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Burmese Army soldiers bludgeoning Buddhist monks to death by beating their skulls to pulp

From an eyewitness in Rangoon, Burma:

"They systematically ordered all the monks to line up and banged and crushed each one's head against the brick wall of the monastery. One by one, the peaceful, non resisting monks, fell to the ground, screaming in pain. Then, they tore off the red robes and threw them all in the military trucks (like rice bags) and took the bodies away.

The head monk of the monastery, was tied up in the middle of the monastery, tortured, bludgeoned, and later died the same day, today. Tens of thousands of people gathered outside the monastery, warded off by troops with bayoneted rifles, unable to help their helpless monks being slaughtered inside the monastery. Their every try to forge ahead was met with the bayonets.

When all is done, only 10 out of 200 remained alive, hiding in the monastery. Blood stained everywhere on the walls and floors of the monastery."

Anti-Buddha anti-religion Godless Communist Chinese-supported brutal military "government" in Burma is continuing the barbaric massacres of Buddhist monks.

Burma is under almost complete black-out of telephone internet and all other communications services. Phone service is unreliable and intermittent, and possibly being tapped by the Burmese military government to identify journalists or others who may be trying to leak information out. An eyewitness account has been reported over a possibly tapped phone line at grave personal risk by somebody's sister in Burma and reported on the Buddhist Peace Fellowship website:

Sept 28, 07:

How You Can Support the People of Burma

Update 9/28/07:

A dispatch received from someone with a relative in Yangon (Rangoon), via Richard Reoch of Shambhala:

We just got phone call with our sister living in Yangon about a few hours ago. We saw on BBC world, saying that 200 monks were arrested. The true picture is far worse. For one instance, the monastery at an obscure neighborhood of Yangon, called Ngwe Kyar Yan (on Wei-za-yan-tar Road, Yangon) had been raided early this morning.

A troop of lone-tein (riot police comprised of paid thugs) protected by the military trucks, raided the monastery with 200 studying monks. They systematically ordered all the monks to line up and banged and crushed each one's head against the brick wall of the monastery. One by one, the peaceful, non resisting monks, fell to the ground, screaming in pain. Then, they tore off the red robes and threw them all in the military trucks (like rice bags) and took the bodies away.

The head monk of the monastery, was tied up in the middle of the monastery, tortured , bludgeoned, and later died the same day, today. Tens of thousands of people gathered outside the monastery, warded off by troops with bayoneted rifles, unable to help their helpless monks being slaughtered inside the monastery. Their every try to forge ahead was met with the bayonets.

When all is done, only 10 out of 200 remained alive, hiding in the monastery. Blood stained everywhere on the walls and floors of the monastery.

Please tell your audience of the full extent of the fate of the monks please please !!!!!!!!!!!!
'Arrested' is not enough expression. They have been bludgeoned to death !!!!!!

(Name withheld to protect the identity)
Hong Kong

How you can support the People of Burma:

1) Join or organize a vigil in your town or city. We have posted a calendar of vigils on the BPF website. There are currently events scheduled in New York City, San Francisco, Chicago, Washington DC, and Milan (Italy). We are updating the list regularly, so please keep checking it. Check with your local BPF chapter to see if they are planning a vigil.

If you plan a vigil, we are encouraging people to use these common elements:

* Silent vigil, and hold to principles of nonviolence in support of the monks and nuns. If you do chant, use the Metta Sutta, as this is the chant the monks and nuns of Burma have been praying. Click here for a copy of the Metta Sutta that you can print and distribute to people at your vigil. Please avoid protest chants.

* Wear red or maroon.

* Bring a BPF banner, if you have one.

2) Sign a petition

AAVAZ Online Petition to Support Burma

U.S. Campaign for Burma Petition

The Buddhist Channel

3) Light a candle and place it in your window every night this week, along with this sign in support of the nonviolent protest. And please spread the word.

4) Make a donation to the Foundation for the People of Burma, an affiliated group of BPF that provides humanitarian aid to Burmese people of all ethnic backgrounds and religious beliefs.

5) Help get video equipment into Burma. From BPF board member Jesse Maceo Vega-Frey:

In lieu of an actual physical international presence on the ground in Burma, one of the best ways we have to supporting the effort of the Burmese people is to make sure these lines of communication to the outside world stay open and up-to-date.

We are trying to find a way to gather photographic, video and transmission equipment and get it into Burma through contacts in Thailand. We would appreciate your help by sending any extra equipment of this nature that you may have to our office in North Carolina, where they will be compiled and sent as quickly as possible to the appropriate people. This can be old, used and even out-dated equipment--as long as it works and you are willing to part ways with it.

If you do not have equipment of this nature but would like to help you can also send donations to help pay for additional equipment and shipping charges. Please make checks payable to stone circles with “Burma video equipment” in the memo line.

Please send all resources to:

The Stone House

attn: Burma equipment

6602 Nick’s Rd

Mebane, NC 27302

Statements in Support of Buddhist Monks and Nuns in Burma

Includes statements from:

* Buddhist Peace Fellowship
* BPF Melbourne Australia
* International Network of Engaged Buddhists
* His Holiness the Dalai Lama
* Buddhists and Khmer Society Network of Cambodia
* Shambhala

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Friday, September 28, 2007

The Dalai Lama's message to the People of Burma

As everybody knows, the Chinese-supported military dictatorship that has misruled Burma for the last several decades is currently engaged in yet another bloody suppression of democratic protests against its illegitimate cruel and brutally inhuman misrule.

Unarmed and peaceful Burmese civilians and Burmese Buddhist monks leading the peaceful protests are being brutally beaten and shot by the Burmese military. Unarmed and peaceful Buddhist monks have been shot and killed, for the first time in the history of Burma. A crime of this magnitude did not happen as far as we know even in previous massacres of pro-Democracy activists in Burma before. Not even the British colonialists dared to be so uncivilized as to kill unarmed and peaceful monks in broad daylight in public.

90% of the people of Burma are deeply religious Buddhists, in spite of decades of Godless Communist Chinese oppression. Burma will definitely reach boiling point as soon as this news spreads. Those responsible for killing Buddhist monks will all be hunted down and brought to Justice eventually. The Burmese military is trying to prevent this by taking Burma back to the Stone Age: all phone, internet, newspapers, etc have been blacked out in Burma. However, at this point there are rumours that several units of the Burmese military are refusing to obey orders to massacre protesters, as it is unthinkable for most people in Burma -- even most of the most hardened solders -- to raise arms against the highly revered Buddhist monks.

An innocent Japanese photographer has been shot at point-blank range in cold blood by a Burmese soldier.

It is high time that the Civilized World intervenes in this uncivilized spectacle. The military generals running Burma are guilty of innumerable Crimes Against Humanity.

Following the Geneva Convention and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the United Nations Organization must IMMEDIATELY sanction an invasion of Burma to prevent continued gross and egregious violations of human rights and Crimes Against Humanity by the illegitimate Burmese military government. The United States, Japan, India, and other Civilized Nations must IMMEDIATELY invade Burma, establish Democracy under Aung San Suu Kyi -- the rightful leader of Burma, and bring the Burmese military rulers (puppets of anti-Buddha Godless Chinese Communists) to Justice.

The Chinese Communist Party is guilty of destroying Buddhism in China and Tibet. It is now trying to do the same in Burma through its proxies in the Burmese military. This must not be allowed to happen.

The following is the message from the Dalai Lama of Tibet, who is peacefully resisting a similar war by Godless Chinese Communists trying to destroy Tibetan Buddhism:

Message to the People of Burma


I extend my support and solidarity with the recent peaceful movement for democracy in Burma. I fully support their call for freedom and democracy and take this opportunity to appeal to freedom-loving people all over the world to support such non-violent movements. Moreover, I wish to convey my sincere appreciation and admiration to the large number of fellow Buddhists monks for advocating democracy and freedom in Burma.

As a Buddhist monk, I am appealing to the members of the military regime who believe in Buddhism to act in accordance with the sacred dharma in the spirit of compassion and non-violence.

I pray for the success of this peaceful movement and the early release of fellow Nobel Peace laureate Aung San Suu Kyi.

Tenzin Gyatso
September 23, 2007

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Raoul Maino (a.k.a. Rahul Gandhi) trying to hide his criminal record

The Nehru Dynasty (now going under the Gandhi name) is known for producing criminals who have indulged in gross abuse of power for the last 60 years. After Indira Gandhi's attempt at destroying Democracy in India by declaring an Emergency after she lost the elections and abusing the state machinery to kill political rivals like pro-Democracy activist Jai Prakash Narayan in the process, Rajiv Gandhi tried to measure up to his illustrious mother in criminality and abuse of power by robbing the Government Treasury (stealing the money of poor hard-working taxpayers of India) through Bofors scams and such-like.

However, Rajiv's Roman-Catholic Italian son Raoul (who calls himself Rahul in the Indian media) seems all set to break all previous family records by a wide margin. He is doing exactly what the People of India have come to expect from the Nehru Dynasty.

Before even starting a proper political career, he has already managed to be caught by the FBI for international currency smuggling, and is currently actively engaged in subverting the police investigation process to cover up a gang-rape he allegedly took part in. The Nehru Dynasty is using all their power over the pliable Indian mainstream news media to hide these facts from the People of India. However, Truth has an inconvenient habit of eventually getting out.

Thanks to a dear Reader for bringing these items to my attention.

Now the people of India need to decide if they want a rapist and international currency smuggler to rule our Motherland.

Also, Congress Party workers need to think carefully whether they want to support a party run by an anti-Hindu Roman Catholic family that has gone out of its way to denigrate Hinduism at every step it has taken in its entire stay in power:
1. declared that the Hindu religious icon Lord Ram never existed, and is trying to destroy a sacred Hindu religious artifact: the bridge that Lord Ram built connecting India and Lanka
2. has no respect for secularism, and actively engages in religious discrimination against Hindus and promotes Roman Catholics in the Congress party. Almost all Chief Ministers in Congress-ruled states are Christian.
3. issued coins with the Christian cross on them. Remember Secularism? It means that the Government cannot promote any religion. Issuing coins with Christian religious symbols constitutes promotion of Christianity using Indian tax-payer's money.
4. will gang-rape the daughter of a Hindu Congress worker to entertain his Italian Roman-Catholic friends. Are we still living under British Raj, or what?

All Hindu workers in Congress party should think carefully: do you want your daughters and wives to be gang-raped for the entertainment and enjoyment of Roman-Catholic Italian Christian guests of the ruling family? If so, go ahead and support the Congress. Give your lives to keep Antonia and Raoul Maino in power.

Otherwise, leave the Congress Party. Work for and vote for someone who is Indian, and loyal to India. Someone who respects Indian girls and will not gang-rape them to please his Italian friends.

How long has it been since we got Independence from the British? How long has it been since the movie theatres in India used to say "No Dogs or Natives allowed"? How long has it been since Bhagat Singh, Netaji, Khudiram, Lala Lajpat and hundreds of thousands of others sacrificed everything to free our Motherland from abusive racist and murderous Christian occupiers from Britain France and Portugal?

It's been barely 60 years.

How can you bring in this Maino family from Italy to rule us all over again? Are you men, or goats?

Leave the Congress Party today. Let Justice prevail Let the Nehru Dynasty be finally brought to Justice for the crimes of the last 60 years.

Yahoo reports:

Suit filed to probe Rahul Gandhi's detention by FBI
By Indo-Asian News Service

Lucknow, March 8 (IANS) A suit has been filed in the high court here seeking information about the alleged detention of Congress MP Rahul Gandhi and his Colombian girlfriend by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in 2001.

The petition, filed by four lawyers, is likely to be heard Wednesday.

According to the public interest litigation, Gandhi, the son of Congress president Sonia Gandhi, and his companion were released after being detained at Boston airport following the intervention of the Prime Minister's Office.

At that time, Atal Bihari Vajpayee was the Indian prime minister and Gandhi was not a member of the Lok Sabha.

"Vajpayee's principal secretary and then national security adviser Brajesh Misra spoke to top US authorities to enable Rahul Gandhi and his girlfriend to get away," claimed Prem Chandra Sharma, who moved the court along with three others.

Sharma claimed to have gathered this information through the Internet and said he had downloaded certain documents to substantiate his allegations.

The petition alleged that Gandhi was found in illegal possession of about $200,000. And it was in that connection that the FBI had detained him along with his girlfriend Sep 21, 2001.

The FBI was said to have sought an explanation about Gandhi's possession of such a huge amount of money, which he was unable to provide, the petition said.

The petition sought a writ of mandamus to the Indian ambassador to the US as well as the union home secretary to make a disclosure about the entire episode.

Hindu Unity reports:


At the outset I wish to confirm that Hindu Unity is aware of the seriousness of the charges we are levelling against Rahul Gandhi (aka Raul Maino) son of Sonia Gandhi (aka Antonia Maino). Members of Hindu Unity in Lucknow and Amethi have confirmed the news and will soon come out with necessary evidence to nail Rahul Gandhi and his friends. The following is the information that Hindu Unity has gathered. The photograph was obtained from the girl's family and is being posted here with their permission.

On 3rd December 2006, Rahul Gandhi was camping at Amethi along with 7 others including 4 foreigners (two from Britain and other two from Italy, names not known).Around 9 P.M all of them were drinking liquor at a V.I.P. guest house in a high security zone. They had an uninvited guest, a young girl named Sukanya Devi, 24 years of age, a staunch follower of Nehru-Gandhi family and daughter of Congress worker Balram Singh.

Sukanya was looking for an opportunity to meet Rahul Gandhi since last two years and on that fateful night she able to meet him. Sukanya's family has been supporting the Congress party since the time of Nehru.

When she met Rahul he spoke to her for a couple of minutes and later he and his friends offered here liquor. Sukanya was amazed seeing all this, she was not feeling comfortable, she refused to have liquor and took permission to leave, but she was forced to stay back and drink. She kept resisting, but they raped her one by one. She cried for help, but her cries fell on deaf ears. Even the security personnel preferred to remain as mute spectators.

She kept weeping all along and was threatened and asked to keep her mouth shut. She was given Rs.50,000 /-. She straightaway went to the local police station. The police refused to book any complaint and asked her to go home.

Before she could reach home, Congress workers had gathered at her house and gave a different version of the incident to her father. They accused her of trying to seduce Rahul Gandhi. Her father Balram Singh, without giving her a chance to explain what had happened to her beat her up mercilessly. Balram Singh learnt the facts from others who were witness to the crime, but he preferred to remain quite as he did not want to challenge Rahul Gandhi and the Congress Party.

Sukanya's mother Sumitra Devi, who learnt about the whole incident immediately went with her daughter to Police HQ in Amethi. The Police officials refused to book any complaint and advised her to remain quite. She went from pillar to post pleading for justice, but no one heard her pleas.

Sumithra Devi gave a statement in a press conference with a very thin attendance and there she was confronted by Congressmen who physically assaulted both mother & daughter. On 27th December 2006 Sumithra Devi went to New Delhi to meet Sonia Gandhi. Sonia refused to meet her. With no options left she went to Human Rights Commission who just noted down her complaint and asked her to leave.

The Congressmen have threatened to kill both Sumithra Devi and her daughter Sukanya if she makes the rape issue public. Both the mother and daughter are in despair trying to seek justice. Both mother and daughter were camping in New Delhi for over a fortnight to get an appointment with the President of India. They have not got an appointment either with the President or with the Chief Justice.

Both mother and daughter are now in hiding. If the Congressmen don't kill her, the Opus Di (secret service of the Vatican) definitely will. It is important that we locate Sumanthra Devi and Sukanya, offer them protection.

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Pseudo-secular bureaucrat in Bihar harassing old Hindu man for wearing tilak on forehead

Thanks to a dear Reader for bringing this incident to my attention. Pseudo-secularism has reached a new high in India. An anti-Hindu bureaucrat in Bihar is harassing an innocent old Hindu man who works in his office for the "crime" of wearing a tilak on his forehead.

What next? Harass Hindu women for wearing sindur?

Please forward this information to all you know. Let us mobilize and press the Bihar Government run by Nitish Kumar to dismiss the pseudo-secular anti-Hindu officer involved (CK Anil) for harassing and victimizing Hindus in their own Motherland. Let us teach this pseudo-secular anti-Hindu slimeball a lesson he will not forget. Let us make sure Hindus all over India know how we are being victimized in broad daylight in our own Motherland, because we are too tolerant.

Let Justice be done. Let this anti-Hindu officer CK Anil be dismissed from his job, and ostracized by Hindus everywhere. He is a pseudo-secular anti-Hindu criminal who has committed a crime against Hinduism. He must pay.

BBC reports:
Hindus upset over ban on holy dot
By Amarnath Tewary
BBC News, Bihar

(Photos: Prashant Ravi)" border="0" height="152" hspace="0" vspace="0" width="203">
Mr Mishra has worn the tilak throughout his career
A senior official in India's Bihar state faces suspension for wearing the Hindu red mark on his forehead at work.

Lakshman Mishra, deputy director of the agriculture department, is accused of breaching a new government dress code.

He says he has worn the mark, or tilak, on his forehead at work for 30 years and it is his religious right to do so.

His colleagues support him - nearly all of them arrived at work on Friday wearing red marks in protest, and unions are threatening mass action.

Suicide threat

Mr Mishra's troubles began in August when new guidelines were issued on what state government officials could wear at the office.

No one should be suspended for wearing a holy tilak as it's a matter of personal choice
Bihar Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh

His department head, CK Anil, warned Mr Mishra that he considered his tilak to be in breach of the code.

When he refused to remove it, Mr Anil recommended him for suspension.

Mr Anil is a young, no-nonsense civil service high-flier who has already reprimanded staff in another department for spitting out betel leaf they had been chewing at work.

He is currently not taking calls from the media.

Many people in northern India wear the red holy mark on their foreheads and it is a common sight in government offices.

Mr Mishra says he has no intention of giving up the practice.

"I've been sporting the red holy dot on my forehead for the last 30 years of my career," he told the BBC.

"It has religious sentiment for me and if somebody goes on harassing me on this pretext I'll have no option but to commit suicide."


Barring some senior officials, all the employees of the state agriculture department went to work on Friday with tilaks on their foreheads in protest at his treatment.

(Photos: Prashant Ravi)" border="0" height="152" hspace="0" vspace="0" width="203">
Civil servants came out in protest on Friday

They laid siege to Mr Anil's office and demanded he withdraw his recommendation that Mr Mishra be suspended.

"The officer's move has hurt our religious sentiments and as our protest against his order we've come to the office today adorning our foreheads with the red dot. Let him suspend all of us now," said union leader Baidyanath Yadav.

Several other state government unions are also angry and are threatening mass protests if his suspension order is not revoked with immediate effect.

Even state Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh agrees, saying "no one should be suspended for wearing a holy tilak as it's a matter of personal choice".

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Sunday, September 02, 2007

British Empire Used Indians as Guinea-Pigs in Nazi-style Horrifying Human Experiments

The British have created this large-scale myth of having a "gentlemanly" and "fair play"-loving culture. And yet they ran the largest-scale human slavery business for several centuries. Their Dacoit-Queen shamelessly wears a diamond stolen from India on her crown. And now, they have been exposed as having been involved in horrifying human experiments on Indians (to conduct "scientific" experiments like "studying the effects of poison gas on humans") during the dark days of the thieving-robbing-stealing-raping and inhumanly brutal British Empire.

The Times of India reports:

Britain used Indian troops as guinea pigs
2 Sep 2007, 0001 hrs IST,Rashmee Roshan Lall ,TNN

LONDON: Indian soldiers serving under the British Raj were used as guinea pigs to test the effects of poison gases on humans by scientists from the world's oldest chemical warfare research installation here in the UK, according to newly-released archival documents.

The Indian soldiers suffered severe burns from the gas as part of the trials, which started in the early 1930s and lasted almost through to Indian independence.

The trials were part of a study by British scientists to ascertain if the poison gas inflicted greater damage on coloured skins than on white Caucasians. The scientists had been posted to the Indian sub-continent to develop poison gases to use against the Japanese.

Several-hundred Indians were part of the trials, according to documents released by the UK's National Archives. It is unclear if the Indians were told about the potentially serious medical implications of the trials before they were sent into the gas chambers by the scientists from Porton Down, the UK's chemical warfare research laboratory.

On Saturday, The Guardian newspaper quoted a lawyer representing British soldiers similarly tested at Porton Dwon to say, "I would be astonished if these Indian subjects (of the Empire) gave any meaningful consent to taking part in these tests, particularly as they were conducted during the days of Empire. No one would have agreed...if they knew beforehand what was going to happen".

Mustard gas is now a recognised carcinogencic substance and the Indians suffered severe burns. Some British servicemen, recruited over time to take part in similar experiments, recently won compensation for being duped into being treated as guinea pigs.

The tests on the Indians, before and during World War II, are seen to be part of a deadly programme of identifying the exact amount of poison gas that could prove deadly on the battlefield. The British scientists, who recorded in the documents that several Indians suffered so severely they had to be hospitalised, reported a "large number" of burns.

Many of the Indians, who were sent into the gas chambers wearing no more than "drill shorts and open-necked khaki cotton shirts" to gauge the effect of mustard gas on the eyes, also had to be hospitalised after the experiment.

The revelation is seen to be a shocking afterword to the lengthy accounts of British colonial behaviour in India.

But in a sign the British authorities are unwilling to entertain claims for compensation from the affected Indian soldiers or their heirs and successors, officials are quoted to say the trials took place in a different era and the studies in India "included defensive research...(and) supported those conducted in simulated conditions in the UK in a different environment".

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UK Christian Fundamentalists Ban Yoga

These Europeans were living among barbaric and brutal medieval customs in the middle ages till the ancient wisdom of Hinduism and Buddhism reached them through the efforts of the great Mongol conqueror Chenghiz Khan.

They became followers of Lord Krishna, also known as Vishnu, one of whose incarnations is Lord Buddha. Unable to pronounce the Sanskrit name of God (Krishna) properly, they started calling Him "Christ".

Not being intelligent or enlightened enough to understand the intellectually deep philosophy of Hinduism (or even the simplified version called Buddhism), they collected a set of stories from the Buddhist Tripitaka and Jataka tales, changed the Sanskrit names of Indo-Aryan characters like the Gautam Buddha into Hebrew/Aramaic names like Jesus/Abraham/etc, added some fanciful stories of their own over several centuries, and called this collection of fairy tales the Bible.

Bible literally means "the book". These ignorant fools of medieval Europe had never had the fortune of having any other book before. The Bible was the first and only book they had ever come across.

Compare this with the millions of Sanskrit verses full of ancient wisdom that had been composed compiled and passed down over hundreds of generations in India and China.

Today these ignorant Christian fundamentalist morons of Europe still do not know the first thing about God, or about where their "religion" came from.

Indians are giving them the medical wisdom and knowledge of Yoga for free, to help their obese fat and overweight kids, pot-bellied men, and fat women improve their health. And their Christian fundamentalist Churches -- misguided, ignorant, and unaware of its origin as a place of worship for Lord Krishna -- are stopping them from learning this wisdom that can save and improve their lives.

You can take a horse to the water, but you cannot make it drink.

These European Christian fundamentalist morons are free to live in ignorance. We don't care whether they learn Yoga or not. We do not care whether they live life better or not. They can do Yoga, or they can buy toxic slimming medications; it is their business.

The real problem happens when they send their narrow-minded "missionaries" and "evangelists" to convert Indian Hindus and Buddhists from these enlightened Indian faiths to their misguided and ignorant European "religion".

The Times of India reports:

UK churches ban yoga group
1 Sep 2007, 0110 hrs IST,IANS

LONDON: Two local churches have banned a group from conducting yoga classes because the ancient practice is allegedly "un-Christian". The yoga class for children was to be run by Louise Woodstock at the Silver Street Baptist Church and St James' Church of England in Taunton, Somerset. But church ministers this week banned it and branded yoga as a "sham" and "un-Christian".

Woodstock, who was turned away from the churches on Thursday, said: "I couldn't believe it when they suddenly said I couldn't have the hall any more because yoga is against their Christian ethos. It's crazy because we're talking about kids pretending to be animals and doing exercise routines to rhymes." "The churches are being narrow-minded. I explained to the church that my yoga is a completely non-religious activity. There is no dogma involved."

Reverend Simon Farrar of the Baptist Church withdrew his consent for using the hall for a children's activity group after discovering it was for yoga. St James's church also barred her for the same reason. Rev Farrar said: "Clearly, yoga impinges on the spiritual life of people in a way which we as Christians don't believe is the same as our ethos."

Rev Tim Jones, the vicar of St James' church, told The Telegraph: "The philosophy of yoga cannot be separated from the practice of it, and any teacher of yoga must subscribe to the philosophy. As Christians, we believe that this philosophy is false and not something we wish to encourage."

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