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UPA makes new attempt to start Caste War in Maharashtra

On November 19 2006 I first wrote about the Congress Government of Maharashtra distributing guns and arms licenses among specific Caste groups (Dalits in this case) and encouraging them to use them against Hindus of other Castes.

The Congress had the gall to justify its blatant encouragement of murder mayhem rioting and violence by claiming that it was supporting "upliftment of Dalits".

Here is my original article from November 19 2006 reporting that the Congress Government was encouraging inter-caste rioting among Hindus.

11 days later, my prediction has been proven. Maharashtra is in the throes of large-scale violence by "Dalit organizations" (UPA goons) while the Congress Government of Maharashtra watched in silence and didn't do absolutely anything at all to maintain law and order.

The violence was precipitated by the desecration of a statue of B R Ambedkar in far-off Uttar Pradesh. There are Dalits all over India. Why did only Maharashtra see a reaction ? Dalits in Uttar Pradesh, where the desecration happened, didn't react at all.

It is true that Ambedkar was from Maharashtra. But the issue was not about the desecration of the statue of a Maharashtrian, it was about the desecration of the statue of a Dalit.

Nobody can claim that Dalits living outside Maharashtra do not respect Ambedkar.

The evidence is clear: the Dalits of Maharashtra did not do this. There is still too much mutual love and respect for each other among various Hindu Castes. Few Hindus would be ready to riot against, kill or terrorize other Hindus, whatever their Caste may be.

This entire event was organized by the Congress Government of Maharashtra and is simply a part of the overall UPA strategy of divding and conquering the Hindus of India.

UPA Chairperson and Congress Chief Antonia Maino (who calls herself Sonia Gandhi) supports this strategy because it supports her Christian fundamentalist agenda of destroying Hinduism and converting Indians to Christianity.

Other UPA constituents support this strategy because it helps them win elections using their Muslim vote bank. The Hindu vote bank is destroyed by being divided into Castes.

The Godless Communists support this policy because they worship Mao Marx Lenin and Stalin and hate Hinduism just because it is the dominant religion of India. The goal of Godless Communists is to undermine God, and they think that they can get closer to that goal by destroying Hinduism to start with.

Barely 6 months ago UPA Casteism Minister Arjun Singh introduced Reservations for OBC's which was intended to divide non-SC/ST Indians into "OBC" and non-OBC" groups. That was also part of the same "Divide into Castes and Conquer Hindus" agenda.

Once one puts all these pieces together, the overall UPA gameplan is impossible to miss.

If you really need more evidence of UPA's anti-Hindu bias, you may want to read my articles on the continuing silence of the UPA Government of India on the horrible mistreatment and genocide of the few remaining Hindus in Kazakhstan, which even the Christian-majority UK is unable to silently tolerate. If you want concrete evidence of the increasing importance of Muslim votes to win elections in India, you may want to read my article showing how the Muslim population in UP has gone up from 15 per cent in 1991 to 18.5 per cent today.

BBC reports:
Last Updated: Thursday, 30 November 2006, 17:48 GMT
Caste protests grip Indian state
The Deccan Queen train, set alight 65km from Mumbai
At least two trains were set alight by protesters
At least three people have been killed in protests by low-caste Hindus across India's Maharashtra state, police say.

One person died when police opened fire on protesters. Crowds attacked property and set fire to at least two trains on the outskirts of Mumbai (Bombay).

More than 50 people, 30 of them police, were hurt in the protests and nearly 100 vehicles damaged, police say.

Unrest began after a statue to BR Ambedkar, a low-caste hero, was destroyed in Uttar Pradesh.

Buses and trains have been damaged in stone-throwing and arson - but the situation is now under control
Police chief DS Pasricha

Ambedkar, the chief architect of India's constitution, came from Maharashtra in the west of India. A low caste Hindu, or Dalit, he later converted to Buddhism. Dalits account for nearly 13% of the state's population.

Police in Uttar Pradesh state in the north say a number of people are being questioned in connection with the destruction of the statue in the city of Kanpur on Tuesday night.

The old statue was buried with full honours to try to head off protests and quickly replaced with a new one. Kanpur and other areas in Uttar Pradesh remain peaceful, police say.


Police chief DS Pasricha told reporters in Mumbai that the three Dalit protesters had been killed in violence during state-wide demonstrations since Wednesday.


The man killed by police was shot during unrest in Usmanabad district.

Injuries to police personnel and about 20 protesters had been sustained in "various incidents" across the state, Mr Pasricha said.

"Buses and trains have been damaged in stone-throwing and arson. But the situation is now under control," Mr Pasricha said, the Associated Press reported.

Earlier, he told the BBC that three people had been arrested in connection with the killing of a Dalit on Wednesday.

About 1,500 people had been detained by the authorities to try to prevent violence, he said.

Rail officials say at least two empty trains were set alight by protesters in the Ulhasnagar suburb of Mumbai.

Last month, widespread Dalit protests broke out in Maharashtra's Vidarbha region following the killing of four members of a Dalit family.

The family were killed because they refused to allow upper-caste Hindus to build a road over their land, it is alleged.


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