Saturday, December 26, 2009

Demand to award the death sntence to SPS Rathore IMMEDIATELY

SPS Rathore is guilty of the following crimes:
1. Killing Ruchika Girhotra by actively persecuting her and her family until she was forced into committing suicide. Her death was caused by Rathore's actions, and hence he is guilty of murdering her.

2. Persecution and torture of Ruchika's brother.

3. Persecution of the rest of Ruchika's family by misusing his powers as a police official, causing Ruchika's family to have to live in hiding -- like hunted animals -- for 20 years. This utterly destroyed their lives.

4. Sexual assault of Ruchika Girhotra.

5. Damaging India's reputation in the international community. Mother India hangs her head in shame because of beimaan animals like this one. Articles like this one published in BBC and read by everyone on the planet who can read causes every single Indian everywhere to feel ashamed of their Motherland. India is a country to be proud of, and those who bring shame upon her through their actions deserve the STRICTEST punishment. One thousand death sentences would not be sufficient punishment for the amount of damage this person has done.

The judge who was callous enough to award just a $20 (Rs 1000) fine and only 6 months' imprisonment cannot serve on the Judiciary of a country like India. He MUST be DISMISSED IMMEDIATELY WITHOUT PENSION OR ANY BENEFITS. It does not matter how hard it is to fire a sitting Judge, and that too without pension and benefits. JUST DO IT. It is the RIGHT THING TO DO. A complete moron like this Judge simply cannot be allowed to sit in the Indian Judicial System and corrupt it. Make an example out of this idiot who apparently thinks that a Rs 1000 fine and 6 months' imprisonment is reasonable punishment for the heinous crimes committed by SPS Rathore. Also impose a fine of Rs Ten Crore on him, and send him to jail for twenty years for having made a mockery of the Indian Judicial system. I am guessing that he received a bribe of a few Crore rupees to deliver this stupid verdict, so the fine would take back the money he did not deserve. And living in prison for twenty years would help him understand just how long Ruchika's family suffered. This will then be a warning to the other bad apples in the Indian Judiciary who sabotage the system and harm the country to line their own pockets.

SPS Rathore is a murderer (he killed Ruchika through his deliberate actions of persecuting her and her family) and an ENEMY OF INDIA. He MUST be SENTENCED TO DEATH IMMEDIATELY.

The sentence MUST BE CARRIED OUT WITHIN ONE MONTH, i.e. on or before the next Republic Day Jan 26 2010.

If not, those responsible for protecting this beimaan animal and continuing to being shame upon our Mother India will be all eventually hunted down and FINISHED. Enemies of India, know this: you can run, but you cannot hide. We the People will hunt you down and give you the Justice you deserve.

SPS Rathore is a most vile sort of criminal. There are two types of criminals:
1. Poor people who commit crime (eg. steal money, or ask forbribes) because they are hungry, or their parents need expensive medical care, or something like that. This cannot be condoned because poverty is NO EXCUSE FOR CRIME, but in the eyes of God a person who steals money to feed his son or daughter deserves some understanding and compassion.

2. The second type of criminal are the vile sort, like SPS Rathore. SPS Rathore did not commit crimes to help anyone. By sexually assaulting Ruchika, persecuting her and her family, torturing her brother, he was not trying to help his sick mother get treatment or send his son or daughter to a good school. He committed a pure crime that benefited no one and served no purpose except to satisfy his vile animal sexual urges to violate a beautiful young innocent girl.

He therefore deserves a most exemplary punishment.

On top of that, he has committed the even greater crime of making a mockery of the entire judicial system of India by preventing his case from getting decided for 20 years. For TWENTY YEARS, he actively sabotaged the Judicial System of India, just for his personal benefit (avoiding Justice).

He deserves absolutely no mercy. The family of Ruchika Girhotra and the People of India have allowed TWENTY YEARS for the Legal Framework and the Judicial System to do its job.

If that Judicial System fails, the only option left is for the People of India to directly serve Justice. That would involve hunting down and finishing off this vile animal SPS Rathore, and ANYONE and EVERYONE who helped him escape Justice for TWENTY YEARS.

That would not be a pretty situation. In the name of God, We the People of India sincerely advise the authorities to rectify the situation before it REALLY GETS OUT OF HAND.

The only way to rectify the situation now is to award the DEATH PENALTY to SPS Rathore, and to carry it out WITHIN ONE MONTH, i.e. before the next Republic Day Jan 26 2010.

Don't you dare make excuses like "he will have to await his turn at the death row", like the excuses you have been making to avoid having to execute Afzal Guru. These excuses are an insult to the collective intelligence of the country. No one believes that it takes years to hang the people on death row. Hanging a convicted criminal that has already been sentenced to death can be done in 5 minutes or less. In France during the French Revolution the common people managed to be pretty efficient about executing enemies of the People. Don't force the People of India to do the same. We like to be peaceful. But we have finite patience and our tolerance has limits.

If this had happened in any other country -- USA, UK, or any other country -- this vile animal SPS Rathore would have been gunned down by now. The People of India have displayed remarkable civility and respect and trust in the legal system in that no one has yet taken the law in his own hands. But do not take this for granted. Our patience is running low and we will run out at some point if you keep trying our patience.

[Of course, something like this would not have happened in the USA or UK in the first place. Those countries have the RULE OF LAW. Nobody is above the law. In India all these slimy politicians and police goondas think that they are above the law. They have gotten away for too long, but the time has finally come to stop this.]

We do not care how well-connected SPS Rathore his. It does not matter whose uncle his uncle knows. Unless you want to join him in facing the collective anger of the entire nation, execute him and rid Mother India of the shame of having given birth to a piece of sh*t like this.

Let this also be a warning to any other animals that may be lurking in our society. The punishment for attacking an Indian girl is DEATH.

One more point, for all police officials, ministers, Government secretaries, and such like: We the People of India pay taxes from which the Government pays your salaries and expenses. You WORK FOR US. We pay you to do your job -- and that job is to maintain law and order, and bring criminals to justice. We the People are your Boss, because WE PAY YOUR SALARY. Remember that. If you continue to forget that, and act like goondas preying upon the law-abiding citizens and tax-payers while making friends and doing "business" (crime) with the criminals, the result will ultimately not be good for you. We the People are running out of patience and tolerance.

Know one thing about Hindus: we are peaceful and peace-loving, but that is by choice. We are highly civilized and like to avoid violence. Violence befits less evolved and less intelligent creatures -- like animals. But we are not incapable of violence. We are not weak. On the contrary, we are actually very strong. We can shake the earth, crush the mountains, and completely annihilate any enemy if we are forced to use violence. Do not force that to happen. Do not abuse our desire for peace and our great tolerance. This advice is for your own good.


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