Saturday, August 12, 2006

"Secular" Sonia encouraging conversions of Hindus to Christianity

Sonia is a Roman Catholic Christian. She came from a poor Italian family that is now super-rich thanks to the Bofors money stolen by her family friend Ottavio Quattrochhi, money stolen from the pockets of the starving farmers, labourers, and other hard-working tax-payers of India.

Sonia is totally uneducated, and apparently has very narrow unscientific and dogmatic religious views. She was working as a domestic servant (au pair) in England when she met Rajiv Nehru (who called himself a "Gandhi"). Rajiv was never known for his intelligence. Sonia seduced him and married into the most powerful family of India -- the Nehru Dynasty (that goes by the name "Gandhi").

In spite of marrying Rajiv, Sonia did not give up her Italian passport. She did not even apply for an Indian passport till decades after her marriage, only after airline-pilot Rajiv's politician brother Sanjay Nehru was dead and it was clear the Rajiv would inherit political power.

She does not care to know about Hinduism. As far as she is concerned, Hinduism is a "pagan" religion, practised by "natives", who will "surely go to Hell because they do not believe in Jesus Christ".

She wears this idiotic narrow-minded religious dogma as a badge of honour, as closed-minded backward Christian fundamentalists like her do.

Christian fundamentalists have been doing this for centuries. The Bible tells them to donate 10% of their annual income to the Church (called "tithe"). This money is used to fund "missionaries" who are spread all over the world, on the "mission" to wipe out all cultures and religions and replace everything with Christianity.

They have succeeded brilliantly so far. Christianity came out the Middle East two thousand years ago. In the Middle Ages it quickly spread all over Europe as Christian Knights in armour swept all over the Continent, killing people who did not believe in Jesus Christ. The pre-existing religion of Europe has now completely disappeared, and Christianity rules supreme. A small number of gypsies, Jews, Wiccans, and other minorities still remain after centuries of persecution, and it is only a miracle that the Christian fundamentalist Hitler was unable to wipe them out. Hitler failed only because he foolishly attacked the Soviet Union, breaking his peace treaty with them. It was only after his debacle in USSR (and after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour) that Americans started fighting against him and the turn of battle turned.

If Hitler had not made that mistake, and if the Japanese had not foolishly attacked the Americans, the Jews would have been gone totally by now.

Now everybody claims they fought an entire World War to help the Jews. But in reality nobody in the Christian world cared about the Jews enough to go and fight against Hitler, who seemed invincible at that time.

Indeed, Jews have gone on record stating that in the last two thousand years since the rise of Christianity, the only country in the entire world where they have not been abused intimidated and persecuted, was Hindu-majority India.

Christian fundamentalists like Pizzaro and Cortez from Portugal and Spain went to North and South America with Conquistadors and Roman Catholic priests. Unbelievers (non-Christians) were killed and their dead-bodies "baptized" in water, to save their souls. These idiots actually believed that they were helping people by making sure their souls went to Heaven (apparently if they had continued living without believing in Jesus Christ, their souls would have gone to Hell forever; so it was better to kill them and baptize them so they could go to Heaven).

The entire western costline of Mexico, USA and Canada is lined with cities like San Diego, Santa Cruz, San Francisco, San Bruno, San Bernandino, San Jose, Santa Clara, San Antonio, and so on. "San" is "Saint" in Portuguese. These cities named after prolific Evangelist (actively pro-Conversion) Christian "Saints" still commemorate how Christian fundamentalist priests shamelessly wiped out an entire continent of non-Christians to "save their souls" and "spread the word of God".

Christianity is now actively spreading in poor parts of China, Vietnam, India, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, etc. Christian priests armed with bag-fulls of money given by Evangelist Christians from all over the world as "tithe" (10% of their income) are using money to lure poor non-Christians (Buddhists and Hindus mostly) into their dogmatic, unscientific, and closed-minded Christianity.

Hinduism is the only religion on this planet (apart from off-shoots of Hinduism like Jainism, Buddhism, and Sikhism) that allows religious freedom and diversity. Indeed, Hinduism encourages freedom of thought. You do not even have to believe in God to be a Hindu. You can be an Atheist, as famous Hindu scholar Charvaka was, or an Agnostic.

Christian fundamentalists are destroying the broad-minded religion built over five thousand years, and replacing it with their brainless "religion" of violence and unscientific fairy tales of angels, demons, Satan, Judgement Day, Santa Claus, Adam and Eve and Creation of Earth and all animals and plants in 6 days, and Heaven and Hell cooked up by a Jewish-by-birth politician (or a delusional lunatic) called Jesus Christ who thought God had nothing better to do in the entire Universe but to send him to the Middle East, an insignificant part of an isolated little speck of dirt called "Earth" in a little corner of a small Galaxy called Milky Way, to fight with the Jews and try to get politically powerful in a Jewish-majority part of the crumbling Roman Empire.

What a load of hogwash. The idiots believe in their fairy-tales so much that they are fighting against teaching of Darwin's theory of Evolution (which goes against the story of Creation from the Bible) in schools in deeply-religious America.

This is like the persecution of Galileo and Copernicus (for daring to say that the Earth was not the centre of the Universe as the Bible claimed) all over again.

Will these religious fundamentalist lunatics stop at nothing ?

Do you see a big difference between "religions" like Islam or Christianity on the one hand and Hinduism or Buddhism on the other ? Islam asks its followers to kill anybody who does not believe in it. Christianity asks its followers to kill as well, but after the rise of Liberalism and Secularism in Europe and America the Christian fundamentalists are not powerful enough to continue doing this (they did it in the time of Cortez and Pizzaro, and the Portuguese Conquistadors in India's Goa, all less than 400 years ago). Christianity instead fights against Science and tries to propagate the unscientific hogwash from the Bible written by some power-hungry Jewish-born politician (or a delusional lunatic who truly thought God sent him; maybe he had mental disease, like schizophrenia, and actually heard voices in his head) called Jesus.

Hinduism is the only religion (except for its own off-shoots like Buddhism, Jainish, Sikhism, and Sufism) that allows freedom of thought, and emphasizes the importance of rational thought and logical arguments that is essential for scientific progress. The Vedas, Upanishads, and Puranas are filled with examples of questions, logical arguments, and scientifically valid reasoning.

And now, Christian fundamentalist Antonia Maino from Italy (going by the name Sonia "Gandhi") is misusing the trust given in her by the broad-minded and trusting people of India, to propagate her closed-minded and dogmatic Christian religious ideology.

As her Roman Catholic Pope tells her, she believes that Hinduism should be wiped out and the people of India converted to Christianity, in order to "save their souls".

Indian Express reports:
(I am grateful to Pratik Bhandari for bringing this article to my attention. This is perhaps the first time a national newspaper of India has reported on Sonia's Christian Evangelistic activities, which have been heard about for a long time. Pratik blogs as
'Sonia encouraging conversions to Christianity'

Press Trust of India
Posted online: Tuesday, August 08, 2006 at 1908 hours IST

New Delhi, August 8: The BJP attacked Congress chief Sonia Gandhi for opposing anti-conversion laws alleging she was encouraging proselytism.

BJP leader Vijay Kumar Malhotra said that his party regarded Gandhi's comments on anti-conversion laws as a reflection of the Congress' ‘anti-Hindu mindset’.

"Also, this shows she is encouraging missionaries engaged in conversions to Christianity," he said citing the Congress leader's comments in a letter to a Christian group that her party had opposed anti-conversion legislations in the BJP-ruled states.

Malhotra, however, insisted Madhya Pradesh had adopted a similar legislation more than five decades ago when the Congress was in power both in the state and at the Centre.

"This anti-conversion legislation came in Madhya Pradesh during the Nehru government. Orissa too had it when the Congress was in power there," he said.

In his comments on the Pathak Authority report, Malhotra, whose party on Monday called it ‘half-truth’, dubbed it a ‘fraud and a farce’ and said the BJP was preparing itself for a debate on it in Parliament.

Also, the BJP will raise its voice strongly over the Bofors issue in the light of former Union Minister Arun Singh's remarks that the deal did involve kickbacks, he added.

He, however, remained noncommittal on plans to bring in a no-trust motion against Somnath Chatterjee, whom the NDA accused of suppressing the Opposition's voice, saying any such decision would be taken only after consulting allies.

Also, the BJP leader, who expressed dissatisfaction with the government's response to lab reports on Coca Cola and Pepsi, demanded both companies be asked to display ingredients of the drinks on the bottle labels.


At 12:01 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

well Sonia's secularism seems to be making you into a fanatic. "Hinduism is the only religion (except for its own off-shoots like Buddhism, Jainish, Sikhism, and Sufism) that allows freedom of thought, and emphasizes the importance of rational thought and logical arguments that is essential for scientific progress. " you say ! Hinduism is not a religion, it is a culture so to say. and when you say "As far as she is concerned, Hinduism is a "pagan" religion, practised by "natives"," you are right. Hindus worship fire,water,earth....that exactly makes it a pagan religion.
I am not in for of Sonia, but I find this remark very derrogatory-"She was working as a domestic servant ........." it makes me feel that you are prejudiced and have no respect for a domestic servant.I wonder if your son or daughter falls in love with a domestic servant you will blame the poor person for seducing your child and totally overlook the fact that they both might be in love. Have a nice day!

At 8:05 pm, Blogger Harsh Vardhan said...

I have no prejudice against domestic servants. The statement that she was a domestic servant was a simple statement of fact, with no derogatory connotations.

The fact that Sonia was a domestic servant in UK ("au pair") is important to note, because her family in Italy is now super-rich.

The Bofors money stolen from poor Indian farmers and workers and hard-working tax-payers was what made them rich.

If you know anything about Hinduism, you will know that Hinduism does not worship fire, water, etc, but the Supreme Brahman, whose manifestation is the entire Universe (including fire, water, earth, sun, moon, all human beings, animals, plants, everything).

Maybe you should learn more about Hinduism before you make derogatory remarks yourself. The word "pagan" is derogatory. I hope you realize that.


At 8:45 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is an article written out of total ignorance and is ill researched. To say that Hitler was a 'fundamentalist' is absurb. Throughout the article the author mislables people and movements. A fundamentalist is someone who adheres to the fundamentals of the Faith as outlined in the Bible. The Crusaders and explorers were not fundamentalist..and neither are the Catholics. You really need to get your facts straight before writing such a piece of hate literature.

At 9:21 am, Anonymous Vidya Antony said...

When u say chirstians believe in Hell and should know that Hindu's believe in 10 headed, Elephant headed, Monkey headed gods, moreover you pray to demons like Kali..and so on....You tell me is the perfect human figure Jesus Christ or three eyed Shiva more realistic to you? The Ramayana was written by some lunatic swami sitting under a tree. It's sad to see so many people believe some fairy tale story written by some drugged swami.
Hindism brings the caste system into india...where one is more superior to another...if you are born as an untouchable...then you are pretty much screwed. Is this part of any moral ethic....Even Gandhi opposed unequality...and not just him...all the world leaders do. India is prone to fall apart with hindu caste system anyway...when the untouchables revolt.
There are many Hindu Leaders who govern india today who don't have basic educational qualification...not just Sonia. Mind will never come across an uneduacted Christian in India. Christainty spread around the wold because we speak in the lanuage of love to one another, to help those in need...hindu convert into christians to avoid the partitioning of caste.
In Christianty everyone the one is superior ,no one is inferior...the rich, the poor, ,the black, the white, all are the same. I think India should become a Christian Nation.


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