Monday, July 17, 2006

Another Indian woman commits suicide in the Persian Gulf

Another Indian woman has committed suicide in the Persian Gulf. This is the latest in a long line of suicides by Indian women employed in the Persian Gulf.

Once an Indian man or woman reaches a Persian Gulf country, his or her passport and other travel documents are almost invariably kept with the employer.

Furthermore, the employee needs the permission of the employer in order to be able to leave the Persian Gulf country.

A large number of Indian men find themselves forced to work without pay after they reach the Gulf. They are unable to return to India till their "employer" allows them to leave the country. For all practical purposes, they work as unpaid slave labour with no right to escape their situation.

Indian women who go to the Gulf in hopes of getting well-paying jobs as housemaids often find themselves sexually exploited by their "employers" in situations that are the modern-day equivalent of sexual slavery. They can only leave the country when their "employer" allows them to, and until then they have no option but to satisfy any and all demands.

There have been frequent news reports of Indian housemaids in such conditions choosing the only way out available to them: suicide.

Most of these Indian men and women are poor Indian Muslims who went to the Persian Gulf to obtain a better life for their families back in India.

If India is to consider itself a budding super-power, or at the very least a dominant Asian regional player, it has to do something to protect these poor and exploited Indian citizens.

What has been happening to these poor Indian Muslims in the Persian Gulf is a crying shame.

Hindustan Times reports:
Indian maid commits suicide in Bahrain

An Indian maid has allegedly committed suicide at her employer's residence in Bahrain.

Police found her body hanging from the ceiling fan in one of the rooms, but the reason for the suicide is not known.

The maid hailing from Andhra Pradesh apparently had problems with her employer, a media report said.


At 5:44 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What is sadder is that the B@stard media does not tells what really caused her death.

They just say she committed suicide, but why!

I do know that the reason given in this blog is the truth. And Indian govt. is a trader of corpses. They won't bother about anything till it hurts their vote bank.


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