Monday, July 17, 2006

Indian maid raped for a week by Singaporean employer

As I had reported in this post one more Indian woman committed suicide in the Persian Gulf.

Indian women working as maids in more civilized countries, like Singapore, are often in trouble too.

Being a foreigner, not knowing who to contact to get help in times of trouble, financial pressures back home in India and the need to keep the job, and the stigma surrounding rape make Indian women an easy target for overseas employers.

If India is to consider herself an emerging superpower, or at least a major Asian regional player, she has to take concrete steps to protect her people from helplessly suffering indignities of this kind.
Times of India reports:

Singaporean on trial for raping Indian maid

SINGAPORE: An Indian maid has accused her Singaporean boss of raping her, said media reports on Tuesday.

She alleged that he raped her every day for a week and threatened to strangle her and throw her down from the flat, The Straits Times reported.

Sudarsanan Margasagayam, a 48-year-old former building safety officer, faces five counts of raping the woman.

The maid, a mother of three in her late 30s, told an employment agent who placed her in the job what happened from June 1-7, 2004. A police report was made, and Sudarsanan, married with two children, was arrested.

Jerome Goh, a psychiatrist at the Institute of Mental Health, diagnosed the maid with post-traumatic stress disorder and depression after the alleged attacks.


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