Monday, July 17, 2006

"India must unite to root out cross-border terrorism" says President APJ Abdul Kalam

Progressive liberal moderate and secular Indian Muslims like President A P J Abdul Kalam need to grow more powerful within the Indian Muslim community.

The Indian Muslim community is largely controlled by Mullahs and Imams with medieval views, and "secular" political "leaders" like Mullah Mulayam and others who have never lost any opportunities to keep the community backward, illiterate, and uneducated, and with high birth rates, so that it is easy to use them as an (ever-growing and hence ever-more useful) voting block whenever needed.

Educated Muslims who can think on their own are not easy to misguide, nor do they vote as a block, nor do they riot on the streets over medieval and backward issues like the Shah Bano case, or publication of Prophet Muhammad's pictures in Denmark.

Indian politicians like Lallu and Mulayam, Communists, and Congress leaders who call themselves "secular" know this and are doing their best to keep Hindus and Muslims divided, and preventing Indian Muslims from joining the mainstream of modern Indian society.

This is very dangerous for Indian society in the long term. If the so-called "secular" parties keep doing this, it will eventually lead to another Partition of India.

People like A P J Abdul Kalam have spoken out. Other progressive liberal moderate and secular Indian Muslims need to speak out too.

Help promote Hindu-Muslim unity, strengthen the Indian identity, assimilate Muslims into modern mainstream -- into schools and colleges, towards science, reason, and rationality, and away from stone-age religious "education" -- this is essential for the future of our children.

To do this, if you are a Hindu, Buddhist, Jain, Christian, Sikh, or Parsi, talk about this with your Muslim friends. If you are a Muslim, talk about this with your Hindu, Buddhist, Jain, Parsi, Sikh, or Christian friends.

If you are hesitant to deside what to say because you are afraid to hurt their feelings, open the discussion simply by sending them this article. Then send me (anonymous if you prefer) messages as to what you want to tell your Muslim or non-Muslim friends as the case may be.

I will publish them (preserving your anonymity if you so desire) on this weblog.

For instance, if you are a Muslim and you feel "I wish the Hindus would show more often that they are not holding me guilty for the Mumbai blasts just because I am a Muslim." and you don't know how to say this to your Hindu friends without being sure not to offend them, send your note to me.

Similarly, if you are a non-Muslim and you feel "I wish my Muslim friends were more outspoken in condemning the attacks being carried out in the name of their religion by fundamentalists from their religion." and you don't know how to say this nicely enough, send your note to me.

Believe me, Muslims and non-Muslims have a lot to communicate to each other. We need more communication to reduce misunderstandings among us.

And we need those comunications to be more open and more public, so that they cause others in both of our communities who are not communicating yet, to benefit from this interaction too.

Help build a stronger India. One Indian at a time.

Rediff reports:
India must unite to root out cross-border terrorism: Kalam

July 18, 2006 01:16 IST

President A P J Abdul Kalam on Monday said people must unite to root out cross-border terrorism, which was a hurdle for economic prosperity and development of the country.

Interacting with the young scientists, engineers and trainees of the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre and Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited at BARC in Mumbai, Kalam said, "When we are doing developmental things for the economic prosperity, we are interrupted with cross-border terrorism and this is why Mumbai was the target for the terrorists."

Replying to a query by a young scientist on "the challenges before the nation", President said that "terrorism has to be rooted out completely by every possible way."

Peace which is an important component for a country's development could be achieved only if there is harmony in every heart, which will help in creating an order and in turn peace, Kalam, who was in the city on a two-day visit, said.

Speaking on energy scenario in the country, Kalam said India's priority should be to achieve "energy independence" by 2020.

"Energy independence means achieving 400,000 MW using different types of power generation modes including hydel, nuclear, thermal and non-conventional by 2020," Kalam said stressing that it (energy independence by 2020) is the vision and that should be the goal.

In the case of solar energy, he said, the young scientists should invent new technologies as the photovoltaic technology is very expensive.

High priority should be given to curb and root out power transmission and distribution losses, Kalam said.

President also said since India is importing most of the fuel for its transportation sector, innovations must be encouraged for new alternate fuels for the sector.

To a question on the development of scientific manpower, he said, "I am marketing the idea of setting up a science cadre to absorb at least 300 to 400 Phds every year in Indian Space Research Organsiation and Department of Atomic Energy and other scientific institutions."

On rural development, Kalam said electrification, environment protection and road construction should be a mission for rural India to achieve by 2020.

Kalam had a closed-door interaction with a select group of young Homi Bhabha award winners during his visit to BARC.


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