Thursday, October 25, 2007

Coimbatore 1998 Blasts Verdict: No Death Penalty

It took the Court in Tamil Nadu almost 10 years to produce a verdict. By now, nobody remembers the blast victims. The widowed wives and orphaned children are probably dead from malnutrition already. The terrorists have spent the last 10 years in comfort as guests of the Government while the case dragged on for a decade. Not one terrorist was given the death penalty for carrying out an attack that killed 58 people.

Now they will appeal their sentence in a higher court. It will drag on for another 10 years at the Supreme Court. If the Supreme Court does not overturn the verdict and let them go, they will probably get a life sentence again.

By that time 20 years will have passed, with no Justice delivered yet. The terrorists will have lived a full life playing cards and watching TV as guests of the Government, while Government-sponsored lawyers battle for their freedom in court.

At some point in the future, an Indian airplane may be hijacked -- like what happened with the Kandahar hijacking -- and the Pakistani hijackers may demand the release of these terrorists. However, the Coimbatore terrorists are small fry; their Pakistani bosses will probably let them enjoy life as guests of the Indian Government while the stupid Indian system wastes its own money paying Government lawyers with Government (taxpayer) money to carry out a decades-long charade in court.

Through our above actions, we are telling future terrorists: come and kill us. IF we ever catch you, we will spend decades pushing paper and playing word games in court while you get to play cards and watch TV in a "prison" while your "trial" goes on. If we can't catch you, you can come and kill more of us again. Nice game; wanna play?

The US, UK, and Spain behaved very differently after the 9/11, 7/7 and 3/11 attacks. Those who attacked them are already dead, and anybody who played a part is either dead or on the run fearing for their lives. Wars are going on in Pakistan Afghanistan and Iraq, and millions of people who supported bin Laden have been killed. There is a good chance that by the time the wars are over, anyone who ever sympathized with bin Laden will be dead.

The terrorists know this. So they dare not attack the US again. Attacks are only happening against India, and will keep happening until India shows some backbone and will to fight back.

That will not come until common people stop accepting being killed and maimed in one attack after another -- regular like clockwork -- while the politicians roam around fearlessly, protected by hundreds of Black Cat commandos.

BBC reports:
Life terms over 1998 India bombs
Lal Krishna Advani
LK Advani was the alleged target of the bombs
A court in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu has sentenced 23 people to life in prison in connection with a series of bombs nine years ago.

Among those sentenced was the man described as the mastermind of the plot, SA Basha.

Nineteen bombs went off in the town of Coimbatore on 14 February 1998 just before Hindu nationalist leader LK Advani was due at an election rally.

Some 58 people were killed in the blasts which caused chaos in the town.

In all 166 people faced charges of being involved in the blasts, and around 153 have been found guilty.

Basha, the founder of the banned radical Muslim group, Al-Umma, is the most high profile defendant to be sentenced.

In August, another prominent defendant, Abdul Nasser Madani, the leader of the Kerala-based People's Democratic Party, was acquitted.

The 1998 bombings sparked clashes between Hindu and Muslim mobs in Coimbatore, some 2,400km (1,500 miles) south of Delhi.

The bombs went off close to where Mr Advani was due to speak.

At the time, he was president of the Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). He was not at the podium when the bombs went off because his flight had been delayed.

Coimbatore was also the scene of Hindu-Muslim clashes in November 1997 after two men belonging to a radical Muslim group allegedly killed a Hindu policeman.

At least 17 people died in the violence that followed.

Investigators said that the bomb blasts were part of a conspiracy to assassinate Mr Advani to avenge the killing of the Muslims.


At 11:51 pm, Blogger Fighter Jet said...

Nothing better ca be expected from a system run by spine less venal cowardice politician and 100 years old dialpiteted judicial system.India will take at least anothet 100 years to become Powers like Isreal or Russia,who takes no pity on the terrorist and pay them suitabley in same coin.

At 2:34 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Blasted by Muslims... India is a muslim dominated country... set them free... is the motto of stupid Indian govt...


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