Thursday, August 24, 2006

Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinijad is the new Hitler

Mahmoud Ahmadinijad, the elected President of Iran, has publicly called for the destruction of Israel on multiple occasions. He has also repeatedly declared that he considers the Jewish Holocaust -- the killing of 6 million Jews by Adolf Hitler -- a myth fabricated by the Western nations.

Under his leadership Iran has armed and supported the Hezbollah Shiite terrorist group to commit terrorist attacks on Israel from Labanon. He has also been secretly supplying enormous amounts of guns, ammunition, improvised explosive devices (IEDs) and other sophisticated explosives that are being used as road-side bombs to kill hundreds of US soldiers, and helping the Shiite militia of people like Moqtada al-Sadr and other Shiite terrorists in Iraq.

Because of its ties with Hezbollah, Iran is considered a terrorist state by most civilized countries on this planet except for Dhimmi, Radical-Islam-appeasing India.

America's Left-leaning, anti-Bush, and Radical-Islam-appeasing TV channel CBS has interviewed this terrorist leader of a terrorist state and given him multiple opportunities to attack Bush and America.

And here's the next part of the interview.

Ahmadinijad is a smart guy, and was well-prepared for the interview. While anti-Bush interviewer Mike Wallace made a show of arguing with him, he did not counter any of the ridiculous arguments that Ahmadinijad makes.

Ahmadinijad talks about Bush's approval ratings falling. While America is a free country where people are free to criticize their President, Iran is a totalitarian Radical Islamic state where criticism of the ruling clergy leads to execution. Iran ranks second-highest in the world after the Saudi Arabia for executions, with a population of just about 60 million. With a population of 1.1 billion, India has almost 20 times as many people as Iran does, and yet has nowhere near as many executions. (Here you can read a post I wrote about the painful short life of an Iranian teenage girl who was abused by the Ayyatollahs and Mullahs, sexually used, raped, tortured, and finally executed.)

So no wonder Ahmadinijad does not have to worry about his approval ratings; anybody not approving of him in Iran -- anybody speaking out against him -- does not live very long. The US is a democracy of free people. Iran is an Islamic theocracy of people who have no rights. Mike Wallace never points this out.

Ahmadinijad also claims that US broke off relations with Iran, and that the Western nations stopped co-operating with Iran after the Islamic Revolution of 1979 led to the removal of the Shah of Iran and the establishment of an Islamic theocracy. Mike Wallace fails to point out that the West, especially the US, broke off relations with Iran only after the Iranian Islamic thugs ("revolutionaries") invaded the US Embassy in Tehran (the US embassy was US territory under international law and Iran had no right to enter it without US permission, so the entry was essentially an invasion, and an act of war), held US diplomats hostage for 14 months, and killed 8 US soldiers (in a rescue attempt launched by the US in the US embassy which was US territory under international law, and therefore the U soldiers had every right to be there, but killing them was an act of war by Iran against the US).

After committing such multiple acts of war, how could Iran expect the US to continue as if nothing had happened ?

Mike Wallace did not point this out. I guess he hopes that most people don't know or remember much of history, and they will fail to realize that he failed to expose such glaring holes in Ahmadinijad's arguments. Since Mike Wallace is not an idiot, or totally ignorant of history, it seems that he deliberately avoided making these arguments, and intentionally helped Ahmadinijad look good.

Just because he and his CBS hates Bush so much ?

Ahmadinijad, when asked about Iran's nuclear program, said that they want peaceful nuclear energy only; they don't want the bomb. They said that the nuclear bomb's days are over; it's of no use in the future. Only economics will be important for the future.

Mike Wallace failed to ask why Iran cannot develop peaceful nuclear energy with IAEA inspectors watching to make sure that it does not secretly make the bomb. Peaceful nuclear energy development under IAEA inspection is what the NPT requires, and Iran is bound to obey that because it has signed the NPT. Treaties signed must be honoured.

Instead, Iran kicked out the international IAEA inspectors, and continues to carry out secret nuclear activities and experiments that are suspected to be aimed at getting the nuclear bomb.

Iran has vast amounts of natural gas. It will not have an energy shortage for several decades, if not centuries. So it has no need to develop nuclear energy at all. It is very likely that it is trying to make the bomb. The nuclear energy program is just a smokescreen.

Mike Wallace failed to make any of these points.

Ahmadinijad claimed that the days of the bomb are over. This sounds nice, but is completely false. The days of a weapon get over only when the weapon is no longer potent and useful for destruction. The nuclear bomb remains extremely potent. Terrorists can use them. Rogue states like Iran, Pakistan, or North Korea can use them. Its days are certainly not over. Ahmadinijad is lying to make it look like he is not interested in the nuclear bomb at all.

The man has repeatedly called for "wiping Israel off the map". He believes in an ideology that promises him Heaven and 72 virgins for his enjoyment if he carries out Allah's wish (destruction of kafirs, like Jews etc). So what do you think he would do if he had the nuclear bomb ? Even a kindergarten kid would see it: he would use the bomb on Israel.

Ahmadinijad also said (about America in general, and President Bush in particular) "Those who do not accept the invitation to good do not have a good ending". This was a direct threat to destroy America. "Not having a good ending" means getting killed, like the people who died on 9/11. When Mike Wallace asked "What does that mean ?", Ahmadinijad said "Well, his appoval ratings are falling." This was such a blatant attempt to obfuscate his earlier threat. "Not having a good ending" does not mean losing an election. Bush has already been President twice anyway, and cannot be President any more times. Ahmadinijad was threatening to destroy America, and he means it.

Whether you like America or not, Iran cannot be your friend. After America is destroyed he will surely target other major kafir countries like Russia, Germany, France, UK, and other major nations of Western Europe, and India.

Ahmadinijad is a dangerous man. He is fully capable of becoming the new Hitler.

Glenn Beck catches several of the points I mentioned above, and points out clearly how Mike Wallace failed to argue effectively with Ahmadinijad.

Joel C. Rosenberg correctly identifies how grave a threat Radical Islam poses to the continuation of the Civilized World.


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