Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Video of the idiot Arjun Singh

Arjun Singh claims to have proposed the Caste-based Reservations for "Other Backward Classes" for "social development". However, it is obvious that social development is very far from his mind -- and Casteist vote bank politics much closer -- when he fails to answer any questions at all on how his Reservations will help when 58 years of Caste-based Reservations for SC/STs has not improved their lot at all. He exhibits complete ignorance of history, sociology, past effects of Reservations, and the expected effects of his actions. He does not even know what percentage of India's population are OBC's, and cannot justify why he chose to allocate 27% of Reserved seats to them -- why not 10% or 40%, say. He just arbitrarily pulled the numbed out of thin air.

Sometime back I posted a transcript of the interview given by Human Resource Destruction Mnister Arjun Singh to Karan Thapar of "Devil's Advocate". In the interview he showed complete ignorance of all the major issues related to his proposed Reservations. No wonder. He had only thought of how the Reservations would impact his OBC vote bank, his position in Congress, and his continued ability to steal money from the pockets of hard-working Indians and stuff it in his Swiss Bank account.

Later an anonymous reader "Indian" sent me a comment with a link to an YouTube video of part of the interview. Here you can see the idiot in action. Remember that he is an idiot only when it comes to Education Policy, Human Resource Development, etc.

When it comes to vote bank calculations or stealing money he is one of the experts. That is why he is Minister.

Strange system we have developed: only corrupt people can rule. This has happened only because we are accepting, peace-loving, not aggressive, not revengeful. If it had been some other country -- any country, including powerful Western countries like USA -- Arjun Singh would have been gunned down by now. Remember how Israel's Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin and America's President Lincoln were assassinated for following anti-Jewish and anti-White policies ? Many people say America's President Kennedy's assassination was carried out by people who didn't like his opposition to the Vietnam War and did not trust that he would safeguard America's interests in Vietnam.

I am not saying we Indians should gun down Arjun Singh. I am just pointing out that we have shown much more tolerance of his idiotic and anti-people policies than most other countries would have. It is important to point this out because our tolerance is not being appreciated and is being taken as a sign of weakness -- both by external enemies like Pakistan and internal enemies like our criminal politicians. We must remind ourselevs that we are tolerant by choice. If our tolerance and peace-loving nature is not appreciated, we will have no problems using all tools available to us -- including violence, to uphold Justice. If our politicians do not appreciate our tolerance, they will see our intolerance.

If we keep accepting these crimes committed by our "leaders" it will keep getting worse. We must show them they must not take our kindness, generosity, and peace-loving nature for granted.

Why do we keep having the same problems repeatedly ? Terrorist attacks every month. Arjun Singh beating up our innocent students for making legitimate protests in May 2006, and then again now in August 2006 barely three months later.

Why ? Have you asked yourself this question ?

Because we have very short memory. As soon as the terrorist attacks of 7/11 happened we forgot about the Reservations problem. So now Arjun Singh has the guts to use police to attack our students brutally again, knowing we have forgotten about last time. If he thought we remembered, he would have been afraid. People who remember injustices react to them more and more violently over time when they keep occurring.

[Of course, the thousands of students who were beaten up by Arjun Singh's police in May 2006 and are now lying in hospital, are bed-ridden at home still fighting to recover from their injuries, or are limping about in pain in their bedrooms still remember what happened three months ago. The families of the several students that may have died silently and forgotten by the media, remember what happened. But they are hardly in any shape to fight -- thir lives have already been destroyed. The rest of us, the public, have quickly forgotten, aided and abetted by the mainstream media that serves political masters who want us to forget..Similarly, the victimsof the 7/11 Mumbai blats remember what happened, but most people don't remember 7/11 everyday. In a few more months, they will forget altogether, and then it will be time for the next terror attack. Americans still remember 9/11 attacks that occurred in 2001, five years ago, every day. They have made more than 3 movies about the events already. So American politicians are serious in fighting terror -- they know that the American public will tear them into pieces if they don't work hard to keep Americans safe. Indian leaders don't see much benefit in working hard to fight Islamic terror and keep Indians safe. They have other priorities, like stealing money from the pockets of hard-working Indians and stuffing it in their Swiss Bank accounts.]

Now we will get busy with Reservations issue and forget terrorism again. Then again Radical Islamists will carry our new terror attacks, knowing that we have forgotten about last time -- 7/11. If they thought we had remembered, they would be afraid we would react violently and force our Government to wipe them out, instead of just pretending to fight them the way it has been doing for so long.

We must keep our public memory long and sharp. Indians have very short public memory. Indian newspapers an other mainstream media only care about profits and not the National Interest, and do not help make public memory longer.

On this blog I will force Indian mainstream media to behave the way I believe will help keep Indians' public memory sharp and long. But for that I need your help. This blog will be able to force the media to acknowledge the truth only if it reaches so many people that the media cannot retain credibility if it ignores what we say on here.

Currently this blog has a readership of about 10,000 regular visitors according to my estimates. I need you, dear Reader, to help me reach more people with our views.

The fact that you are reading this blog shows that we have more or less the same views. We must unite and work together. The greatest gift God has given me is perhaps the ability to write effectively. I want to prove that the pen is truly mightier than the sword. And I need you to help me.

It is very simple. All I am asking you to do is to propagate the ideas we express on this blog to one new person every three months. That's it. Doesn't sound extremely difficult, does it ? But I will show you mathematically as follows that if you do only this much, we will be assured of victory in 2 to 3 years.

Here's my proposed plan. This blog currently has 10,000 regular readers (I am not counting occasoional visitors). If each reader tells one new patriotic Indian about this blog once every 3 months, it will double in readership every 3 months. If so, in a year readership wil grow 16 times. In two years we will have a community of 2.5 million people participating in discussions on this blog. That would be about 10% of Indians online. At that point no mainstream online news portal or website of India will be able to ignore what we say on this blog. They will be forced to publish at least a few articles on their websites reflecting our opinions and views -- opinions and views that have been suppressed by the "secular" (anti-Hindu) leaders and media for so long.

However, if their online publications reflect our opinions, their print editions also must -- otherwise it would be clear that they are hypocrites saying one thing online and something else in print. So with just 2.5 million people working through the internet, we will be able to force the newspapers of a country of a billion people to stop telling lies.

We will be able to then educate and awaken all the millions of people who can read newspapers but do not have access to the internet. There are 650 million of them.

As Chanakya Kautilya said, with intelligence, you can do everything. We are weak. We do not have muscle-men and criminals working for us like the criminal politicians do. We do not have the police and the Army following our orders like they do. But we have one thing in no less quantity than they do -- intelligence.

Our intelligence is all we need to win this battle for control of India -- the battle for control of our destinies, the battle for our Independence from criminals ruling over us.

With our intelligence, we can force a repeat of the overthrow of the Nanda Dynasty like Chanakya did. Today we have the Nehru Dynasty that is no less corrupt, no less criminal, no less rotting in dishnonesty, than the Nanda Dynasty was.

With our intelligence, we can overthrow it. We can reclaim our Independence. We can make our beloved Motherland free from the vile villains who rule over her.

What I have given a whiff of above is just a strategy. No strategy works without good and motivated people to execute it.

So I need you to help me. We all must work together. Join me. To give our children a better place to live.

If you are busy with other things and cannot help me the way I have requested above, I completely understand. In any case I wish you all success in everything you embark upon. Because whatever you may be doing, be it studies in school or college, or working in a job either in the Army or any civilian profession, or raising children at home, you are a soldier of India our Mother. We are all soldiers working to make India our Mother powerul and reclaim the glory she had till Radical Islamic, Portuguese, French and (mainly) British invaders reduced her to her present sorry state. There is no doubt in my mind that we will speedliy restore our Mother to her well-deserved glory. As one soldier to another, I salute you and wish you all success in everything you do.

Jai Hind !


At 11:24 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

well u say that we shud not b tolerant of arjun singh..but what abt the fact that he is an rajya sabha mp not a lok sabha mp..they simply dont need our votes

At 4:27 pm, Blogger Harsh Vardhan said...

You are right. He is a Rajya Sabha MP and does not need our vote directly.

But people who put him in Rajya Sabha (like Sonia Nehru and MPs who support Sonia Nehru) are Lok Sabha MPs.

Arjun Singh comes from Congress Party. His crimes should lead to punishment for Congress Party as a whole. All Conngress Lok Sabha MPs should pay the price.

These people need our votes. They should not get them.

Jai Hind !



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