Monday, January 22, 2007

India getting more and more tolerant to Pakistani Islamic terrorist attacks, observes USA

Spineless leaders like Manmohan Singh and other Muslim-appeasing vote banking (pseudo-)secular UPA leaders, secure in the knowledge that they themselves and their near and dear ones are safely being guarded by the heroic soldiers and Black Cat commandos of India, are following policies tolerant to terrorism, endangering the lives of ordinary citizens of India.

The Government is more interested in "improving relations with Pakistan" than in making sure that innocent civilians living in its borders are protected and can live in safety and security.

Pakistani Islamic terrorists know that Indian Government will not do much to avenge terrorists attacks killing innocent Hindus of India. Indeed, they even know that in case any of them get caught by India after carrying out devastating terror attacks, the Government of India will keep them in five-star comfort for years, even decades, while Government-appointed lawyers fight for them in Court. In case they happen to get convicted, the Government of India will try its best to let them off with a Presidential Pardon.

The US has just published a report noting that "New Delhi's threshold for responding militarily to terrorist attacks has apparently increased since the two countries approached the brink of war in 2001 following a terror strike on the Indian parliament."

India is now willing to tolerate bigger and more devastating Islamic terror attacks from Pakistan before it considers taking revenge to discourage future attacks.

This is what usually happens: once Government of India sees that People of India have gotten into the habit of forgetting about past attacks, and are not holding the Government accountable for failing to take adequate measures to discourage terrorism, the Government feels comfortable tolerating bigger and bigger attacks.

This will stop only when the People of India rise up as one and take revenge against the morons of the UPA who are playing with our lives.

If we do not take action to protect our own lives, nobody else will.

Hindustan Times reports:

India could punish Pakistan for terror attack: US
Indo-Asian News Service
Karachi, January 21, 2007

Improved India-Pakistan relations notwithstanding, the US apprehends a terror attack on a high profile target could prompt India to "punish Islamabad for its continued support to Pakistan-based militants".

Like last year, the US continues to fear that "an attack on a high-profile target might lead New Delhi to take action to curtail militant capabilities in Pakistan or Pakistani Kashmir and punish Islamabad for its continued support to Pakistan-based militants," a report to be presented to Congress says, Dawn reported on Sunday.

If this happens, "we remain concerned about the potential that such a conflict could escalate," the Department of Homeland Security says in its annual report.

The report also mentions the possibility of a nuclear conflict between India and Pakistan, noting "the prospect of renewed tensions with nuclear-armed India remains despite improved relations" between them.

It expresses a measure of satisfaction over the three-year India-Pakistan peace process and the commitment of both Islamabad and New Delhi to continue with it.

The report also notes that New Delhi's threshold for responding militarily to terrorist attacks has apparently increased since the two countries approached the brink of war in 2001 following a terror strike on the Indian parliament.

It notes that the Mumbai train bombings last year disrupted but did not derail the composite dialogue and that a mechanism for exchanging information on terrorist attacks has been established.

"Yet, the prospect of renewed tensions between the two remains despite these improved relations," the report warns.

"New Delhi's concerns about Pakistan's tolerance, at a minimum, (and) of terrorist attacks on Indian soil remain a dominant theme in relations, and risks derailing rapprochement."

In a separate assessment of the threat of a nuclear conflict in South Asia, the report notes that improved relations between India and Pakistan have decreased the possibility of such a disaster.

"Although both New Delhi and Islamabad are fielding a more mature strategic nuclear capability, they do not appear to be engaged in a Cold War-style arms race based on a quest for numerical superiority."



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Hezbolla is trying hard to make Lebanon an Islamic state. Read Sheikh Nasrallah.

UN intervened Israel and the bastards are claiming victory.


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