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Manmohan asks Hindus Jains Sikhs and Buddhists of India to fund Muslim population growth

The vast majority of Indian Muslims are poor illiterate and uneducated. There is no denying that. But that is because they do not make any effort to develop themselves. It is not that Hindus Jains Sikhs Christians and Buddhists are conspiring to keep the Muslims backward. It it their own fault that they are poor, and it is their own responsibility to uplift themselves.

For a start, they might want to start going to school and trying to learn something, instead of rioting on the streets whenever someone draws a cartoon in Denmark, or marrying four wives and making twenty babies that they can't afford to feed and then joining criminal gangs, or whatever.

They breed like rabbits, do not send their children to schools, and are over-represented among the ranks of criminals. There is a reason why most Indian criminal gangs are run by Muslims, like Dawood Ibrahim, Memon brothers, etc.

The Muslim population of India as a percentage of the population of India as a whole has gone up from under 10% in 1947, to over 15% as of 2001. At this rate, Muslims will cross the 50% share within two or three more generations. And at that point, they will be in a position to repeat in India what they successfully completed in Pakistan already: where the population of Hindus has fallen from 18% in 1950 to 0.1% today (through Government-sanctioned religious persecution, kidnappings, rape, torture, and forced conversions, murder, evictions, etc that the entire world has ignored -- there are no Hindu vote banks that matter in any part of the world today).

Now the shameless Muslim-vote-banking Manmohan is asking the non-Muslims of India to give special privileges to the "underprivileged" Muslims so that they can continue breeding like rabbits. They do not need to go to school; there will be Reservations for them. They can focus on their harems, make more babies, and collect their paychecks, no problem. And those babies will have guaranteed Government jobs too, courtesy the tax-paying non-Muslims of India.

Manmohan is saying that this is necessary to address the "grievances" of the Muslims.

"Grievances of the Muslims". Now that really takes the cake. For a thousand years Radical Muslims ruled India with an iron hand, mistreating Hindus, destroying hundreds of thousands of Hindu temples, killing millions of Hindu men, kidnapping and forcibly converting millions of Hindu girls -- all exactly in accordance with the "teachings" of the Koran, believing they were doing the work of Allah, I grant you that -- and after all that, now they are the one who have grievances ? Am I the only person who finds this ridiculous ?

Well, as a Hindu, I have a lot of grievances too.

The land of my ancestors was invaded by Radical Muslims, and my Hindu ancestors were treated like slaves in their own land for over 1000 years. They had to pay additional taxes (zizya) just because they refused to be intimidated and convert to Islam. Millions of my people -- the prettiest girls, the healthiest men -- were sent to Persia and other parts of West and Central Asia in chains as slaves by the medieval and uncivilized Islamic regime. Millions were slaughtered. An entire mountain range (Hindu Kush -- meaning "Hindu Slaughter") commemorates this genocide. Husbands were killed and their pretty wives taken as slaves to serve Muslim men with power. Girls of marriageable age were kidnapped, raped, beaten and tortured in submission and conversion to Islam, and forced into abusive marriages with Muslim men with power.

For a thousand years, the agents of Satan ruled over India and established Hell on earth.

What does the bleeding-heart Manmohan have to say to address these grievances ? Hindu grievances do not matter, right ? Only Muslim "grievances" matter.

And what is the grievance of the Muslims ? They are breeding too fast and don't have time to go to school to learn stuff and earn money, so they want us to subsidise them -- that's their "grievance". And that matters, because they are the one with the vote bank that any party will need to win the next election. Population growth in a democracy has its advantages.

Well, Manmohan, how about being honest ? How about joining hands with Hindus and others loyal to civilized values to stop Muslim vote bank politics and the steady slide into uncivilized medievalism ?

How about practising real secularism for a change, and treating people of all religions equally ? How about stopping the 1000-year-old tradition of mistreating Hindus Jains and Buddhists ?

How about forcing the irresponsible backward Muslims to not marry women and have babies they can't afford to feed and educate ? How about forcing them to go to school, learn how to be productive members of society, learn how to earn money without stealing robbing or killing others, and uplift themselves ? How about forcing them to learn how to live with decency honour and dignity, without leeching off public money and living on favours like Reservations like parasites ?

How about forcing them to stop living like animals, and start learning about how to be civilized human beings ?

Hindustan Times reports:

India to redress inequities affecting Muslims, says PM
Indo-Asian News Service
New Delhi, December 27, 2006

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said on Wednesday sections of minorities including Muslims had not shared the fruits of development in India and pledged to take measures to end "such inequities."

Addressing a Dalit-Minority International Conference in New Delhi, Manmohan Singh said some minorities, particularly the Jains and Sikhs, had fared relatively well in the process of social and economic development.

"However, other minorities, especially the Muslim community in certain parts of our country, have not had an equal share of the fruits of development," he said, reading out a prepared speech.

"It is incumbent upon any democratically elected government to redress such imbalances and eradicate such inequities. Our government is indeed committed to doing so."

And in an obvious reference to the opposition to the reservation of seats for the underprivileged in institutions of higher learning, he said it was incumbent upon the government to ensure that the growth process was not only equitable but also seen to be so.

"Even as absolute poverty may be reduced by growth, inequalities can get sharpened. This can be politically and socially destabilising. Hence, we have to take steps that reduce social and economic inequalities, without hurting the process of growth and without reducing the incentives for individual enterprise and creativity."

But he emphasised that administrative measures the government takes to develop the capabilities of such groups are not the end-all and be-all of positive action against social discrimination and disparities.

"We need a change in mindsets. This requires a wider, broad-based social, political and cultural movement against all forms of discrimination and injustice. The battle for social equality has to be waged and won in our minds.

"We have to recognise that even in a free society there are glass windows and glass ceilings. The first step in dealing with such problems is to recognise their existence.

"The second step is to come up with universally acceptable policies that are not viewed as a zero sum game, but as win-win solutions through which everyone is better off and no one is worse off."

Manmohan Singh also said that Dalits had faced "a unique discrimination" in Indian society that could be compared only with apartheid and that anti-Dalit attitudes had not gone away.

"Even after 60 years of constitutional and legal protection and support, there is still social discrimination against Dalits in many parts of our country. The political, social, cultural and intellectual battle against such discrimination must continue.

"Our government is deeply and sincerely committed to the equality of all sections of our society and will take all necessary steps to help in the social, educational and economic empowerment of Dalits."

Wednesday's meeting was organised by Steel Minister Ram Vilas Paswan and attended among others by former prime ministers VP Singh and Inder Kumar Gujral.

Speaking about minorities, Manmohan Singh said that their specific problems should ideally be dealt with based on certain universal principles.

"These principles, I believe, are defined by the idea of equality before law, the universal application of the rule of law, commitment to basic human rights, and the right of minority groups to protect, preserve and promote the values cherished by such groups."

He urged the conference to "pay more attention to finding solutions to a problem rather than merely harp on the problem."

The prime minister made a pointed reference to Narendra Jadhav of the Reserve Bank of India, saying his book "Outcaste" had deeply moved him. "It was a soul stirring account of empowerment and liberation."



At 7:08 am, Blogger Ashish Bhatia said...

I totally agree with you but definitely there has been some mistake on part of us the "hindus"
to recognise our duty towards our motherland. We are busy in earning lakhs and corores forgetting our duties towards our motherland


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