Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Changes to the site based on feedback from dear Readers

Following feedback I have got from dear Readers of this blog, I have made some slight changes to the blog website. Most are cosmetic, but I hope they improve the reading experience. I sincerely thank the dear Readers who made these suggestions.

I have also added buttons that let you subscribe to the blog using blog subscription services like Google Reader, My Yahoo!, or Bloglines. You can also subscribe to receive blog posts by email using Feedblitz if you find that more convenient. Feedblitz will allow you to subscribe anonymously if you want to; that way I will not have access to your email address. Feedblitz's privacy policy promises they will safeguard your email address; this guarantees that they will not misuse your email address information by selling it to spammers. This is an important issue to me because I would not want you to receive spam mails in your email address or suffer from other inconveniences through your association with Twenty-first Century India.

I hope these will be helpful to dear Readers who use such services. Please let me know if you have any suggestions for any additional improvements you would like me to do.

If you are confused by these new buttons and not sure what to do with them, please do not worry at all about them. You do not need to use them at all if you don't want or do not feel the need to; you can read the blog using your Firefox, Mozilla, Internet Explorer, or other web browser just as before.


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