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Raj Thackeray is an Enemy of Hinduism India and Humanity

Some years back, Raj Thackeray (loser nephew of the patriotic and loyal son of India, Balasaheb "Bal" Thackeray, head of the Shiv Sena) started a long and un-ending quarrel with his uncle and cousins. Bal Thackeray forgave him many times, but finally got tired of his antics and kicked him out of the Shiv Sena. Then Raj started a useless party called Maharashtra Navanirman Sena (MNS). He thought that because he also was a Thackeray like his uncle Bal, he could become just as successful in politics (in spite of being a complete idiot and having no morals or principles, unlike his uncle who is both intelligent and has solid values and principles).

But Raj the Loser is a shame on the Thackeray name; he is no Thackeray. His party went nowhere.

Then, some MLA's of Bihar shouted "Go Back to Maharashtra" while a Marathi politician was giving a speech in the Bihar Assembly.

Raj the Loser heard of this incident in Bihar and thought he could gain some political mileage out of this by playing up the "Marathi son of the soil" sentiment.

So he and his people started rioting against poor hard-working Hindus from Bihar and UP who have come to Maharashtra to work as labourers in building construction (nava nirman) projects in big cities like Mumbai and Pune.

In less than a month, more than 35,000 poor and hard-working Hindus from Bihar and UP have left their low-paying back-breaking jobs and only source of livelihood in fear of their lives. On cramped trains, with hungry bellies and hopeless eyes, they are returning home to poor villages in Bihar and UP, where their starving wives and children are waiting, hoping they will return alive.

Since there are not enough jobs for them in Bihar or UP, nNow they will probably have to sell whatever they have or take a loan from a money-lender to pay a tout from Saudi Arabia or Dubai or Qatar to get a low-paying construction job in the Middle East, where they will live like animals and work like slaves so that the oil-sheikhs in the Gulf can live in palatial houses built by Hindu slave labour paid a mere pittance, a hundred-billionth percentage of their oil wealth for a lifetime of back-breaking labour.

India has severe infrastructure problems, we need to construct more roads and buildings, and at the same time we (Raj and his followers) are driving away Bihari workers from construction projects in Mumbai so that they are forced to starve, or leave the country and work like slaves in the Middle East so that their starving children may have a few morsels of food in their bellies once a day.

Should these poor Hindus from Bihar and UP have had to pay this price for the "insult" done to the Marathi politician by the Bihari MLA's?

Politicians insult each other all the time. Now we the poor common people of India are supposed to be targeted by politicians of other states if "leaders" of our own respective states hurt each others egos?

Raj Thackeray is an Enemy of Hinduism, an Enemy of every single Hindu, and an Enemy of India. He must be tried for High Crimes and Treason for trying to damage India's national unity and integrity by trying to make Hindus -- sons and daughters of India -- from Bihar UP and Maharashtra see each other as enemies. He must also be tried for Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity for trying to destroy the lives of 2 million poor helpless hard-working Hindus from Bihar and UP living in Maharashtra. He must be given the death penalty. Let this be a lesson and warning to all Indian politicians trying to Divide and Rule over Hindus.

"An Enemy of one Hindu is an Enemy of Every Hindu." Remember this and teach this to every Hindu you know. Hindu Unity is essential for the survival of Hinduism and the future of our children grand-children and generations to come.

This is also an appeal to every current member of Maharashtra Navanirman Sena: if you are a Hindu Buddhist Jain Parsi or Sikh and/or love India and oppose establishment of Islamic Christian or Marxist Fundamentalist rule over India, leave Raj Thackeray's party right now. Go back to Bal Thackeray's Shiv Sena, or RSS. The future of your children is at stake. Stupid Hindus have fought amongst each other and allowed Muslim and Christian invaders to destroy India part by part for 1000 years. Now there is very little left, and no room for error. We are staring at the possibility of the last remaining vestiges of our cultural philosophical and scientific heritage -- the result of more than 5000 years of research/meditation by Vedic maharishis -- being wiped out in less than 150 years if the trends of the last 1000 years continue accelerating at their historical rates.

Times of India reports:

MNS to Sonia Gandhi: Send back Biharis to Bihar
23 Feb 2008, 1913 hrs IST,PTI
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MUMBAI: Raj Thackeray-led Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) has asked Congress president Sonia Gandhi to send back 25 lakh Biharis in the city to their home state.

The MNS was reacting to the behaviour of Bihar MLAs who created unruly scenes during Bihar Governor R S Gavai's address to the state Assembly on Friday wherein some of them reportedly raised slogans saying "Gavai go back to Maharashtra".

"This is not just an insult of the Governor but insult to crores of Dalits. To prevent further insult of Dalit leader like Gavai, Sonia Gandhi should call him back to Maharashtra. But while doing so she should also see to it that 25 lakh Biharis from Mumbai are sent back to Bihar," MNS general secretary Shishir Shinde said in a statement.

He said "Congress and Lalu Prasad should first teach lessons of good behaviour to Bihar MLAs before giving advises to the people of Maharashtra".

MNS chief Raj Thackeray on Friday took a dig at the Bihar MLAs who created ruckus in the Assembly and said, "this was the reason (unruly behaviour) why he was opposed to outsiders in Maharashtra.

"Why did I have to launch an agitation to protect the culture of Maharashtra? The answer to this question lies in the manner in which the MLAs of Bihar behaved in front of the the Bihar Governor, who is a Maharashtrian," he said.

Times of India reports:

25,000 North Indians leave Pune; realty projects hit
24 Feb 2008, 1638 hrs IST,PTI
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PUNE: Fear continues to grip hundreds of North Indian labourers here, who are availing of every possible mode of transport to reach their hometowns, days after dust seemed to settle down on the violence sparked by MNS campaign against migrants.

Official estimates put the figure of workers who left Pune over the last fortnight in the wake of Maharashtra Navnirman Sena's (MNS) anti-North Indian rhetoric at over 25,000, adversely affecting many projects of the construction industry which employs the skilled and unskilled labour from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar.

To make things worse, the city was agog with rumours that February 25 would see another spate of violence in Maharashtra, triggering a fresh wave of migrant labourers rushing to catch north-bound trains and buses.

The vitiated atmosphere got the authorities concerned as District Guardian Minister Ajit Pawar and Collector Prabhakar Deshmukh held meetings of various people's representatives to scotch the rumours and to reassure the jittery workforce.

They were joined by local Congress MP Suresh Kalmadi, who picketed at Pune railway station to allay fears of those boarding the trains with their family members, carrying meagre belongings.


At 2:32 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Read this and answer the questions before you start ranting...

There are reasons for Anti-north indian campaigns... It happened in Punjab in 1980, TN in 1965 and now in Maharashtra... All were for the same reason mentioned in this blog...

At 2:33 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Read this and answer the questions before you start ranting...

There are reasons for Anti-north indian campaigns... It happened in Punjab in 1980, TN in 1965 and now in Maharashtra... All were for the same reason mentioned in this blog...

At 7:32 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please blog about this and remind us that we need to be united.

At 2:39 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gandu! hijde! teri ma ka bhosda!

chakke ki aulad!

At 2:41 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

are gandu ki aulad
tujya aaichya gandit pay.

At 10:15 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Mr.Raj Thackeray
I have an excellent idea for you regarding the North Indians controversy. Why don't you just open up a MUMBAI HIGH COMMISSION OFFICE in delhi and other parts of india so that we can go ahead and apply for visas and work permits. i think that will be okay. if you are so educated then please tell me the meaning of SECULAR, DEMOCRATIC, REPUBLIC, SOVEREIGN, and SOCIALIST, beacuse i do not think that anybody can know it better than you. why don't you just go ahead and demand you own country. after all maharashtra can support itself with PADDY, COTTON, FISH, WHEAT, CORN etc. ya why not and after all you will not be such a small country.. but you guys will be easy to knoe why ? cause the other 27 sates and 6 union territorie if i am not wrong are not too weak. you and your MNS cannot get away with all your nonsense and u will suffer. after all we north indians love are a stupid and uneducated politician. and talking of bihar.. at least lalu was able to bring up the indian railway economy from nothing..duh... u better go get urself a life.i am just 16 yrs old and i know even more than u do.. i am proud that i am an indian and i think u r not even marathi because u don't even deserve to be called indian. i think ur a disgrace to all the maharashtrians.. i feel sorry for them.

At 11:52 pm, Anonymous Shailesh said...

A globla battle is being raged to estbalish Nizam e mustafa the islamic rule across the Globe .
Raj must not forget that Maharashtrian culture is originally Vedic Hindu culture
His ancestors also originated in North India.
Developing Maharashtra , Having all Commers to Learn Marathi is O.k
Driving out people is another thing and I believe Rather Encourage Large Hindu Migration from rest of India , make Sanskrit another state language , We can save Atleast Maharashtra along with Gujarat and M.P from Going Islamic seeing large increase in muslim population in the western zone which is a bigger consern


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