Friday, November 17, 2006

How terrorists are created

"Catch them young" is the method used by Pakistan and its terrorist groups like LeT and JeM and their agents.

A standard 10 student -- young, impressionable Muslim boy 15 years old -- was saved from a terrible fate when his initiation into a lifetime of terrorism and slavery in the service of Pakistan was interrupted by the Police.

The boy had been asked by an older "friend" -- who had left school and joined the Lashkar-e-Tayiba earlier -- to prove his loyalty to Islam and their friendship by bombing a Sufi mosque when hundreds of peaceful law-abiding Sufi citizens of India were offering Friday namaaz prayers inside.

This is how terrorists are created from among Indians. Once the boy had taken that step, he would have lived a life of fear. He would have been unable to join the Indian mainstream life. His Pakistani masters would keep him alive and "safe" from Indian Police, and in return would have him do their dirty jobs.

When he would someday eventually be killed or captured by Indian security forces, he would still have been useful to Pakistan, whether alive or dead. His name would have been added to a list of a few thousand other people like him and bandied about by Pakistan in international meetings at the United Nations, the Organization of Islamic Conference, and at bilateral meetings between Pakistan and other nations as proof of the false Pakistani claim that the people of Kashmir are fighting a "freedom struggle" for "self-determination" from "Indian occupation"; that the unrest in Kashmir is not in fact the result of a 30-year-long terrorist campaign undertaken by Pakistan with Saudi, Pakistani, Egyptian, Libyan, Sudanese, Syrian and Afghan Taliban terrorists brought up on a hideous violent inhuman and uncivilized Sunni Wahabi and Saudi Salafist ideology of Radical Islam.

Hindustan Times reports:

Student held for attempt to hurl grenade in mosque
Zorawar Singh Jamwal
Jammu, November 17, 2006

To please his friend that had joined LeT cadre, a student of Class 10th was caught on Friday by Doda police in connection with an unsuccessful attempt to hurl a grenade inside a Mosque at the township area during the holy month of Ramzan.

Identified as one Bashir Ahmed alias Nikka ,a class 10th student of Government High School Doda, son of Ghulam Mohammad Bhat and resident of Koti, he was assigned the task by his friend who had left studies and joined LeT .

"During the month of Ramzan, Bashir Ahmed was contacted by a LeT terrorist Irshad who used to study with him in primary classes. Irshad, gave him a grenade to be hurled inside the Mosque to target some civilians and some VIPs that were offering Namaz at that time", SSP Doda Manohar Singh said, adding that "but Bashir could not make attempt due to heavy deployment of security personnel in and around the Mosque."

Replying to a query, SSP Manohar Singh informed that "police had received input by various agencies that LeT may engage some sharp shooter to resort to firing or a new face to hurl grenade on civilians and VVIPs. Following that lead, police launched a manhunt to trace the accused. After a thorough investigation police achieved success in tracing out the accused and averting a major tragedy."

"The accused has been put under sustained interrogation to expose the entire module and effect more arrests in that case", the senior police officer informed.


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