Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Communist Government continuing state-sponsored terrorism in West Bengal

The Communist Government of West Bengal is one of the last remaining bastions of the evil, inhuman, anti-democratic, criminal, and totalitarian ideology that had been the hallmark of evil tyrannies like those of Joseph Stalin, Mao Zedong, and Pol Pot.

It is now engaged in a bloody struggle to confiscate land from poor farmers whose only crime had been to vote for the Opposition Trinamool Congress and BJP in past elections.

The Communist Government of West Bengal claims that this is part of a "development initiative" to set up a Tata automobile factory at that site. However, the Government is mysteriously refusing to pay the poor farmers (whose ancestors have farmed that land for thousands of years) a fair market price for their land, and instead trying to push them out through the use of brute force, violence, intimidation, and persecution.

The farmers are understandably not willing to give up their only possession on Earth for a pittance and fade away into a life of destitution, poverty, malnutrition, and oblivion. They are fighting for their livelihood, for the right to live with dignity and honour on their own ancestral land that the Communist Government wants to confiscate, not paying a fair market price for.

A Communist Government claiming to fight for the poor and the downtrodden is now clearly exposed as being just the opposite. The Communists have never fought for the poor, anywhere on earth -- be it in Russia, or China, or Cambodia, or Eastern Europe, or India. George Orwell hit the nail on the head in "Animal Farm".

As if prior incidents of state-sponsored terrorism, as recent as that in Kespur in 2001, were not enough, the Communist Government has launched a vicious attack on the poor and defence-less farmers of Singur. An 18-year-old innocent girl from a poor farmer family has been gang-raped and burnt alive by the Government of inhuman and evil Communist totalitarian thugs ruling West Bengal.

It is getting high time for the People of West Bengal in particular and India in general, to rise against the evil that has reigned over our Motherland for so long. The Communists of West Bengal have already committed way too many crimes, and must be crushed, wiped out, and annihilated before they can commit any more.

It is time to deliver Justice. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. Any supporter of the evil and inhuman Stalinist totalitarian Government of West Bengal is an enemy of Mother India. These enemies must be crushed and utterly destroyed.

The People of India must stand and fight with our brothers and sisters of Singur and other parts of West Bengal living in daily terror of the inhuman rapists, torturers, and murderous Stalinist thugs who have ruled that state through brute force, intimidation, electoral malpractices, violence, murder and mayhem for 30 years.

Do not be fooled by the Communist Government's claims that this land-seizure is being done for the purpose of "economic development". Economic development does not require refusing to pay fair market price for land being extracted from poor and helpless farmers who work 18 hours a day and still don't make enough to eat two meals a day. Economic development does not require pushing people out by force from land they have farmed for thousands of years, from land they own. Economic development does not require destroying people's lives. Economic development does not require raping 18-year-old teenage girls and burning them alive, just because they refused to leave their ancestral homes, lose everything they ever had, and start new careers as prostitutes.

Today the Communists rob the farmers of West Bengal to give us a cheap car (and make money for themselves), tomorrow they will rob us to give the farmers free electricity or more Reservations (and they themselves will win elections and steal more money).

This is just another example of Divide and Rule. To stop this, we must feel for and identify with the farmers who are the victims today. Only then will they feel for and identify with us, when we will be the victims (of say Casteist Reservations) the next time.

If the Tatas participate in this evil and inhuman Stalinist conspiracy of daylight robbery by building their car factory on land being stolen from poor farmers being denied a fair market price for their ancestral property and only source of livelihood, they too will prove themselves an enemy of anyone who believes in Justice and the Brotherhood of the Children of Mother India.

In that case, we must fight back together by boycotting all goods produced by the Tata group of companies, especially the cheap cars they plan to build in their proposed plant to be built on land stolen from the helpless poor farmers of Singur in West Bengal.

Would you buy a car made by someone who raped your sister and burnt her alive to get the land on which to build the car factory ? You wouldn't.

Any daughter of Mother India is your sister. The 18-year-old girl from Singur was a daughter of India. Any car built by the Tatas on her ancestral home taken by force will be cursed with her blood and tears. Will your conscience allow buying it, just because it is cheap ?

The farmers of Singur work day and night and barely have enough to eat one meal a day. They earn less than fifty rupees per day on average. And yet, they work very very hard, back-breaking labour on the paddy fields day and night, to produce the basmati rice we love so much. Can we sell them out to save one lakh rupees on our next car ?

Will we sell our souls for one lakh rupees ? Two lakh ? Ten lakh ? Are we so cheap ?

If we do, there will be no place even in Hell for people like us. Hell, if we could be so heartless and so devoid of soul and humanity, we could probably even sell our own mothers, or little sisters, for a quick buck. There is no place even in Hell for people like that. We the people of India simply cannot be so bad, so immoral, so heartless, so unfeeling, so devoid of soul.

We are better people than this.

Compassion, brotherhood, empathy. These emotions are needed now. We have these emotions. We are human beings, not selfish bastards.

We must prove that to ourselves, to our "leaders", and to the world.

May Mother India rise soon from her thousand-year-old slumber and crush the dirty Communists of West Bengal, and may the Tatas be blessed with better sense before they join hands with the Communist rapists and murderers ruling West Bengal. If the Tatas choose to become accomplices of the murderous Communists in this latest infamous villainy, may they be speedily destroyed as well.

May good sense prevail over the people of India before any more inhuman acts can come to pass.

You, the son daughter and soldier of Mother India, must do your bit. The time has come to stand up, speak, and be heard. The time has come to destroy the enemies ruling over the Motherland and torturing our own brothers and sisters far worse than the British ever did. The time has come to unite, empathize, work together, feel for each other, be less selfish and self-centred, and fight for a better future of our coming generations -- a life of dignity and self-respect, not living in fear of thieves, robbers, rapists, murderers, and other filthy dirty and low criminals posing as our "leaders".

Before these filthy rapists and murderers irrevocably destroy our society.

Remember, United We Stand, Divided We Fall. If you do not want to Fall under the murderers' and rapists shoes tomorrow, Unite today. Talk to people. Build awareness of, and consensus against, the hideous crimes going on in the name of "development" in Stalinist totalitarian West Bengal. Help the Bengalis crush their Stalinist masters.

Help them be free.

So that tomorrow, we can all live with our heads held high, and our minds free of fear.

Vande Mataram. Jai Hind.

Times of India reports:

'Rape and killing' fuels tension in Singur
[18 Dec, 2006 1638hrs ISTIANS]

KOLKATA: The body of an 18-year-old woman was recovered on Monday in a farmland acquired for a Tata car plant at Singur in West Bengal, sparking fresh tension with villagers and Trinamool Congress activists alleging that the victim was raped and burnt by men guarding the controversial land.

Trinamool Congress chief Mamata Banerjee, whose hunger strike entered the 15th day on Monday, called for a 48-hour shutdown across West Bengal on December 21-22. Her party claims the victim was an activist protesting the acquisition of farmland by Tata Motors.

Police sources said the burnt body of a girl, Tapasi Malik, was found from the field and sent for post-mortem. They did not give further details.

West Bengal Chief Minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharya has ordered a Criminal Investigation Department (CID) inquiry into the incident.

According to villagers, the girl had gone to the field in the morning to answer nature's call.

She was said to be a member of the Singur Krishijami Raksha Committee (Save Singur Farmland Committee), which is spearheading the movement against the acquisition of farmlands by the Tatas.

Home Secretary Prasad Ranjan Roy said the truth behind the incident would be ascertained once the post mortem report came.

The Trinamool suspended all its protests Monday in memory of the deceased.

The alleged rape and killing is likely to lead to further intensification of the movement against the Tata Motors plant in Singur where the company needs 997 acres for its much touted people's car project.

BBC reports:
W Bengal anger over 'gang rape'
Trinamul Congress protester
Protesters say that farmers have been forced to move
The opposition in the Indian state of West Bengal has condemned the alleged gang rape and murder of a woman at the site of a controversial car factory.

Villagers say that the woman was assaulted then set on fire by attackers who support the Tata car plant in Singur, in the east of the state.

They have accused members of West Bengal's ruling Marxist party of carrying out the crime.

The villagers say that they have been unfairly displaced by the factory.

They say they have not received adequate compensation for the government's acquisition of 1,000 acres of farmland for the Tata "small car" project.

But the state government says that the plant will bring much needed jobs and business investment to West Bengal.

'Forcible acquisition'

The opposition Trinamul Congress party is opposed to the plant and says it will hold a two-day strike on Thursday and Friday in protest over the alleged attack on the villager.

Police say they are investigating whether her death was a case of suicide given "a twist" by angry villagers upset with the government.

Police with Trinamul Congress demonstrator
Clashes have taken place recently between police and protesters

The chief of Bengal's leading opposition party, Trinamul Congress, Mamata Banerji, has been on hunger strike for a fortnight to protest against "forcible acquisition" of the farmland.

Doctors say that her condition remains stable.

West Bengal's Chief Minister Buddhadev Bhattacharya has ordered an inquiry into the burning by state police.

"Pending a thorough inquiry, it will be improper to comment," he said.

But he said his government would oppose the two-day strike by the Trinamul Congress.

The government says it has already completed the acquisition of the land and Tata can now start work.

The company says it will manufacture cars costing just 100,000 Indian rupees ($2,000) at the Singur site.

Earlier this month, police accused Maoist rebels of attacking a car showroom in central Calcutta in protest over the factory.

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