Thursday, August 24, 2006

Pictures of Fascist UPA Government beating up Indian students

Our UPA Government talks with terrorists and beats up innocent school students. What a lovely set of morals it has.

The above pictures from the Times of India and Rediff show Indian medical students in Delhi being brutally attacked with painful and often deadly water cannons, and tear-gas by the UPA Government's police. Their crime: they were peacefully protesting against the 49.5% Reservations proposed by Human Resource Destruction Minister Arjun Singh. You can also see pictures of police beating up Indian students during anti-reservation protests in May 2006 here.

The Government has no backbone to fight with terrorists who have been attacking us daily in J&K and every few months in other parts of India. But when it comes to beating up harmless people like you and me, it is ready.

Help put a stop to this infamous injustice. Forward this information to everyone you know.

Make sure everybody appreciates the Government's priorities: being nice to terrorists, and beating up harmless and innocent students. The mainstream news media is not at all mentioning this contrast in behaviour. It is simply reporting the news as if all this is normal, as if there is no ridiculous and outrageous imbalance in the Government's behaviour.

Forward this article to everyone you know. We want EVERYBODY in India to say in one thundering voice all around, all over the country: " Down with UPA. Down with Arjun Singh. Down with Sonia Nehru. Down with Nehru Dynasty. Down with Congress."

It is time for Congress Party to either get rid of Nehru Dynasty, or die.

Make that happen. If we are united, they will be afraid of us.

We are the people of India. If we speak, all "leaders" must listen. Nehru Dynasty will tremble in fear and disappear when it sees our righteous rage.

Just speak up. Stand up. Be heard. See the new India being born. The India our Freedom Fighters like Bhagat Singh, Netaji, and others imagined. The India that was killed at birth by the treacherous Nehru Dynasty that has controlled ever since.

It is finally time for the treachery and corruption to end. Just like common people like Chandragupta Maurya and Chanakya Kautilya got rid of the stinking corrupt Nanda Dynasty, common people like you and me will get rid of the stinking corrupt Nehru Dynasty.

Before he became Emperor, Chandragupta was a poor boy of the Mori tribe who collected and sold peacock feathers for a living. Chanakya was a poor Brahmin who begged for a living. And yet they were able to topple the Nanda Dynasty. How ?

When corruption and injustice rises to a peak, the regime in power becomes an empty shell; even a light impact can crack its facade of power and send it tumbling down like a pack of cards. The Nehru Dynasty is rapidly approaching such a state.

Let's unite to bring it down. To bring down all the corruption and injustice it represents. Let's send Sonia Nehru to jail for the murders of Rajesh Pilot and Madhav Rao Scindia, and for the stolen Bofors money. Let's send Lallu to jail for the innumerable murders he committed over a 15-year misrule in Bihar. Let's send Arjun Singh and Ambubani Ramadoss to jail for trying to divide Indian Hindus on Caste lines for their narrow political gians. In 60 years since Independence, in spite of so many scams, no politician has ever been actually convicted; they are always acquitted. They are sometimes kept in judicial custody while in trial (like Lallu during his trial) but that is before conviction; so they are not really sent to jail but just kept in "judicial custody" in a five-star hotel or guest-house on tax-payer expense. That's not like being in jail at all.

Let's change all that. It is our country. We can do whatever we want, if we just go about it unitedly. Is it that hard ? Not any more, thanks to the internet. The Govt controls TV radio newspapers books and cinema. But the internet revolution caught it unprepared. Use this opportunity.

Be a part of the Revolution. See the Rising India.

Communication is the first step towards organization. Forward this communication to everyone you know.


At 8:21 am, Blogger Musings on India said...

Each one of us can make a difference. I think a start has been made in improving the situation in India in all spheres. We have to keep the pressure on.

At 2:54 pm, Blogger Harsh Vardhan said...

Musings on India,

You are right.

Let's expose this Government by highlighting how it is nice to terrorists, removed TADA, POTA, and is beating up innocent students.

Help me reach EVERYONE in India with this point highlighted.

Jai Hind,


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