Sunday, July 16, 2006

Mumbai blasts: 2 Pakistani terrorists confess

Two Pakistani Lashkar-e-Tayiba terrorists arrested from Central India have confessed to having been part of the team that plotted and carried out the July 11 Mumbai blasts.

It is high time that Pakistan be made to pay the price for violating international rules and regulations in carrying out its three-decade long terrorist campaign in different parts of India.

The G8 countries cannot expect to come out of their latest summit with their credibilities intact if they do not declare Pakistan a terrorist country, or at least place it once again on the state sponsors of terror watchlist.

Times of India reports:
LeT carried out 7/11 blasts, two Pak Fidayeen confesses

ON BOARD AIR INDIA ONE: Minutes after Air India One, the special aircraft carrying the PM to St Petersburg entered the airspace of Uzbekistan, National Security Adviser M K Narayanan handed over to Manmohan Singh a one-page note. It contained the confessions by two Pakistani fidayeen who have blasted a huge hole in Pakistan's protestations of innocence about ISI's involvement in last week's terror assault on Mumbai. This will give a major boost to the PM's plan to lobby world leaders for coming down hard on the sponsors of terrorism.

The two members of the jehadi suicide squad were arrested by security forces from central India, most probably from Madhya Pradesh, and have since provided significant details about the Mumbai mayhem as well as the larger anti-India terror campaign that ISI has assigned to favourite jehadi gang, Lashkar-e-Taiba. The arrests are described as "a significant catch".

Sources said the terrorists' disclosures will help the PM secure the support of leaders of the G-8 nations, as well as those of China, Brazil, Mexico, South Africa, Congo and Kazakhastan who are going to be there at St Petersburg for an "outreach session" against Pakistan sponsored terrorism. The PM indicated so much even before being apprised of the details of the confessions by the two jehadis by Narayanan.

He said he'd use the interactions to sensitise the world leaders to India's concerns about terrorism. Describing terrorism as a scourge that afflicts different parts of the world, Singh said: "I'd like leaders to stand united in the war against terror."

The PM's interaction with the media brought out his growing frustration with Pakistan as well as General Pervez Musharraf. Stating that the terror attack in Mumbai could not have been accomplished without "external support", he said improvement in ties would not be possible in the face of continued terrorism.

"India and Pakistan must find new pathways for establishing friendly ties. Both need peace and stability if we have to realise our immense development potential and also potential for cooperation that exists in our countries. But all this cannot move forward if terrorism aided and abetted from outside continues to take a heavy toll of lives of innocent citizens of India on such a massive scale as we saw in Mumbai and in J&K since April," he said. "I have not spoken to Musharraf over telephone but contacts have been established with the government of Pakistan at all levels."

If it sounded similar to the line crafted under NDA, the PM made no secret of his annoyance with President Musharraf either. Asked whether he had revised his assessment of Musharraf as somebody "India could do business with, Manmohan Singh remarked: "In all these matters, there is a learning process. Musharraf is the President of Pakistan and we have to deal with people who are in government. Therefore, I'd not like to utter any harsh words."


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