Sunday, February 15, 2009

What happened to the families of the latest Mumbai attack victims?

How many of us know how the family of the valiant policeman Tukaram Gopal Ombale is doing after losing their sole breadwinner?

Ombale was the policeman who held on to the Pakistani terrorist Kasab even as Kasab pumped bullets into him trying to make him let go so he could escape.

Did Ombale have a wife? Any children? Old and infirm parents? Other relatives who depended upon him? What is happening to them now that he is no more?

What about the 250+ other people who died in the attack?

For most Indians the memory of the Nov 2008 Mumbai massacre is already a distant blur.

The Government of India is playing diplomatic games with the Pakistani Government and thinks it is doing a great job by simply getting Pakistan to grudgingly admit, 3 months after the attacks, that some Pakistanis may have been involved.

This is not a great job. This is a pathetic job. Getting the enemy to simply say what the whole world already knows, and that too after 3 months, is a horrible performance.

Not a single terrorist sitting in Islamabad feels threatened by Indian Government's stupid and muddled diplomatic efforts.

Terrorist attacks against Indians will stop only when Indian "leaders" are held responsible for their fundamental job: ensuring the safety and security of ordinary Indians.

When the next terror attack occurs, will the UPA politicians and their relatives sit in their houses safe and sound, guarded by Black Cat commandos we pay for with our tax money, and watch us get killed again?

Will we continue to sit back and let this continue?

Or should the Government feel afraid? Feel very afraid? That we will pull them down onto the street and deliver Justice if they fail to do their job (protecting us) once again?

Nobody forced Manmohan Singh or Sonia Maino or Lallu Prasad or Arjun Singh to get into the Government. They volunteered. They are using their position to steal money and fatten their pockets, instead of focusing all their time and attention on their primary responsibility: maintaining law and order, and keeping Indian citizens safe and secure. Instead of using laws like TADA and POTA to fight Moslem terrorists, they removed those laws to indulge in Moslem vote bank politics.

If one more attack occurs and ordinary Indian citizens die again, the UPA Government must be held responsible and Justice must be delivered. Being negligent and careless about maintaining national security, and repeatedly allowing citizens to die simply for vote bank politics, amounts to treason against the nation. The punishment for treason is well-known.

Too many people have died for too long. The Government takes security as a joke. This cannot continue forever.

Manmohan Singh, Sonia Maino, Arjun Singh, Lallu Prasad: You are being warned.

Do your job with careful attention. Stop Moslem vote bank politics. Bring back tough anti-terror laws like TADA and POTA immediately and fight Islamic terror with any and all methods available.

You must keep ordinary Indian citizens safe from terror attacks from now onwards. If not, you will regret the consequences, very much.

If you cannot do your job (keeping citizens safe), then resign from the Government. We will find others, who are more capable than you (and will spend less time stealing money and more time running the Government), who can do your job better.


At 10:25 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

There are 0 comments in response to this article itself shows how we, as Indians, tend to forget the sacrifices of the people. We remember only what is highlighted by the media whether it's the so called sacrifice by the ruling Gandhi family or Godhra riots. No one talks about the valiant policemen/commandos who gave up their lives during Mumbai attack or attack on Akshardham temple or daily in Kashmir.
Media keeps highlighting Godhra riots but it doesn't talk to the burning of the train. It talks about the hundres of Muslims killed in the riots but it doesn't talk about hundreds of Hindus killed in Kashmir or Hyderabad or any other place in India. And even the so called educated people want something sensational but not care about doing anything substantial to support the people who sacrificed their lives.


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