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We're paying them to come and kill us

The October 2005 earthquake in Jammu and Kashmir occurred close to the Line of Control separating Indian Kashmir from Pakistan-Occupied-Kashmir -- just about 50 miles from the LoC on the Pakistani side.

About 1400 people were reported dead on the Indian side. Pakistan started screaming and howling on the international arena, saying that over 73,000 people had been killed, and asking for large amounts of money.

Since the epicenter was so close to the LoC, and the population density is roughly the same on both sides of the Loc (because of the mountainous terrain that cannot support heavy densities of human population), shouldn't one have expected the casualties to have been roughly equal on both sides ?

How did Pakistan come to have 52 times as many people dead in the earthquake than India did ?

Were all of them people who had really died in the earthquake ? Or were many of the dead-bodies that of hapless Pakistani minority Hindus kidnapped from other parts of Pakistan, killed and left to rot among the earthquake debirs to attract International sympathy and money ?

Pakistani Hindus have been reduced from over 16% of Pakistan's popupation after the Partition of 1947 to less than 0.1% today. It is no secret that they are regularly intimidated, their property taken away, their temples demolished, their women kidnapped and forcibly converted to Islam, and their menfolk killed in broad daylight while the police and the judiciary turn a blind eye.

An organized ethnic cleansing program has been systematically run for 60 years, that the International community has chosen to ignore.

Hindu-majority India, trying to prove itself "secular", chooses never to protest against crimes perpetrated on Hindus by Muslims.

The only other Hindu country (that is now ruled by Godless Maoist Communists) is Nepal. Netal never had the clout to protect Hindu interests in Pakistan or Bangladesh. Now it is ruled by people who do not even care about Hinduism.

When Christian missionary Graham Staines, on a mission to Christianize the "native pagan Hindus" of India, paid with his life for his malicious activities against Hinduism, Christian nations worldwide were loud in condemnation. [I am not supporting Staines's killing; but simply pointing out that he was not a blameless man either. He was virulently anti-Hindu and should not have expected all Hindus to take kindly to his attacks on their religion. His murder does not absolve him of the sins he committed; the narrow-mindedness he showed, in denigrating Hinduism and trying to convert Hindus to his narrow-minded, bigoted, dogmatic, and fundamentalist Christianity.]

The point is that Christians who call themselves secular do not feel the need to keep quiet when Christian interests are threatened. They should not.

Similarly, Hindus should not feel constrained to keep quiet when Hindus are killed in Pakistan or Bangladesh.

Hindus are human beings too. The same way the "secular Indians" make shrill protests against Israelis killing "Lebanese and Palestinians", the same way these "secular Indians" should also protest against Hindus being killed by Muslims in Pakistan and Bangladesh.

The same way these "secular and liberal" Indians (a vast majority of them Hindus) in America protested against the US Government giving a visa to Gujarat's elected Chief Minister Narendra Modi, the same way these "secular liberal" Indians should protest against Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf and Bangladesh Prime Minister Khaleda Zia being allowed to travel to the USA in spite of being leaders of uncivilized governments that are carrying out religious pogroms against Pakistani and Bangladeshi Hindu minorities.

All human lives are precious. Not just the lives of Muslims. The lives of Hindus are precious too.

And being secular does not change that.

It is hard to get the thick-headed and intentionally-blind so-called "secular liberal" Indians to get this simple idea. Nobody can teach him who does not want to learn.

Anyway, I digress. Back to the Pakistan earthquake topic.

My claim is that is is awfully suspicious to see that Pakistani Kashmir had 52 times as many people dead as in Indian Kashmir, inspite of the earthquake epicentre having been practically on the LoC, and the populations of both sides of the Loc having been roughly equally sparse.

There are reasons to suspect that Pakistan could have inflated the numbers of people dead: the more they can play up the event, the more money they can wring out of international agencies.

Indeed, the way the Kashmir earthquake has been repeatedly invoked by Pakistan to continually ask for money for over a year is astonishing. And yet, the amount of money raised has not been disclosed. Nor have any details been published as to how the money is being used.

Indeed, newspapers all over the world have reported that the relief missions have all been undertaken by Lashkar-e-Tayiba and Jaish-e-Muhammad terrorists; the official Pakistani government machinery has been totally invisible. Indeed, it is hard not to suspect that the terrorists were there as representatives of the Pakistani government, with its full approval.

All the relief money was disbursed by terrorists; none of it was given out the Pakistani government.

Thus, it is well-known that virtually all the money raised has been given to the terrorists to do what they think is fit.

Hundreds of millions of dollars were raised, possibly much more. People worldwide contributed; hundreds of millions of Hindus from India gave their hard-earned money, believing they were helping develop India-Pakistan trust.

It does not cost hundreds of millions of dollars to rebuild a bunch of little huts, particularly where labour if so abundant and cheap. Food is not that expensive either, even more so because so much food was contributed as well.

Anybody thinks that the terrorists did not use any of the large amounts of money left over after relief missions to buy guns and bombs, construct bunkers, and recruit earthquake victims into their terrorist groups ?

A less blatantly uncivilized country than Pakistan would have had its government use the relief money; not given it to terrorists to undertake relief operations.

And the "secular liberals" of India and the international community watched quietly as men with guns were seen on TV roaming about Pakistan-occupied-Kashmir, clearly in control of the territory, dictating orders to international aid workers.

For the first time in the history of Humanity, the Red Cross was taking orders from terrorists with AK-47 rifles.

And Pakistan, whose Government claims to fight against terror emanating from its soil, still claims that its territory is not being used by terror groups.

How ridiculous is that ? Are we blind ? Didn't we see terrorists on TV, with AK-47 rifles, giving orders to aid workers, and running the "relief operations" in Pakistan-occupied-Kashmir ?

And now definitive proof has emerged that the relief money raised by Islamic charities was not only used by terrorists engaged in "relief operations" (and recruitment, of course) in PoK, but also to fund planned terror operations worldwide.

In particular, some of the money raised in the name of Kashmir earthquake relief was used to organize the large-scale terror attacks planned by British Muslims of Pakistani origin (to blow up 10 airplanes from UK to USA with liquid explosives) that was just foiled by UK Intelligence.

They took our money, money from the civiized world, for "Kashmir earthquake relief" and used it to plan terror attacks to blow up our airplanes, to kill and terrorize us.

If this is not the same as paying them money to come and kill us, then I don't know what is.

Rediff reports:
Charities' funds diverted for aircraft plot: Report

August 13, 2006 16:53 IST

Certain United Kingdom-based Muslim charities had transferred 'huge sums' to banks in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir to pay for the alleged airline bombing plot, a report said on Sunday. It also stated that some of the terror suspects visited al-Qaeda camps in the area, posing as quake relief workers.

Key members of the British terror gang reportedly travelled to Pakistan's lawless border region with Afghanistan to learn bomb-making techniques, the Mail on Sunday said.

It said security services and Pakistani intelligence are now trying to piece together the exact movements of several plotters over recent years.

On Thursday, British police had foiled a suspected al-Qaeda plot to blow up 10 US-bound flights using liquid explosives smuggled in handbags.

Officials believe the trips -- which the men claimed were to carry out charity work with refugees from the Afghan war and victims of the South Asian earthquake last October -- allowed them to meet terror leaders. It was during these trips that the airline plot was conceived and fleshed out, security and intelligence sources now claim, the report said.

The relief camps in PoK were run by the Lashkar-e-Tayiba, an outfit India blames for last month's train bombings in Mumbai and which has been designated a terror group by the US State Department and banned by the Pakistani government. The United Nations has classified the group as being associated with al-Qaeda.

The details emerged after it was revealed that two of the men arrested in connection with the plot -- Tayib and Rashid Rauf -- have links to a British aid organisation, Crescent Relief.

There is no suggestion the registered charity is in any way linked to the terror plot, but the two suspects' father Abdul helped set it up.

At least three suspects arrested in last week's anti-terror raids in High Wycombe have been to Pakistan in recent months, according to friends and neighbours.

Brothers Assad and Amjad Sarwar visited the country, as did taxi driver Waseem Kayani. A friend of Assad, 26, and Amjad, 28, said the visit was to help victims of the earthquake in the mountainous region of PoK and North-West Frontier regions.

"They went to help with the charity work out there like a lot of people did. I don't know exactly where they were but they were there for a couple of weeks," he said.

Meanwhile, on Saturday night, Pakistani officials linked a second British charity to the plot, the report said.

Officials in Karachi claimed the unnamed charity transferred 'huge sums' to banks in the PoK region to pay for the aircraft plot.

They said two British citizens of Pak-origin and a third man, an Islamabad-based builder, had been in receipt of 'earthquake relief' cash. All have been arrested , the report said.


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