam has been trying to give message that he is only the true saviour of the community.

The BSP chief Mayawati has also undertaken exercise to go beyond "Dalit-plus-other-community" vote politics. The BSP has been preparing Muslim manifesto to widen base in the community. The Congress has planned to come out with an action plan based on recommendations of Justice Rajinder Sachar committee report for overall socio-economic upliftment of the community.

While providing largess to the community, the chief minister had announced in his budgetary speech that, "in order to ensure participation of minority community in government employment and boost their education a commission would be constituted which would submit its report within three months". The fate of this commission is not yet known. The government had also announced to establish coaching centre for the minority community students appearing in all India and state civil services.

The Rashtriya Lok Dal (RLD), which is yet to decide about electoral alliance, presumably has not given thought to the issue. The party had so far been thriving on Jat-Muslim combination in Western UP, which is now under pressure because of Muslim's United Democratic Front (UDF).

With the crucial UP assembly elections round the corner, every party has been promising moon to the community. Apart from sops there are deliberate efforts by the SP to create fear psychosis of BJP comeback. However, the parties that were in power during the last five years had hardly any credible record for the welfare of the community. Even though tall promises were made, there had been no attempt for policy intervention to remotely eradicate basic socio-economic problems of the community.

While the BSP had no specific action plan during its 15-month regime, Yadav government adopted "Ulema-centric" approach to keep tight leash over the community. Local bodies elections however indicated that the strategy has backfired. The SP's "cash-n-kind" support to turbaned Mullahs has not gone down well with the community. There is strong feeling in the community that clerics could no longer be arbitrators of their votes.

Ulema have also been trying to directly fish in troubled waters in UP. Shia cleric Maulana Kalbe Jawad vainly floated People's Democratic Front (PDF), which was shelved after few months. Simultaneous launch of UDF headed by Jama Masjid Imam Ahmad Bukhari has also turned out to be a rudderless boat. Since politics is no longer taboo for the Ulema (clerics), they have been cleverly trying to mix religion with politics to retain their stranglehold on the community. Encouraged by "Ajmal phenomenon" in Assam, the UP clerics have been trying to replicate Assam United Democratic Front (AUDF) experiment.

Interestingly the poor community is simply a bystander in the whole unfolding political drama. The AUDF headed by Maulana Badruddin Ajmal exploited Muslims sentiments in Assam following the Congress failure to retain the contentious Illegal Migrants (determination of tribunals) Act, 1983, which was struck down by the Supreme Court as ultra vires of the Constitution.

Bukhari, known for hobnobbing with political parties in the past, has been trying to project himself as sole arbitrator of Muslims in the state, which has not gone down well with the community. The motives of all the Ulema are also suspected in the eyes of the common Muslims. While clerics have been trying to win over support the people have been making efforts to decipher the hand of political parties behind each cleric. "Who is working for whom?", is the question doing round in the community. Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind has also split vertically. While JUH president Arshad Madni is close to the Congress, general secretary Mahmood Madni has become Rajya Sabha member with the help of Rashtriya Lok Dal and Samajwadi Party.

From 15 percent in 1991 census the Muslim population in 2001 census has gone up to 18.5 percent in UP. Of the total 16.61 crore population in the state, Muslim constituted three crore. While Muslim population is mixed in both urban and rural areas it has mainly urban concentration. The dominance of the community continues to be in Saharanpur, Bijnore, Meerut, Barielly, Moradabad, Muzaffarnagar, Pilibhit, Rampur, Bulandshahr, Aligarh, Budaun and Lakhimpur Khiri and Lucknow. There are 130 assembly segments in which the community's presence is more than 20 percent.

The literacy rate is 47.8 percent with female literacy at 37.4 percent. The literacy scenario in Muslim community is grim as against Hindus' 58 percent and female literacy 43.1 percent in this community. Significantly there is also considerable gap in the work participation rate of 29.1 percent in Muslims and 33.2 percent in Hindus.

The chief minister had also targeted the largest segment of Muslim community by bringing Muslim girls passing Aalia examination from Arabi-Persian Board, which is equivalent to Intermediate in the state, under Kanya Vidyadhan yojana (scholarship scheme for girls). On the pattern of government run junior high schools, the chief minister had also decided to provide free of cost textbooks to students of approved madarsas up to Fauqania level (8th class). Yadav said pay scales of Arabi-Persian schools teachers would be upgraded which would benefit 4500 teachers in the state.

A provision of Rs seven crore was made in the current budget. In 13 Muslim dominated districts primary and junior high schools would be established on priority with the provision of computer education in junior classes. In order to give impetus to computer education, the government had earmarked Rs 52 lakh to 50 madrassas and also establish 25 ITIs in minority dominated development blocks in rural areas. However, the minister for Haj and minorities affairs Haji Yaqoob Qureshi told Hindustan Times that most of the announcements were on paper. Qureshi said that government had done nothing for the welfare of the community during the last three years.

While the SP has been carrying on campaign against Mayawati for her "Muslim-are-fanatics" statement she had come out openly in support of the community by demanding recall of India's envoy to Denmark on Danish Cartoon issue. Mayawati had also sought restoration of minority character to Aligarh Muslim University (AMU). The BSP has veered round to the view that Dalit-Brahmin-Muslim tie-up could become unassailable electoral combination in the state. But the BSP is to go long way in regaining the trust of the community. Its strategy is now to reach out the community directly.


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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Congress Government encouraging inter-caste rioting among Hindus

The Congress Party led by the anti-Hindu Catholic Christian fanatic Antonia "Sonia" Maino (who calls herself "Gandhi" for branding reasons) is now openly encouraging inter-caste rioting among Hindus in Maharashtra by providing guns and arms licenses to selected groups from specific castes and encouraging them to use these arms to kill people from other castes.

This is the latest tactic employed by the anti-Hindu Christian fanatics in control of the "secular" (anti-Hindu) Congress Party to divide and conquer the Hindu population of India.

Will this tactic succeed ? Maybe it will. Maybe it won't. The answer depends on whether you make yourself aware of what is going on. And tell people around you.

For over a thousand years the enemies of the people of India and Hinduism have tried their best to split Indian society into groups based on Castes and Languages and play them against each other. Rajput against Maratha. Sikh against Rajput. Maratha against Tamil. Sindhi against Afghan. Sikh against Hindu. Jat against Maratha. And so on.

This is how the Muslim Sultans captured India. This is how the Mughals ruled. All the while mistreating the majority Hindus of India; making them pay the zizya religious tax to live in their own homeland and have the freedom practise their own religion. Defiling and destroying their holiest temples. Evicting them from their homes. Kidnapping, raping, and forcibly converting their wives and daughters to add as slaves to their harems. Exporting them as slaves to Persia. Indeed, there is an entire mountain range -- the Hindu Kush -- commemorating the Hindus of that region who rebelled against this evil of Radical Islam and were exterminated.

In spite of all this, India managed to save her culture. Hinduism survived. Buddhism survives too. Good can never be wiped out; however powerful Evil might be.

But the survival was at a great cost: Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, and Kashmir were fully converted to Islam by force, intimidation, murder, eviction, kidnapping and genocide, and the light of Hinduism and Buddhism wiped out. Fully 25% of India was captured by the forces of medieval darkness: Radical Islam, and is today a grave threat to the entire Civilized World. A threat India has known for over a thousand years; a threat the over-generous and dangerously over-liberal Civilized World has understood only after 9/11, 7/7 and 3/11.

However, the Divide and Rule is still going on. This is how the British captured India too.

Now the Christian fanatics of the "secular" (anti-Hindu) Congress Party funded by the Vatican and the American right-wing Christian fundamentalist "charities" are trying the same.

Hindustan Times reports:

Solapur remains tense after rioting
Satyajit Joshi
Pune, November 18, 2006

Normal life in Solapur has been disturbed for the past four days because of sporadic incidents of violence in protest against Khairlanji in Vidarbha region.

Police have declared curfew for 12 hours during the day because of incidents of stone pelting, arson and damaging of properties following clashes between Dalit organisations and upper caste Hindus.

Solapur Police Commissioner Ashok Kamthe told Hindustan Times that the situation was well under control but curfew could be extended on Sunday as a precautionary measure.

Curfew was declared in the town following violent incidents in some parts of the including Navi Peth, Chati Galli, Bali Ves, Siddheshvar Peth, and Vijapur Ves.

Shops and most of the commercial and business establishments were closed for the past three days because of the agitation. No untoward incident was reported in the city on Saturday, Kamthe told HT.

According to police sources, more than 100 people have been detained under various sections of Indian Penal Code and also Bombay Police Act.

On Friday, seven persons reportedly injured in stone pelting which included assistant police commissioner Suhas Warke. His official car was also damaged by the mob. School managements were forced to declare holiday because of the tense situation in the town while passengers suffered as auto rickshaws and local bus service were not operating.

Dalit organizations in Solapur have launched agitation to protest against Khairlanji incident for the past few days. Violence began immediately after police officials conduced a meeting of the peace committee on Friday.

Police were forced to burst tear gas and mild lathi charge to control the mob. Some of the government properties including Doordarshan Kendra (television station) were damaged in stone pelting.

Solapur Police Commissioner Ashok Kamthe said that some organisations had sought permission to take out march against violence, which was refused. "Curfew has been clamped to avoid any untoward incident and can be extended tomorrow also," he said. .

Meanwhile, RPI leader Ramdas Athawale blamed police for the incident in Solapur. Talking to media persons in Pune, Athawale charged that police unnecessarily went for lathicharge after peace committee meeting was over. Athawale also asked for amendment in Dalit Atrocities Act, stating that the act has to be made more strong and powerful.

Athawale said that government plan to extend license to Dalits to posses arm was not adequate. "Government should offer Dalits arms as well as they have no money to purchase the arms", he said.

Maharashtra Nav Nirman Sena president Raj Thackeray has some different views. Addressing a party workers rally in Pune, Raj said that issuance of licenses for arms would further complicate the situation.

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Friday, November 17, 2006

Sikhs and Hindus pay the price for crimes committed by "Asian" Muslims in UK

British Sikhs have protested against the stupid ("politically correct") British policy of not identifying criminals accurately.

Crimes committed by Radical British Muslims of Pakistani origin are attributed to "Asians" which includes peaceful law-abiding and civilized Sikhs and Hindus as well.

This has already led to numerous attacks on Sikhs and Hindus in retaliation to horrific crimes committed by British Muslims of Pakistani origin.

Sikhs are especially vulnerable because of their turbans which makes them more visible and easy to identify.

Times of India reports:

Sikhs blame British policy of 'Asian' tag
Rashmee Roshan Lall
[ 17 Nov, 2006 2110hrs ISTTIMES NEWS NETWORK ]

LONDON: British Sikhs have stepped up their attack on the UK's politically-correct policy of lumping Sikhs and Hindus with the omnibus tag 'Asian' instead of clearly identifying Muslims as the offenders when needed, just 48 hours after a Scottish Sikh teenager was viciously attacked by a white gang and forced to submit to having his long hair hacked off.

In a loaded attack on British political correctness, Sikh leaders blamed the Edinburgh incident on the UK's refusal to identify Asian Muslims as perpetrators of crime. Instead, said the Sikh Federation, Britain's only Sikh political party, racist offenders against whites are routinely described by the British media as "Asian". The Federation said, "The media by adopting such a crude policy was putting at risk those most visible amongst Asians - a simple phrase that the media is using to describe those with brown skin."

The attack on British political correctness comes nearly a fortnight after the high-profile sentencing in the Scottish city of Glasgow of three 'Asian' Muslim men who horrifically killed a young white man, Kriss Donald, in a racist attack that shocked Scotland and much of the world.

On Friday, UK Sikh leaders said the community believed that the attack on the Sikh teenager was "directly linked to (the) conviction in Scotland for the horrific killing of a young white man by four Muslims."

They said the 15-year-old Sikh boy may have become the unfortunate scapegoat for white teenagers angry about Donald's racially-aggravated murder at the hands of a brown gang.

The Federation said, "Sikhs with turbans are the most visible minority in the UK that is facing increased racism as the media and public authorities are adopting 'general' descriptions and avoiding the harsh facts and reality of the situation".

Sikh leaders told TOI , in another loaded reference to recent racially-charged attacks on British Sikh cricketer Monty Panesa, "We have had killings, bombings and mass murder in the UK. What will it take for the media and public authorities to start calling a spade a spade and educating the public about Sikhs, who do not want to be called Asians or Indians and are different to Muslims and Hindus? The events of the last few days show if you are a 15 year old schoolboy or a world famous international cricketer you have one thing in common - your Sikh identity and you will be subjected to racial abuse and attack as the authorities are failing the Sikhs."

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How terrorists are created

"Catch them young" is the method used by Pakistan and its terrorist groups like LeT and JeM and their agents.

A standard 10 student -- young, impressionable Muslim boy 15 years old -- was saved from a terrible fate when his initiation into a lifetime of terrorism and slavery in the service of Pakistan was interrupted by the Police.

The boy had been asked by an older "friend" -- who had left school and joined the Lashkar-e-Tayiba earlier -- to prove his loyalty to Islam and their friendship by bombing a Sufi mosque when hundreds of peaceful law-abiding Sufi citizens of India were offering Friday namaaz prayers inside.

This is how terrorists are created from among Indians. Once the boy had taken that step, he would have lived a life of fear. He would have been unable to join the Indian mainstream life. His Pakistani masters would keep him alive and "safe" from Indian Police, and in return would have him do their dirty jobs.

When he would someday eventually be killed or captured by Indian security forces, he would still have been useful to Pakistan, whether alive or dead. His name would have been added to a list of a few thousand other people like him and bandied about by Pakistan in international meetings at the United Nations, the Organization of Islamic Conference, and at bilateral meetings between Pakistan and other nations as proof of the false Pakistani claim that the people of Kashmir are fighting a "freedom struggle" for "self-determination" from "Indian occupation"; that the unrest in Kashmir is not in fact the result of a 30-year-long terrorist campaign undertaken by Pakistan with Saudi, Pakistani, Egyptian, Libyan, Sudanese, Syrian and Afghan Taliban terrorists brought up on a hideous violent inhuman and uncivilized Sunni Wahabi and Saudi Salafist ideology of Radical Islam.

Hindustan Times reports:

Student held for attempt to hurl grenade in mosque
Zorawar Singh Jamwal
Jammu, November 17, 2006

To please his friend that had joined LeT cadre, a student of Class 10th was caught on Friday by Doda police in connection with an unsuccessful attempt to hurl a grenade inside a Mosque at the township area during the holy month of Ramzan.

Identified as one Bashir Ahmed alias Nikka ,a class 10th student of Government High School Doda, son of Ghulam Mohammad Bhat and resident of Koti, he was assigned the task by his friend who had left studies and joined LeT .

"During the month of Ramzan, Bashir Ahmed was contacted by a LeT terrorist Irshad who used to study with him in primary classes. Irshad, gave him a grenade to be hurled inside the Mosque to target some civilians and some VIPs that were offering Namaz at that time", SSP Doda Manohar Singh said, adding that "but Bashir could not make attempt due to heavy deployment of security personnel in and around the Mosque."

Replying to a query, SSP Manohar Singh informed that "police had received input by various agencies that LeT may engage some sharp shooter to resort to firing or a new face to hurl grenade on civilians and VVIPs. Following that lead, police launched a manhunt to trace the accused. After a thorough investigation police achieved success in tracing out the accused and averting a major tragedy."

"The accused has been put under sustained interrogation to expose the entire module and effect more arrests in that case", the senior police officer informed.

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Saturday, November 11, 2006

The continuing persecution of Sufis in Kashmir by Wahabi/Salafist Sunni Radical Islamic terrorists of Pakistan

For the last several hundred years Sufis have been persecuted in both Shia and Sunni Islamic countries like Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Lebanon, Bangladesh, Pakistan, as well as in India when large parts of it were under Islamic rule for over a thousand years.

Sufism has been practically wiped out, as both Shias and Sunnis have attacked them for their "un-Islamic" conduct like emphasis on devotional music and dance as the way to reach God.

The most prominent example of Sufi persecution in India was the brutal suppression of music and dance under the long 80-year-long reign of Radical Islamic fanatic Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb. But this was not the only one. Except for the non-Muslim Mughal Emperor Akbar (who denounced Islam and adopted a new faith Deen-i-Ilahi) all Mughal Emperors and the Sultans before them did their best to wipe out Sufism from India.

Today Sufism has practically disappeared from the surface of this planet; it only survives in parts of Kashmir that are in India. The parts of Kashmir that are occupied by Pakistan have seen a brutal wipe-out of this beautiful religion with a deep cultural heritage that attempted to transform the savage uncivilized and brutal "religion" called Radical Islam into a civilized and humane religion.

Pakistan has, over the last three decades, sent thousands of terrorists to attack and destroy Sufism in Indian Kashmir as well. The most highly respected Sufi shrines like the Chrar-e-Sharief, and the Hazratbal mosque, have been attacked by Pakistani terrorists of the Lashkar-e-Tayiba and Jaish-e-Muhammad terror groups with guns, bombs, and grenades. The wooden structure of the Chrar-e-Sharief -- the shrine of the 14th century Sufi saint Shaikh Noor-ud-din Noorani -- that has survived for 700 years, was totally burnt down and utterly destroyed by these uncivilized brutes from Pakistan.

The Hazratbal mosque which is revered and worshipped by Kashmiri Sufi Muslims as the resting place for a hair of the Prophet Hazrat Muhammad, was attacked by Pakistani terrorists bred on the extremist Sunni Wahabi and Saudi Salafist Radical Islamic ideologies that consider the worshipping of a hair of the Prophet Muhammad as equivalent to idol-worship, which is a big no-no in their intolerant ideology.

Now, a Kashmiri Muslim terrorist has been caught trying to blow up a Sufi shrine and kill a prominent Sufi saint in Indian Kashmir for just 1000 rupees (approximately US $ 20). The money was paid by Pakistan-based Radical Islamic terror group Hizbul Mujahideen.

Times of India reports:

'Hizbul paid me Rs1000 to hurl grenades'
[11 Nov, 2006 1807hrs ISTANI]

SRINAGAR: The man accused of hurling a grenade outside a mosque in Jammu and Kashmir's Pulwama town on Friday, said on Saturday that he was paid one thousand rupees by Hizbul Mujahideen.

He told army interrogators that the grenades were meant for prominent Sufi cleric Abdur Rashid Dawoodi. Five people including four children were killed and more than 50 more injured. Ghulam Nabi was captured by local youth in the town of Tahab late on Friday night and handed over to the army.

A resident of Litter village in Pulwama district, Nabi worked as a labourer and was instructed to kill particularly Sufi cleric Dawoodi.

Dawoodi, a prominent leader of the Saut-ul-Aulia Sect, is presently recuperating from his injuries at a government hospital, which has been sanitised.

Since last year there has been tension across Kashmir over the 'rise' of Sufism, as most Muslims are critical of their teachings and alleged that "Islam is being distorted".

Inspector General of Police S M Sahai confirmed the report about the alleged payment given to Nabi, and said the army is expected to hand the attacker to the police by Saturday evening.

Though Sahai has not termed it as sectarian violence, people in Tahab and the followers of Dawoodi have claimed that the majority Hanafi and Shafaie sects has launched another attack on them.

This is the third attack on Dawoodi's life. Twice earlier, he was attacked in his hometown Anantnag after his sermons in audio-cassette form became very popular in the region.

Meanwhile, in a written communiqué sent to various news organisations, the Hizbul Mujahideen has denied responsibility for Friday's grenade attack, terming the news of its involvement as being part of a campaign to malign it.

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Friday, November 10, 2006

Pakistan caught plotting more terror attacks in India, UK

The Civilized World continues to ignore the obvious truth that India has been protesting for over three decades now: Pakistan is the centre of the global network of Islamic terrorism and needs to be disciplined and civilized. For the protection of Civilization worldwide.

If not, they will take advantage of our generosity in giving them the benefit of doubt each time. They will keep plotting catastrophic attacks against us, and some day they will succeed -- in destroying enough of our cities, enough of our people, enough of our industries, enough of our economy, enough of our self-defence capabilities -- through acts of catastrophic terror sabotage carnage and destruction, with nuclear, chemical or biological weapons, that our society will be in chaos and unable to protect itself. And the world will be back in the Middle Ages, in the Middle East.

Barely a few weeks ago a gang of British Muslims of Pakistani origin were caught in the final stages of a plot to blow up 10 airplanes in mid-air en route from UK to USA with liquid explosives. That had led to a huge amount of pain for passengers worldwide, as all kinds of liquids, aerosols and semi-solids, like deodorant, perfume, water, even milk for babies, are no longer allowed to be taken on board.

Law-abiding peace-loving normal civilized people like you and me and paying the price (in terms of inconvenience while going on flights) for the crimes committed by the British Muslims of Pakistani origin.

Now another plot has been uncovered: over a thousand British Muslims of Pakistani origin, with Pakistani connections, have been caught plotting over 30 large-scale catastrophic acts of terror.

BBC reports:

Blair backs MI5 terrorism warning
Tony Blair
Tony Blair said the terror threat had been building for some time
Tony Blair has said he supports MI5's assessment that Britain is facing the threat of multiple terror plots.

He said the dangers were "very real" and he spoke of "poisonous propaganda" warping the minds of young people.

MI5's boss has said she knows of 30 terror plots threatening the UK and revealed that her staff had 1,600 individuals under surveillance.

Dame Eliza Manningham-Buller said attacks could be chemical or nuclear and al-Qaeda was linked to many plots.

The prime minister said the threat had "grown up over a generation" and Dame Eliza warned that it was "serious" and "growing".

Hard choices

MI5 has increased in size by nearly 50% since 9/11 and now stands at roughly 2,800 staff.

But according to Dame Eliza the current terror threat will "last a generation" and her concern is that even with MI5's rapid growth, the security service will not be able to investigate nearly enough of activities it deems to be suspicious.

She said hard choices would have to be made about resources.

"I wish life were like Spooks [the TV series] where everything is, a, knowable, and, b, solvable by six people," she explained.

Tomorrow's threat may - I suggest will - include the use of chemicals, bacteriological agents, radioactive materials and even nuclear technology
Dame Eliza Manningham-Buller

Dame Eliza's warning comes days after a UK man was sentenced to at least 40 years in jail for planning a series of attacks.

Attacks planned by Dhiren Barot, 34, from London, included using a so-called "dirty bomb" using radioactive material.

Mr Blair said he agreed with Dame Eliza's comments that the terrorist threat would last for a generation.

"I've been saying, as you know, for several years that this terrorist threat is very real, it's been building up over a long period of time.

"It's not just in this country, as we've seen recently from incidents in India, France, other parts of the world. This is a threat that has grown up over a generation."

Attacks thwarted

In response to Dame Eliza's warning, Massoud Shadjareh, of the Islamic Human Rights Commission, said he accepted there was a terrorist threat but it had to be put into perspective.

"Over 1,000 arrests have been made under anti-terrorism since 9/11 and out of those, 27 have been found guilty. Out of those 27, only nine have been Muslims," he said.

Dame Eliza, who rarely speaks in public, gave a speech to a small audience on Thursday, detailing what she believes her organisation and the UK is facing.

She said that, since the 7 July bombings, five further major conspiracies in the UK had been thwarted.

"Today, my officers and the police are working to contend with some 200 groupings or networks, totalling over 1,600 identified individuals - and there will be many we don't know - who are actively engaged in plotting, or facilitating, terrorist acts here and overseas," she said.

"Today we see the use of home-made improvised explosive devices.

"Tomorrow's threat may - I suggest will - include the use of chemicals, bacteriological agents, radioactive materials and even nuclear technology."

On an unrelated note, the United States has supported India's earlier claims that the vicious bomb attacks that killed hundreds of people and severely injured several hundred more on July 11 2006 in Mumbai were carried out by terrorists with Pakistani links. Pakistan had a hand in it.

Times of India reports:

'Outfits blamed for terror in India have origin in Pak'
[10 Nov, 2006 1538hrs ISTPTI]

NEW DELHI: The US on Friday said the terrorist groups responsible for attacks in India, including in Mumbai recently, have 'origin' and 'links' in Pakistan and hoped the anti-terror joint mechanism proposed to be set by the two neighbours would produce results.

US Assistant Secretary of State Richard Boucher, however, insisted that India has not told his country anything about Pakistan's involvement in terrorism here and maintained that the two countries ought to sort out their issues between themselves.

Talking to newspersons here, he refused to comment on Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's statement about 'credible' evidence of ISI's involvement in the July 11 Mumbai blasts.

"The Mumbai blasts and the series of blasts in India highlight the need to deal with the problem of terrorism," said Boucher who discussed terrorism with Foreign Secretary Shivshankar Menon here earlier this morning.

"Many of the links (of groups) that are talked about go back to their origin and ties in Pakistan. We all need to work together against terrorism through effective actions so that people in India do not suffer from these blasts," the US official said.

He, however, added that all the groups blamed for terrorism in India have been banned in Pakistan as well.

The comments assume significance as they come just ahead of the Foreign Secretary-level talks between India and Pakistan during which New Delhi is expected to convey its concerns over terrorism continuing to emanate from that country.

Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf has said that he was determined to end extremism and terrorism in his country, Boucher said.

All need to work together to ensure that South Asian region "is not a source of terrorism", he added.

On the Indo-Pak Foreign Secretary-level talks to take place on November 14-15 here, the US official described it as a 'very good thing' which 'shows that both sides are interested in dealing with issues directly. Certainly, that is the obvious preference for those not involved.'

He said the two countries need to achieve progress and hoped that it will be possible. But much cannot be expected from one round of talks and the two countries need to have continued serious discussions, Boucher said.

On the joint anti-terror mechanism, he hoped that it will be useful and produce results.

Asked whether the US believed that al Qaida had presence in India, he evaded a direct reply but said the terror network was operating in the region and countries like Afghanistan and Pakistan.

"We have to assume that they operate globally against those fighting terrorism," Boucher said.
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Monday, November 06, 2006

Gujarat Muslims refuse to integrate into Indian society

Muslim community religious and political "leaders" do their best to keep Indian Muslims poor and uneducated -- they prevent Muslim girls from going to school and getting educated, they prevent Muslim boys from going to proper schools and encourage them to waste all their time memorising religious hogwash from the Koran in religious schools (madrassas), and they do their best to keep religious tensions high.

They also do their best to prevent the poor and uneducated Indian Muslims under their influence from integrating into Indian society. They are openly working to perpetuate religious divisions in Indian society.

They are still working to make Jinnah's "Two Nation Theory" a reality. The time to fight these anti-India activities is now.

Hindustan Times reports:

Muslims too must share blame
Neelesh Misra
Ahmedabad, November 5, 2006

At a huge public rally in Surat last year, where Muslims had assembled to denounce Chief Minister Narendra Modi, filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt read out from an Islamic text, exhorting them to reach out to, and even reconcile with, perpetrators of violence.

Within days, Bhatt said, Modi called him and offered to hold conciliatory discussions with the Muslim leadership. Bhatt conveyed this to the leaders of the Jamiat-Ulema-e-Hind, the well known Islamic organisation which had organised the Surat rally.

After long discussions, they rejected the offer.

"It is something that still troubles me. Are we interested in harnessing suffering and using it as fuel for political goals, or are we interested in resolving problems?" Bhatt told the Hindustan Times. He called the attitude "a ghetto of the mind".

The Jamiat's general secretary Mehmood Madani was travelling and could not be contacted for comment.

The Gujarat government and Hindu nationalists have been the target of civil rights' groups since the 2002 Gujarat riots.

But now some people are speaking out on what Muslims too, could have done differently to heal the state's great social divide.

More than 200,000 Muslims were displaced from their homes after the riots, according to reports by voluntary groups. Most of them have returned home, although they live subdued lives in villages where Hindus are in the majority.

But 26,000 Muslims have refused to return. They stay in squalid clusters of two-room concrete houses built for them by NGOs in many districts.

They said they feared they would be attacked again. But some wonder whether that fear is real or imagined — because things have changed in Gujarat on the law-and-order front.

"We see a difference in the functioning of police. They do not let minor conflicts flare up. If you call them, they arrive quickly and sort out troubles," said social activist Rais Khan Pathan of the NGO, Citizens for Justice and Peace.

Still, the past few years have witnessed the climax of decades of geographical segregation along religious lines in Ahmedabad, the state's largest city. So Muslims mostly live in a few large neighbourhoods like Juhapura. Local residents said there were thousands who had not ventured out of these neighbourhoods for years.

Their markets, religious schools and relatives were all in the same enclosed areas.

"Going back to your own people is a very dangerous trend. It will give a free hand to anti-social elements," said Pathan in an interview at his office, surrounded by files relating to some 13,000 cases of property destruction during the riots.

Gujarat's 45 lakh Muslims form just over 9 per cent of the state's population, according to the 2001 Census.

On most counts, including sex ratio, literacy, female literacy and work participation, they fare better than the national average for all religions. Still, the community is getting far more inclusive now.

"They are clinging to their identity. More children wear skullcaps than ever before," said Gagan Sethi, a local activist.

The self-imposed social exclusion could have a far-reaching impact. Many Muslim children in Juhapura — home to an estimated 3 lakh Muslims — might have never met a Hindu child.

"This mentality is creating a deeply negative impact, especially on the youth," said Khalid Rashid, member of the All India Muslim Personal Law Board. "We have to reach out to each other. We cannot go on blaming governments."


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