Monday, August 27, 2007

More Terror Attacks Caused by Pseudo-Secular Congress Government's Appeasement of Radical Islam

The Radical-Islam-appeasing policies of the pseudo-secular United Progressive Alliance Government of the Congress Party and the anti-Hindu Leftists has led to another grisly attack on the People of India.

This attack in Hyderabad is just one more in a long line of regular attacks that have been occurring with monotonic regularity every few months: Haryana, Mumbai, Delhi, Ayodhya, Ghatkopar, Nagpur, Mumbai again, Srinagar, and so on.

The UPA Government bears direct responsibility for this new terror attack in Hyderabad, as does it for all the other ones as well. All these attacks are occurring as a direct result of the terrorist-friendly policies of the pseudo-secular Radical-Islam-appeasing UPA Government: policies like scrapping anti-terror laws like POTA while the rest of the world is creating laws like PATRIOT ACT to crack down on Islamic terrorism, and organizing movements to grant Presidential pardons to hard-core Radical Islamic terrorists like Muhammad Afzal who organized high-profile attacks like the 2001 attacks on the Parliament of India and the 1993 Mumbai blasts have only one result: encourage Radical Islamic zealots to attack us again and again and again.

The UPA Ministers are safe under the protection of the brave Black Cat Commandos of India. We, the common people, are dying and getting maimed in fresh attacks every few months.

The UPA is playing politics with our blood: using its terrorist-friendly policies to try to win Muslim votes.

While we are lying bleeding on the streets, Manmohan and Sonia are thinking: "We are going to grant pardon to Mohammad Afzal; that should get us more Muslim votes in the next election."

Or "We scrapped the anti-terror POTA law that was being used to catch Radical Islamic terrorirts. Now the Muslims should vote for us."

The big question is: how long will the People of India mutely stand by and watch this horrifying game of dirty vote-bank politics being played with our blood?

When will we say "Enough is enough. Now Manmohan Sonia and Shivraj must pay for the near and dear ones we lost due to their Islamic vote bank politics. Eye for eye; tooth for tooth"? When?

When will the UPA pay for the horrifying crimes they are committing?

How long will Hindu blood and Hindu lives be considered cheap and disposable?

We Indians are used to Hindus getting slaughtered at the drop of a dime. For a thousand years we have lived under Radical Islamic Taliban-style genocidal Radical Islamic maniacal and blood-thirsty rulers like Aurangzeb, Allauddin, Taimoor, Balban, etc.

We are used to seeing Hindus being killed, tortured, kidnapped, extorted, evicted, and exploited.

When will we stand up and demand equal rights as human beings?

When will we stand up and fight back against those genocidal Radical Islamists who have been killing us with impunity for a thousand years?

BBC reports:
Shutdown call after India bombs
Grieving relatives
Almost all the bodies have been identified and handed over to relatives
India's main opposition Bharatiya Janata Party has called a shutdown in the southern city of Hyderabad to protest against Saturday's twin blasts.

At least 42 people were killed and more than 60 wounded in explosions at an open-air auditorium and a restaurant.

Almost 36 hours after the attacks, police are yet to find any clear leads.

The state authorities say groups in Pakistan and Bangladesh are responsible for the blasts. Both Pakistan and Bangladesh denied the accusation.

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has called for a policy of "zero tolerance" in dealing with terrorism.

On alert

In response to the party's call for a day-long shut-down, schools and colleges and shops across Hyderabad city remain closed.

Although people can be seen walking on the streets, traffic on the roads is thin.

Lumbini amusement park in Hyderabad
One of the blasts ripped through the Lumbini amusement park

The city has been placed on alert and a large number of policemen have been deployed to maintain peace.

Indian President Pratibha Patil has said the attacks were aimed at disturbing harmony in the city, Hyderabad which has a mixed Muslim and Hindu population.

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Rajasekhara Reddy has described the blasts as a suspected "terrorist act".

Minutes apart

"Available information points to the involvement of terrorist organisations based in Bangladesh and Pakistan," the minister told reporters without giving any names.

Officials have begun the process of handing over the bodies of those killed to their relatives.

Barring a couple, all the bodies have been identified and have been handed over to their relatives.

Hyderabad police investigate scene of one of the blasts
Police are yet to find any clear leads

India's Home Minister Shivraj Patil visited the site of the explosions, as well as injured people in hospital, on Sunday to urge vigilance.

Saturday's explosions took place minutes apart at an open-air auditorium and a popular outdoor restaurant.

In the first blast, hundreds of people were watching a laser show at the Lumbini amusement park when a bomb went off, flinging people off their seats.

The second attack took place at Gokul Chat shop - a restaurant which served snacks and savouries.

The explosions came three months after 11 people were killed in a bombing at the city's 17th Century Mecca Mosque.

Police have yet to formally name suspects for that attack.

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Thursday, August 02, 2007

How To Answer Hypocrites Who Complain About India's Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Too often, I have have ill-informed and ignorant people complain about "India's massive greenhouse gas emissions". These ill-informed and ignorant "environmentalists" accuse India of being the worst greenhouse gas emitter in the world. These ignorant idiots then proceed to call for India to slow down her economic growth by reducing fuel consumption, stop buying cars and A/C's, and "practise austerity".

We are asked to stay backward and "austere" while the rest of the world -- particularly Western Europe and USA -- continues to wastefully plunder the resources of the world like they have done for the last two hundred years.

This is a politically correct and "feel good" point of view to take. But here are some facts you can use to refute these ill-informed and ignorant statements.

Recently, I exposed Praful Bidwai of the Hindustan Times who wrote a moronic article asking Indians to slow down economic growth by reducing consumption and other economic activities, and "practise auterity".

Well, we were practising austerity and ran an environmentally sound and sustainable economy for five thousand years. That is what made us vulnerable to attack and conquest by the environmentally disastrous "Industrial Revolution"-powered West. Then, for the next two hundred years they ruled over us, robbed and stole everything they could lay their hands on, and reduced us to abject poverty from which we are only starting to recover.

[Even today, the shameless dacoit-queen of England wears the Kohinoor diamond stolen from India on her crown in broad daylight. Only a Queen of Thieves could be so shameless.

Someone with an iota of self-respect would return stolen property to the rightful owner -- the Government of India.]

For two hundred years, the West wasted precious resources worldwide and led opulent lives financed with the life-blood of poor hard-working people in colonies like India. The British filled the atmosphere with billions of tons of greenhouse gases over those two hundred years.

Today Americans waste billions of tons of petroleum for fun, to go on "long drives", or to heat poorly-insulated houses during winter.

They want us to "practise austerity", just when we have started to compete effectively with them in the global economy and regain our rightful place on the world stage.

After two hundred years of slavery, when we have barely started to recover, they are asking the poor and hard-working people of India to "practise austerity". What a shameless joke!

Here is an article, again from the Hindustan Times, exposing the lies of those who make tall claims about India's greenhouse gas emissions:

Greenhouse gases: India says it is not the largest emitter

Dharam Shourie, Press Trust Of India
United Nations, August 02, 2007
First Published: 10:56 IST(2/8/2007)
Last Updated: 11:07 IST(2/8/2007)

Rejecting the contention that it is among the largest emitter of greenhouse gases, India has charged the developed nations with externalising the problem they had created and trying to pass on the cost of the solution to the developing nations.

"The present state of greenhouse gases (GHG) concentration in the atmosphere is the result of over a century and half of unabated emissions by the developed countries," Indian UN Ambassador Nirupam Sen told the General Assembly's special session convened to discuss the issue of climate change.

Giving figures to buttress his argument, Sen said India with 17 per cent of the population has only 4 per cent of global GHG.

Stating a more important measure is per capita emission, he told the delegates that India's per capita CHG emission is one ton per annum against global average of four tons per annum.

Despite that India has taken to further steps to cut down these emissions, he said, pointing out that the primary energy consumption growth rate is 3.4 per cent per year against GDP growth rate exceeding 9 per cent.

"It is worth noting that this is in contrast to the developed countries, and even a few developing countries, where higher growth rates have followed the traditional pattern of increased use of energy," Sen said.

The developed nations have accepted the responsibility for excessive emission, he said, asking the industrialised world to now show leadership in controlling the polluting gases.


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