Monday, July 17, 2006

Muslim girl takes parents to Court to go to College

Rubina Khan, a 19 year old Muslim girl from Rajasthan, was beaten up and locked in a room for a month by her parents because she was dtermined to go to college after passing class 12, and her parents did not want her to.

The girl was rescued from her house after she managed to send a letter to Rajasthan High Court and DG of Rajasthan Police, leading to a police raid on her house.

A lot of Indian Muslims are being kept backward by people like Rubina Khan's bigoted and medieval parents, who would have preferred to see her grow up to be a financially-dependent housewife rather than a college-educated modern and independent woman.

The future of Islam in the modern world depends on Muslims being able to overcome the idiotic views of these backward people and move forward to be an equal part of modern India.

The future of India, which has a large and rapidly-growing Muslim population, depends on being able to modernize the backward segments of this largely uneducated and largely illiterate population by being able to allow young men and women like Rubina Khan break off the shackles of their backward uneducated illiterate religious-fundamentalist and dogmatic parents and pursue their dreams for a better future in the modern world.

It is very important to make sure that India's Courts do not let Rubina Khan down, the same way they had let Shah Bano down by denying her the right to secular liberal and modern Justice.

India will not be able to claim being a Secular country if it cannot ensure Secular Justice to those Indian Muslims who want to live a life in the modern age independent of the dogmatic tenets of 11th century Islam.

Times of India reports:
Not allowed to study, girl sues folks

Girl drags parents to court for studying further
JAIPUR: A 19-year-old girl in Rajasthan wanted to study further, but her parents confined her to the house. Determined to follow her dream, she dragged her folks to the court, where the parents realised their mistake.

"I wanted to study, but my parents compelled me to do household work and were planning to get me married. When I resisted, they beat me up and kept me in captivity for over a month," said Rubina Khan, who passed her Class 12 exam this year and wants to take admission in a college.

Not willing to forsake her desire, Rubina wrote a letter to the Rajasthan High Court and the director general of police.

Acting on the letter, the police conducted a raid at her residence and rescued her.

"We found the girl locked in a room. After we set her free, she said she wanted to come along with us to the police station, where she narrated her story," said investigating officer Rajendra Singh.

He added that the police registered a case against her parents and handed her over to her relatives in the Brahmpuri area as she had requested.

Rubina's parents told the police that she was not good at her studies but still they had sought admission for her in a college. She was rejected as she did not have the required marks, they maintained.

The case was also taken up by the high court, which ordered that all the arrangements be made for her study.

"The parents felt sorry in the court and the girl said she wanted to go back to her parents' house," said Singh.

"We are taking reports about the girl from her parents every day and things are okay now," he added.

Rubina said: "I am feeling very sorry that I took my parents to the court. But I had no other option, as I could not let my year go waste. I don't know if what I did was right," she said.


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