Saturday, November 18, 2006

Congress Government encouraging inter-caste rioting among Hindus

The Congress Party led by the anti-Hindu Catholic Christian fanatic Antonia "Sonia" Maino (who calls herself "Gandhi" for branding reasons) is now openly encouraging inter-caste rioting among Hindus in Maharashtra by providing guns and arms licenses to selected groups from specific castes and encouraging them to use these arms to kill people from other castes.

This is the latest tactic employed by the anti-Hindu Christian fanatics in control of the "secular" (anti-Hindu) Congress Party to divide and conquer the Hindu population of India.

Will this tactic succeed ? Maybe it will. Maybe it won't. The answer depends on whether you make yourself aware of what is going on. And tell people around you.

For over a thousand years the enemies of the people of India and Hinduism have tried their best to split Indian society into groups based on Castes and Languages and play them against each other. Rajput against Maratha. Sikh against Rajput. Maratha against Tamil. Sindhi against Afghan. Sikh against Hindu. Jat against Maratha. And so on.

This is how the Muslim Sultans captured India. This is how the Mughals ruled. All the while mistreating the majority Hindus of India; making them pay the zizya religious tax to live in their own homeland and have the freedom practise their own religion. Defiling and destroying their holiest temples. Evicting them from their homes. Kidnapping, raping, and forcibly converting their wives and daughters to add as slaves to their harems. Exporting them as slaves to Persia. Indeed, there is an entire mountain range -- the Hindu Kush -- commemorating the Hindus of that region who rebelled against this evil of Radical Islam and were exterminated.

In spite of all this, India managed to save her culture. Hinduism survived. Buddhism survives too. Good can never be wiped out; however powerful Evil might be.

But the survival was at a great cost: Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, and Kashmir were fully converted to Islam by force, intimidation, murder, eviction, kidnapping and genocide, and the light of Hinduism and Buddhism wiped out. Fully 25% of India was captured by the forces of medieval darkness: Radical Islam, and is today a grave threat to the entire Civilized World. A threat India has known for over a thousand years; a threat the over-generous and dangerously over-liberal Civilized World has understood only after 9/11, 7/7 and 3/11.

However, the Divide and Rule is still going on. This is how the British captured India too.

Now the Christian fanatics of the "secular" (anti-Hindu) Congress Party funded by the Vatican and the American right-wing Christian fundamentalist "charities" are trying the same.

Hindustan Times reports:

Solapur remains tense after rioting
Satyajit Joshi
Pune, November 18, 2006

Normal life in Solapur has been disturbed for the past four days because of sporadic incidents of violence in protest against Khairlanji in Vidarbha region.

Police have declared curfew for 12 hours during the day because of incidents of stone pelting, arson and damaging of properties following clashes between Dalit organisations and upper caste Hindus.

Solapur Police Commissioner Ashok Kamthe told Hindustan Times that the situation was well under control but curfew could be extended on Sunday as a precautionary measure.

Curfew was declared in the town following violent incidents in some parts of the including Navi Peth, Chati Galli, Bali Ves, Siddheshvar Peth, and Vijapur Ves.

Shops and most of the commercial and business establishments were closed for the past three days because of the agitation. No untoward incident was reported in the city on Saturday, Kamthe told HT.

According to police sources, more than 100 people have been detained under various sections of Indian Penal Code and also Bombay Police Act.

On Friday, seven persons reportedly injured in stone pelting which included assistant police commissioner Suhas Warke. His official car was also damaged by the mob. School managements were forced to declare holiday because of the tense situation in the town while passengers suffered as auto rickshaws and local bus service were not operating.

Dalit organizations in Solapur have launched agitation to protest against Khairlanji incident for the past few days. Violence began immediately after police officials conduced a meeting of the peace committee on Friday.

Police were forced to burst tear gas and mild lathi charge to control the mob. Some of the government properties including Doordarshan Kendra (television station) were damaged in stone pelting.

Solapur Police Commissioner Ashok Kamthe said that some organisations had sought permission to take out march against violence, which was refused. "Curfew has been clamped to avoid any untoward incident and can be extended tomorrow also," he said. .

Meanwhile, RPI leader Ramdas Athawale blamed police for the incident in Solapur. Talking to media persons in Pune, Athawale charged that police unnecessarily went for lathicharge after peace committee meeting was over. Athawale also asked for amendment in Dalit Atrocities Act, stating that the act has to be made more strong and powerful.

Athawale said that government plan to extend license to Dalits to posses arm was not adequate. "Government should offer Dalits arms as well as they have no money to purchase the arms", he said.

Maharashtra Nav Nirman Sena president Raj Thackeray has some different views. Addressing a party workers rally in Pune, Raj said that issuance of licenses for arms would further complicate the situation.


At 12:18 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Instead of providing arms to dalits why not central govt provides arms to all kashmiri pundits as well because they are the worst sufferrer of terrorism?

At 2:42 am, Blogger Unknown said...

Well, to start with the whole edifice is based on the fact that how we as the people perceived it .... or to say how we go along with it.... I want to make a comment that to come to a common conclusion that this government is encouraging this or that it is secondary but the foremost relevant matter is to say that we as the Hindus are not united and we have to accept this sour fact .. as in other spheres unarguably there is much more unity than us so first try to have the unity inter per se than comment upon the government.... but yes there are some policies which are followed by Congress which need not to be but i still emphasize on the fact that first see the lackunae in ourselves than point out the others..


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