Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Open challenge to Kerala Leftists

The Leftists of Kerala are demanding that the temple of celibate Lord Ayyappa at Sabarimela allows the entry of women in the presence of the celibate Lord in violation of the injunctions laid down in Hindu mythology.

I am a great supporter of equality of men and women. But I do not believe the Kerala Leftists really are. I suspect they are simply using this as an opportunity to denigrate insult and attack Hinduism.

So, I challenge the Kerala Leftists to prove that they truly support equality of men and women in India by also forcing the Churches and Mosques in India to allow women priests (like Hinduism allows), and also to repeal the Muslim Personal Law and replace it with the Uniform Civil Code. The Muslim Personal Law victimizes Muslim women by subjecting them to the misogynistic provisions of the Islamic Shariah Law.

Let's see how much appetite for men-women equality the Kerala Leftists actually have. They are always attacking Hinduism (like Brinda Karat's attack on Baba Ramdev, and Left parties' support for the arrest and humiliation of the Shankaracharya on false and fabricated charges of murder sometime back) taking advantage of Hindu tolerance and open-mindedness.

Let's see if they can live up to their claimed support for men-women equality by fighting aganst the anti-women provisions of far more unequal and exploitative religions like Islam and Christianity.

In a previous post I argued why I see the demand by Leftists of Kerala to allow their Godless anti-Hindu Communist women to enter the Sabarimela temple as an attack on Hinduism and its customs.

I said that if Hindu religious women who truly believed in Hinduism, had respect for its customs, and truly wanted to worship Lord Ayyappa wanted to enter the temple I would have been the first to support their right to do so.

But when Godless anti-Hindu Communists who do not believe in Hinduism and never go to any Hindu temples at all, suddenly suffer from an attack of excessive "respect" for Lord Ayyappa and desperately need to go to his temple in particular while there are 299,999,999 other incarnations of God to choose from and hundreds of thousands of other temples all over India, I think we can all clearly see through their hypocrisy.

I also argued that the Communist ideology rejects religion as an "opium of the masses". Therefore the Kerala Communists cannot be considered Hindu at all, because even though they had been born into Hindu families, they have rejected the religion and have shown their hatred for the religion several times -- most recently in the vicious attack by Communist leader Brinda Karat on Baba Ramdev, and the Left parties' support for the illegal and immoral arrest and humiliation of the Shankaracharya on false and fabricated charges of murder sometime back.

So if these anti-Hindus demand to change Hindu customs to make them less discriminatory towards women, to prove themselves truly secular and not merely anti-Hindu they must also fight discrimination against women in other religions, like Islam and Christianity that are far more unequal and far more discriminatory towards women as I have already substantiated above.

Let us expose the anti-Hindu Communists. I hereby challenge the Indian Communists to do the following two things to advance gender equality in India. Since the UPA Government survives only with Communist support in Parliament, I know that the Communists have the power to get laws passed to implement these steps I propose below. If they do not (and I am sure they will not) it will be proven that they are anti-Hindu; they are not secular at all. It will also be proven that they do not care about equality of women at all; the Sabarimela temple issue is just another excuse to attack Hinduism. Let's see what the Communists do. Here are my demands; I hereby openly challenge the Indian Communists to:

1. Repeal the Muslim Personal Law that places Indian Muslim women under the anti-women Islamic Shariah Law. It was this Islamic Shariah Law that allowed a Muslim man to kick his 62-year-old Muslim wife Shah Bano from his house from a marriage of over 40 years and five children, with no alimony, saying just "talaq talaq talaq".

It is this Muslim Personal Law that allows Indian Muslim men to have four wives. Not even the Islamic theocracy Iran officially allows polygamy. Why should Muslim men have 4 wives, while Muslim women can have only one husband ? Isn't it discriminatory towards women ?

Replace the Muslim Personal Law with an Uniform Civil Code. Let's see how much appetite for true secularism and true gender equality the Indian Communists have.

Here is my second demand of Indian communists. They must carry out these demands if they want to convince us that they are truly secular and truly support gender equality, and are not just merely bad-mouthing and attacking Hinduism taking advantage of our tolerance and peace-loving nature.

2. Force Islam and Christianity to allow women to be priests. Why should only men have the right to be priests ? Isn't that discriminatory towards women ?

Communists are all afire when it comes to attacking Hinduism because we Hindus are tolerant and peace-loving.

Radical Islamist extremist Muslims in India rioted on the streets when Salman Rushdie wrote "Satanic Verses". They rioted when Taslima Nasreen wrote "Lajja" in Bangladesh. They rioted when a newspaper in Denmark published pictures of Muhammad. They riot, kill Hindus, burn their property, burn Government property, even when Hindus do nothing at all to enrage them. Hindus had nothing to do with Denmark newspapers or Taslima Nasreen's and Salman Rushdie's books.

They also riot when Hindus observe their religious festivals. Like they have started doing in Aligarh. Muslim Radicals in Aligarh attacked Hindu festivities twice in the last 6 months. Each time the Islam-appeaser Muslim vote-banking Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Mulayam Singh Yadav reacted by having his police fire upon Hindus.

Christian fundamentalists in India rioted against the movie "Da Vinci Code". The movie was made by Christian actors, film directors, and producers in the Christian-majority country USA. Millions of Christians in USA, UK and other Christian-majority countries enjoyed watching the movies. The book "Da Vinci Code" by the Christian writer Dan Brown is a best-seller in these Christian-majority countries.

Nobody had a problem with it. But the Christian fundamentalists in India had to go on the rampage.

They know that Hindus of India are tolerant; their criminals antics will go unpunished.

Every few months these Christian fundamentalists in India raise a hue and cry against Hindu organizations like RSS. RSS is their competitor because RSS engages in social service, in helping poor Hindus who otherwise would have been easy targets for conversion to Christianity by Christian fundamentalist missionaries on a mission to buy Hindu "souls" with bags of money.

Already these Christian fundamentalists have converted over 70% of the population of the North-Eastern states to Christianity; in some states over 95% have been converted.

These converted individuals have been misguided into a hateful, dogmatic, blind-faith-based religion, away from the scientific, rational, free-thought-encouraging, open-minded, broad-minded, and universally accepting Hinduism.

Now these converted Christians in the North-Eastern states are showing the narrow-mindedness cultivated in them by their narrow-minded and dogmatic ideology by forcing Hindus to either leave the North-Eastern states or convert to Christianity. Hindus remaining in those areas are reduced to a minority and are being coerced to either convert to Christianity or leave. Hindu temples are being attacked, like the recent attack on the temple of Lord Krishna on Janmashtami -- the very birthday of Lord Krishna.

Radical Christianity that existed in Europe in the Middle Ages, like in the 14th century, can be just as dangerous as Radical Islam.

The Christian fundamentalists have lost influence in Europe and USA because people there have discovered science, reason, and rational thought. Now they refuse to believe blindly in a religion that propagates ridiculous ideas like the Creation of the Earth in 6 days by God, fairies, Santa Claus, angels, demons, and Satan.

There are still Christian fundamentalists in USA who are fighting against the teaching of Darwin's Theory of Evolution of the Species in American schools. They want the Biblical version of Creation to be taught instead.

But these Christian fundamentalists are weak in these now-enlightened countries. They have instead turned their focus on India, China, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, etc.

Tolerant Hindus and Buddhists in these countries are being converted into dogmatic, closed-minded, irrational, and unscientific Christianity using money, coercion, and false promises. Christian priests in India have been caught making false promises to poor uneducated and illiterate villagers that God would cure their diseases, and give them wealth if they convert to Christianity.

These are examples of treachery of the worst kind: playing on poor, sick, illiterate, uneducated people's hopes to secure one's unholy aims.

But still we Hindus have not protested.

We Hindus didn't riot on the streets when the old lecher Maqbool Fida Hussein painted our Goddesses Saraswati, Durga, and even Bharat Maata, in the nude. We didn't riot on the streets when Deepa Mehta made the movie "Fire" and intentionally named the lesbian women after highly-respected Hindu mythological figures Radha and Sita.

I have nothing against lesbians, I wish them all happiness. But can you imagine Muslims or Christians would have stayed quiet if a movie had named homosexual male characters after people like Prophet Muhammad, Jesus Christ, Moses, Abu-Bakr, Hassan, or Hussein ?

From the experiences of people like Theo van Gogh, Ayyan Hirsi Ali, Hitoshi Igarashi, Salman Rushdie, Taslima Nasreen -- who did much much less, indeed incomparably less than that -- it certainly does not seem so.

Film-maker Theo van Gogh was killed by a Muslim fanatic for having made a movie "Submission" based on experiences of Ayyan Hirsi Ali, a Muslim woman, about the abuse of women in Islamic societies. Ayyan Hirsi Ali lives in daily shadow of death. Salman Rushdie wrote "Satanic Verses". Muslim fanatics in India forced the "secular" Government of India to throw him out of the country and ban his book. The Leader of Iran, Ayyatollah Khomenei issued a fatwa calling for his death. Rushdie lives in daily fear of death, while Hitoshi Igarashi who translated the book into Japanese has already been killed. Taslima Nasreen wrote "Lajja" about the persecution of the Hindu minority in Muslim-majority Bangladesh. Bangladeshi government took away her passport, issued a warrant for her arrest and refused to protect her from fatwas issued by Muslim clerics calling for her death. Taslima was refused help by India. She managed to go into hiding and then escape Bangladesh without a passport, reaching Europe where she now lives in daily fear of death. The "secular" Indian Government showed its support for Islamic Radicalism and intolerance by refusing to give her a visa to enter India several times, until they finally issued one recently after extensive pressure from civilized nations in America and Europe.

As I said above, I have nothing against gays or lesbians. I am simply pointing out that we Hindus have shown great tolerance so many times. Lesbians and gays have my full support for their personal quest for happiness.

I am clarifying this because I know these Communists will try to paint me as a lesbian-hater or gay-hater when I make the above argument.

Communists are expert at changing the course of arguments away from their own weak points.

We must not allow them to do so.

Forward this article to everyone you know. I am quite sure that the "secular" (anti-Hindu) mainstream media will not ask the questions I have asked in this article unless we force them to, by widely circulating these views among all Indians.

Let every Indian ask the Leftists why they support women's rights to enter Sabarimela temple -- even when no Hindu religious women have asked for the right; they are quite content to worship the remaining 299,999,999 remaining incarnations of God in the remaining hundreds of thousands of temples all over India -- and not support the repeal of the anti-women provisions of the Muslim Personal Law.

If the Koran says "mistreat women", it is okay to follow it ? If the Bible says women cannot be priests, then it is okay to follow it ?

But if Hindu mythology says "Lord Ayyappa is celibate, so women please don't worship him. Worship some other incarnation of God in some other temple please" only then it is anti-women ?

Expose this hypocrisy. Expose this anti-Hindu Hindu-hating politics that goes under the name of "secularism".

Widely forward this article. Help me reach enough people of India with the ideas I have put forward in this article so that the mainstream media of India is forced to pick it up.

Too long have we Hindus been tolerant. Too long have we accepted injustices committed against us. Our tolerance is being misunderstood as weakness. We therefore must show them they cannot trifle with us so easily.

We will be tolerant again if they understand our tolerance is a matter of choice, not a weakness. We will be tolerant when they show appreciation of our tolerance. Not when they hold us in contempt as weak.

Arise ! Awake ! and Stop not till the goal is reached !

The immediate goal right now is to propagate the ideas I have presented above to as many Indians as we can reach. Help me help all of us.

Vande Mataram. Jai Hind. Jai Shi Ram.

[I am grateful to Anjali Bhardwaj for having planted the seed of this article in my mind in a short comment she had made.]


At 6:41 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very good article. In India, when you do anything pro-hindu, you are labelled as fundamentalist. No one has guts to talk about sharia laws.

Good article.

At 1:09 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

pathetic...ths guy is going nuts. He started with scrweing KErala leftist n finishing off by scrweing other religion!!!! I dont know whether he knows tht movie like Fire n Earth created tension in many areas, with hindus fundzamentalists ransacking n burning threatres!!! what xpalnation cud he give for ths....
Whn discussing such issues, aperson shud b on d point...shid not deviate...

At 1:11 am, Blogger Harsh Vardhan said...

Thank you for your kind words ! I greatly appreciate your support.

This blog is valuable to me only because it lets me communicate with people like you. Communication is the first step towards irganization.

Together we will reclaim our Motherland from the criminals who rule over her.

Jai Hind,

At 4:01 am, Blogger manasij said...

Dear Harsh,

Congratulations for taking so much of pain and your precious time to come up with such a masterpiece of bullshit !!!

You have exposed the chinks in the armours of other religions and whipped the communists black and blue with your pathetic interpretations of socio-politico-historical facts.

You deserve accolades. For you have forgotten that our beloved Hinduism is the most superstitous, antiquate and unscientific religions of all. You made fun of fairies and santa of chirstians and you forgot the 299999999, or whatever that number is, gods of ours?

Our country has paid lots of price thanks to people with skewed views like yours. You are the people who come out with daggers and swords and kill and rape and arson and loot to protect Hinduism.

Shame on your thoughts. Shame on people like you who defame this country, this religion and humanity above all. Shame on RSS and BJP and VHP and Shiva Sainiks.
You people want to take this country back to mideval age. Shame on you all !!!

I am a pious hindu, a bramhin, an indian, but above all a world citizen. But I am not a millitant hindu as you guys want me to become after reading your garbage(which you enthusiastiacally want to get circulated as if it was some nobel prize winning material...).

Please keep writing your garbage thoughts and I shall keep giving you sobering pointers.

At 4:06 am, Blogger Harsh Vardhan said...

The person who called me "pathetic" and "nuts" for "deviating from the point":

Thank you for your criticism. You made a very good point, though I think you perhaps could have been a lot more polite. Anyway, thanks for your suggestion, I will keep it in mind.


At 5:11 am, Blogger Harsh Vardhan said...

Dear manasij,

It is quite obvious that you know nothing about Hinduism.

Please do not embarrass yourself by exposing your ignorance.

First read the Vedas, Upanishads, Purans, and Bhagavad Gita. Then come and tell me if according to Hinduism there are 299,999,999 gods, or just one Supreme Brahmn with any number of manifestations all over the Universe.

You are really very ignorant. I am very sorry to see people like you born in our great country.

Please read more books, such as the one I mentioned above, and learn more about Hinduism before calling yourself a "pious hindu, a brahmin".

You are not a brahmin.

You call yourself brahmin because you believe in hereditary caste system.

Hinduism does not sanction heriditary caste syste, Read the Vedas.

You are ignorant. You have obviously never read any Vedas. You are a shudra. How dare you call yourself a brahmin and flaunt your ignorance in front of the world like this, you sorry pathetic sub-human ?

Being born into a so-called "brahmin" family does not make you en expert on hinduism.

you are an ignorant shudra, whatever you may call yourself by birth. Remember that.


At 5:13 am, Blogger Harsh Vardhan said...


if you want to be a barhmin, you have to be more knowledgable.

Read Vedas, Upanishads, Puranas.

Being a "brahmin" is not so easy. It takes a lot of effort to master the knowledge and capacity of thought that characterizes a a brahmin.

As of now, you are just an ignorant shudra.

But you can become a brahmin if you want to.

Please do not embarrass yourself any more. Haven't you shown enough ignorance already ?

May God bless you.

At 5:52 am, Blogger Harsh Vardhan said...


before you call yourself a brahmin again, read at least the bagavad gita.

To read the upanishads puranas and vedas without help of a knowledgable instructor will take several lifetimes.

But you should be able to read the undertand the bhagavad gita in just a few years -- 5 years at most if you read only one hour a day.

i am sure you can manage that.

start today.

within 5 years you will earn the right to call yourself a brahmin.

Anybody who reads and understand the bhagavad gita (andideally also the major puranas, upanshads, and vedas) is a brahmin.

not just people like you who are born into "brahmin families".

being a Ganguli DOES NOT make you a brahmin.

it is just as absurd as saying you have a PhD because you were born into a "PhD family".

See how absurd it it ?

Henceforth DO NOT call yourself a brahmin. you are not.

You are going to prove yourself a liar if you do what you did on this blog today.

Do not repeat this mistake.

If I rebuked you, do not mind. If you sincerely listen to what I said ultimately you will benefit.

I have seen a lot of young kids like you. You think you know everything, but trust me, you don't. And there is no shame in that, as long as you are willing to learn.

Start reading the bhagaad gita for an hour each day as soon as you can.

Your life will change. You will discover things you never knew existed in you; you will achieve things you never knew were poissible for you. Trust me. I was also once in your position, in your age. I know.


At 8:22 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

dear harsh vardhan..... r u really mad...!!!??? shut up ur perverse-mouth.... I'm feeling very bad to reply to people like u.... i think u don't have any job... have ever read Qur'an or Holy Bible at least once b4 u comment something on these religion? I'm also a hindu....but a simple human-being...not like u....is it the Hinduism, to call out something bad about other religions? i don't think all hindu are mad like you.... have a bright future...

At 1:21 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Varsh, It's funny how the pseudo secularists always avoid answering our Questions and posing ridiculour Q's and posts when we say something. (or maybe it is some one else posing as them?).
Not a single reply until now (among those who expressed opposition no one placed a valid counter for the topic -this just shows these guys oppose just for the sake of it)

Hinduism can be reformed from superstions and still be hinduism -cause our "actual" acriptures dont preach violence and hatred.
But a Christian /Muslim -without the belief that theirs is the only supreme god -is just not a christian /Muslim -they are so far screwed up with hatred to others even in their holy scriptures -where their gods order to kill the infidels /idol worshippers.

God save our country. All the gods.

At 2:05 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I really appreciate your blog and the way u put some of these politicians to task.
I think I am part ignorant about my own culture, mainly because of the stuff they teach in our text books at school, they never bother to tell us about our own tradition and culture. It's high time we start teaching our children the correct history rather than the leftist version of it.

And one more thing, even though I am very much anti - sonia and anti - left, but i don't subscribe to all the views of BJP or RSS either. Please don't allow people to slander you by allowing your blog to be political. It will be great to see you being more objective in criticizing eve the opposition sometimes..

Keep up the good work.

At 4:26 pm, Blogger Harsh Vardhan said...

I think the one with the perverse mouth is actually you.

I have written a post with logical arguments and facts.

You have simply attacked me personally and not countered a single argument I have made.

Yes, I have read Koran and Bible. It is quite clear that you haven't..

You do not even have the guts to write your name, you two-legged sub-human. For all I know, you could be a chimpanzee with a keyboard.

I am sorry to see people like you claim to have been born in India.


At 11:43 pm, Blogger Harsh Vardhan said...

Yes, you are absolutely right. I myself also do not support everything done by BJP.

BJP is full of politicians most of whom are very opportunistic and power-hungry. They have done practically nothing to help Hinduism in 5 years they had power.

RSS is much less opportunitic and is not power-hungry and is much more self-less, but even RSS spokesmen and spokeswomen often make statements that are incorrect, made without adequate thought.

I will certainly keep your excellent advice in mind, and will not let this blog become politically biased.

The only interest I will support will be the interest of Indians -- people who are loyal to India, Indian culture, etc.

I will not be biased towards any narrow political interest or pressure group.

If you perceive me to be biased in any way, please tell me.

I will always make attempts to justify everything I say with reasonable and rational arguments, backed by facts.

I will always strive to make it clear that I support only Truth, and only India, and not any political party or any narrow ideology.

With the help of perceptive knowledgable and intelligent dear Readers like you, I am sure I will succeed in my endeavour.

Jai Hind,

At 11:45 pm, Blogger Harsh Vardhan said...

Yes Dinesh, I completely agree with what you said.


At 7:48 am, Blogger w1536uy said...

Time has gone past for these words ... do we have even ONE armed volunteer force to protect hindus ?

My hindu brothers have been hounded out of kashmir valley. If this is not
ethnic cleansing, what is ?

And these pseudo-secularists ACTUALLY talk trash to you.... My Hindu brothers are facing the combined might of Pakistan & sri lanka. Nobody gives a damn .... Thats painful ...

At 2:52 pm, Blogger Harsh Vardhan said...


You are right.

But I think armed protection of Hindus can occur only after the siituation to explained to confused and misguided Hindus all over India.

The "secular" (anti-Hindu) forces are keeping Hindus confused, divided, and misguided using their control on media like TV, radio, newspapers, cinema, and books.

Using the internet and blog that they cannot control yet, we will turn the tide.

We will win. Trust me. All crimes committed against us so far will be punished.

Jai hind.

At 7:46 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

dear harsh,

well i support u in each and every word. Hindu's have long been very SECULAR. that's why the bloddy politicians always find fun ridiculing hindu's to get vote of the other's.

the problem with hindu's are we are not united. we shuld think unitedly. otherthan that we fight over silly ego's. this should change.

no one has words against for muslims and christians{ my good muslim and christian friends forgive}. their every act is praised. ohh yes. they are minorities.

one of the most poerful work is our bhagavat geeta. how many hindu's have read t. but most of the other religions know their holy book. first study the bhagavat geeta. unity will come along.

and communist.. forget them. for them every party other than bjp is secular. u know in kerala they made election tie up with PDP and NDF. PDP is the party formed by abdul nasser madhani to LIBERATE india and make it a muslim country. NDF is the well known extremist party in kerala. communist or congress. its just votes that matter.

HINDUS wake up, unite and then show what we can

vande mataram


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