Friday, September 28, 2007

The Dalai Lama's message to the People of Burma

As everybody knows, the Chinese-supported military dictatorship that has misruled Burma for the last several decades is currently engaged in yet another bloody suppression of democratic protests against its illegitimate cruel and brutally inhuman misrule.

Unarmed and peaceful Burmese civilians and Burmese Buddhist monks leading the peaceful protests are being brutally beaten and shot by the Burmese military. Unarmed and peaceful Buddhist monks have been shot and killed, for the first time in the history of Burma. A crime of this magnitude did not happen as far as we know even in previous massacres of pro-Democracy activists in Burma before. Not even the British colonialists dared to be so uncivilized as to kill unarmed and peaceful monks in broad daylight in public.

90% of the people of Burma are deeply religious Buddhists, in spite of decades of Godless Communist Chinese oppression. Burma will definitely reach boiling point as soon as this news spreads. Those responsible for killing Buddhist monks will all be hunted down and brought to Justice eventually. The Burmese military is trying to prevent this by taking Burma back to the Stone Age: all phone, internet, newspapers, etc have been blacked out in Burma. However, at this point there are rumours that several units of the Burmese military are refusing to obey orders to massacre protesters, as it is unthinkable for most people in Burma -- even most of the most hardened solders -- to raise arms against the highly revered Buddhist monks.

An innocent Japanese photographer has been shot at point-blank range in cold blood by a Burmese soldier.

It is high time that the Civilized World intervenes in this uncivilized spectacle. The military generals running Burma are guilty of innumerable Crimes Against Humanity.

Following the Geneva Convention and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the United Nations Organization must IMMEDIATELY sanction an invasion of Burma to prevent continued gross and egregious violations of human rights and Crimes Against Humanity by the illegitimate Burmese military government. The United States, Japan, India, and other Civilized Nations must IMMEDIATELY invade Burma, establish Democracy under Aung San Suu Kyi -- the rightful leader of Burma, and bring the Burmese military rulers (puppets of anti-Buddha Godless Chinese Communists) to Justice.

The Chinese Communist Party is guilty of destroying Buddhism in China and Tibet. It is now trying to do the same in Burma through its proxies in the Burmese military. This must not be allowed to happen.

The following is the message from the Dalai Lama of Tibet, who is peacefully resisting a similar war by Godless Chinese Communists trying to destroy Tibetan Buddhism:

Message to the People of Burma


I extend my support and solidarity with the recent peaceful movement for democracy in Burma. I fully support their call for freedom and democracy and take this opportunity to appeal to freedom-loving people all over the world to support such non-violent movements. Moreover, I wish to convey my sincere appreciation and admiration to the large number of fellow Buddhists monks for advocating democracy and freedom in Burma.

As a Buddhist monk, I am appealing to the members of the military regime who believe in Buddhism to act in accordance with the sacred dharma in the spirit of compassion and non-violence.

I pray for the success of this peaceful movement and the early release of fellow Nobel Peace laureate Aung San Suu Kyi.

Tenzin Gyatso
September 23, 2007


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