Monday, July 17, 2006

Israel launches ground war on Lebanon

Hats off to Israel ! They have shown the rest of the world (especially countries with stupid and cowardly Governments like India) that there are limits of the patience of the Civilized world with Islamic intolerance and terrorism.

Hezbollah is a terrorist group based in Lebanon, armed and supported by Islamic terrorist countries Syria and Iran.

Six days ago Hexbollah captured two Isralei soldiers. They thought Israel would negotiate for their release, and make some concessions.

This hope was born out of Israel's recent troubles with Palestine, where the terrorist group Hamas (which lists the destruction of Israel as one its declared aims) won the elections. Israel stopped paying money to the Palestine Authority (controlled by Hamas), and this led to a lot of unrest.

So the Hezbollah guys thought that Israel in its present weak and vulnerable position would be a good target.

They were wrong.

Israel values human life. The lives of their captured soldiers are important to them. They refused to take the easy way out: giving up on the soldiers (something India has done on multiple occasions, when Indian soldiers have been captured, tortured, and killed many times by Pakistani Army, and of late very disturbingly with increasing frequency, also by Bangladeshi paramilitary forces).

Israel pounded Hezbollah positions in Lebanon with aerial bombardments for six days. And now its has launched a full-fledged ground assault against Hezbollah.

This will show the Islamic terrorists that the rest of the world will not sit quietly and silently watch them commit one outrage upon another.

Their outrageous conduct will lead to swift and sure retribution.

Hats off to the brave Israeli political leadership, and the brave soldiers of Israel ! May God be with you !

May secular humanist moderate liberal and modern Civilization win this grave struggle against the deadly and dangerous forces of the Medieval Age.

Times of India reports:
Israel changes gear, sends in ground forces

BEIRUT/JERUSALEM: Israeli ground troops have entered southern Lebanon to attack Hezbollah bases on the border, a government spokesman said on Monday, even as Hezbollah patron Iran said a cease-fire and a prisoner swap were possible.

Israel's six-day-old offensive against Hezbollah following the capture of two Israeli soldiers has been an aerial campaign. The government spokesman, Asaf Shariv, said the Israeli army chief of staff confirmed that ground troops were also in Lebanon briefly.

Israel has been reluctant to send ground troops into southern Lebanon, an area that officials say has been heavily mined by Hezbollah and could lead to many Israeli casualties.

The militant Islamic group, meanwhile, fired rockets that flew farther into Israel than ever before. Iran's foreign minister Manouchehr Mottaki said a cease-fire and a prisoner swap would be "an acceptable and fair" deal to resolve the conflict.

"In fact, there can be a cease-fire followed by a prisoner swap," he said after talks with Syrian vice president Farouk al-Sharaa.


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