Monday, July 17, 2006

Pakistan asks for peace talks with knife at India's throat

Pakistan has expressed regret that India broke off Foreign Secretary level talks after Pakistani terrorists carried out train bombings in Mumbai on July 11 2006 killing over 200 and injuring over 700 innocent Indian men women and children (two Pakistani Lashkar-e-Tayiba terrorists have already been arrested and they have confessed making the Pakistani link very clear to anybody who is not willfully blind).

Pakistan has asked for speedy resumption of peace talks, pointing out the both India and Pakistan had expressed determination not to let the terrorists derail the peace process.

What an ironic situation. They want peace talks with us all the while carrying out attacks on us.

It is a shame that India is ruled by a bunch of useless doddering old fools who don't even have the the political will to take decisive action against these repeated outrages.

Just contrast India's weak-kneed dilly-dallying confused and ineffective response (if it can be called even that) to Israel's decisive military action against Hezbollah in Lebanon for the Islamic terrorist group having shown the temerity of capturing two Israeli soldiers. After six days of aerial bombardment of Hezbollah positions, Israel has just launched a full-fledged ground assault on Lebanon.

Terrorists understand only one language: the language of force. "If you come to harm us, we will hunt you down and exterminate you" is the message from Israel to Islamic terrorism loud and clear.

India must gather the political will to send out such decisive messages, or it will get wiped out. The rest of India will go the same way Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh went: from liberal Hindu and Buddhist cultures to illiberal, medieval, fundamentalist, violent, male chauvinist, bigoted and dogmatic Islamic states.

If India wants to survive, Indians must be prepared to make short-term sacrifices. If you are always afraid to fight a war because oil prices will increase and your government will become unpopular while some rival political party will try to take advantage of you using Muslim vote banks, then your enemies will always be fearless in attacking you knowing you will never respond, never fight back, and you will rapudly and surely take your country down the drain.

India's old doddering vote-banking leaders don't have the stomach to make difficult decisions, they don't have what it takes to rule a country as large and complex as India. Ruling a country is not a matter of joke; some minimum level of far-sightedness and intelligence is required.

These bunch of fools only know how to add and subract caste and religious vote bank numbers.

If India wants to survive, we must replace them with people who have what it takes to run our country.

Indians must wake up and make themselves heard. If not, all of us will go down the drain.

You can do your bit starting now. Talk to people around you about these issues. Tell them what we just talked about. Wake up your friends and family.

The time to sit back and relax is over.

We live in dangerous times, and we will live or die based on the decisions we all individually and collectively make over the next few years.

Al Qaeda and Islamic terror is a very very dangerous enemy; much more dangerous than Hitler ever could have been. If not fought, they will wipe out every modern liberal and secular ideology and take Humanity back to the Middle Ages. To survive, India needs, very badly, every man and woman to do their duty.

If you think you will always get lucky and survive terrorist attacks, think again. That's what the Mumbai blasts victims had thought too.

Hindustan Times reports:
Pak hopes dialogue process with India to begin soon
Press Trust of India
Islamabad, July 18, 2006 04:54 IST

Pakistan, under scanner after the deadly serial blasts in Mumbai that left about 200 dead, on Monday expressed the hope that the dialogue process with India would begin soon, maintaining that it was not involved in encouraging terrorism against its eastern neighbour.

In an interview, Pakistan Foreign Minister Khurshid Mohd Kasuri sought to emphasize that he has not linked the Mumbai blasts with non-resolution of the Kashmir issue.


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