Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Blair sees the truth on Kashmir

It is no coincidence that Jammu and Kashmir erupted in violence (that Pakistan has been calling a "freedom struggle") in 1989.

Something else happened in 1989: the Soviet Union withdrew from Afghanistan, rendering thousands of Saudi, Pakistani, Syrian, Libyan, Sudanese, and Afghan Islamic terrorists (trained by Pakistani Army and the Pakistani intelligence agency ISI to fight against the Soviet Union in Afghanistan) jobless.

Since 1989 Pakistan has been using these terrorists to bleed India by a thousand cuts, killing innocent Indian Hindu and secular Muslims in Jammu and Kashmir in almost daily acts of senseless terrorist violence directed at civilians.

Radical Islamic Terrorists regularly barge into Hindu marriage ceremonies, rape the bride and kill the groom and all male attendees.

Kashmiri women are required to obey Islamic Shariah Law, the same law the Taliban promulgated in Afghanistan. For example, women found with their face uncovered by the burqa are punished by having acid bulbs thrown at their face, disfiguring them grotesquely.

Every few days Hindu households are raided at night, women raped, men and male babies killed, and their possessions looted.

After this has happened for 17 years, there are virtually no Hindus left in Kashmir. There has been almost completely successful ethnic cleansing.

Muslims suspected of not following the ideological extremes of Radical Islam are killed. Anybody suspected of co-operating with Indian authorities are killed. People who go to vote in elections organized by the Government of India live in perpetual shadow of death and many of them are hunted down.

Income from tourism is the main source of income for most Kashmiris: hotel-owners, hotel-employees, tour guides, handicrafts-manufacturers, etc. Tourists are killed to frighten them off Jammu and Kashmir, to destroy the backbone of the Kashmiri economy, to bring the society on its knees and accept the demands of the proponents of Radical Islam: giving up secularism and religious tolerance and embracing the extreme tenets of 7th Century Radical Islam, and wiping out Hindus and Buddhists.

A reign of terror is going on in Kashmir for 17 years, since 1989. A reign of terror that Pakistan calls a "freedom struggle".

What kind of "freedom struggle" is it ?

Freedom to kill Hindus Buddhists and secular moderate Muslims ? Freedom to reduce women to slaves ? Freedom to use Kashmir as a base like Afghanistan to wage jihad on the Civilized World ?

Those are the only freedoms Kashmiri terror groups are fighting for.

100,000 Indians have been killed over the last 17 years. 300,000 Kashmiri Hindus are living in refugee camps in Delhi and Jammu, their culture getting wiped out as they barely survive in penury, living like animals with no jobs, no medical facilities, no schools for their kids.

The Civilized World was stood by and watched the annihilation of the 5000 year old Civilization of Kashmiri Pandits (Hindus) and the brutal suppression of moderate and secular Muslims by Pakistani Army and the Pakistani intelligence agency ISI allied to Al Qaeda.

The Civilized World stood by and watched as Pakistan mounted a brutal and bloody religious war -- fuelled by religious doctrines from Saudi Salafist ideologues and Pakistani Radical Islamists and created through money manpower and weapons from Pakistani Army and ISI and carried out through terror groups like Lashkar-e-Tayiba and Jaish-e-Muhammad that are part of the Al Qaeda International Terrorist Organization -- and called it a "freedom struggle".

The Civilized West took a long time to realize, in spite of strident Indian efforts to propagate the truth of what was happening on the ground, that the so-called Kashmiri "freedom struggle" as it was once called, is nothing but a brutal religious war aiming to stamp out the last remaining vestiges of Hinduism and root out moderate Islam to replace them with 7th Century Medieval and Radical Islam.

Tony Blair seems to have woken up. How much longer will it take for the rest of the Civilized World to wake up and see the towering human tragedy precipitated by Pakistan's infamous and insufferable Crimes Against Humanity ?

Human Civilization will not survive long on this planet if it stands by and watches while brutal savages brought up in the ideology of Totalitarian Radical Islam continue to destroy the Civilized values of secularism, religious tolerance, religious freedom, gender equality, freedom of speech, among others, in one place after another -- first Persia, then Afghanistan, Central Asia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Lebanon, Jammu and Kashmir, and Europe/Eurabia after that.

Radical Islamic intolerance and totalitarianism is spreading rapidly. Those who idly stand and watch are complicit in condemning our future generations to be born into the 7th Century Middle East.

Times of India reports:

Blair links Kashmir crisis to Islamic extremism

LONDON: A furious political row has erupted over British PM Tony Blair's decision to link the Kashmir dispute and Chechen fighting with the conflict in Iraq, Afghanistan and West Asia — which he described as part of an over-arching "arc of (Muslim) extremism" across the world.

Just hours after he called for the West to totally rethink its strategy on the war on terror, Blair's critics said it was wrong to link regional territorial disputes such as Kashmir to global Islamist extremism.

In his speech at the World Affairs Council in Los Angeles on Tuesday, the British PM said: "The fanatics, attached to a completely wrong and reactionary view of Islam, had been engaging in terrorism for years before September 11.

In Chechnya, in India and Pakistan, in Algeria, in many other Muslim countries, atrocities were occurring." He declared that "these acts of terrorism were not isolated incidents. They were part of a growing movement."

Blair said the "movement believed Muslims had departed from their proper faith, were being taken over by Western culture, were being governed treacherously by Muslims complicit in this takeover, whereas the true way to recover not just the true faith, but Muslim confidence and self esteem, was to take on the West and all its works."

In his speech, Blair said that the West had been mistaken in previously failing to link Kashmir and Chechnya-inspired terrorist attacks to a growing baleful Islamism.

"We were not bending our eye or our will to it as we should have... We rather inclined to the view that where there was terrorism, perhaps it was partly the fault of the governments of the countries concerned," he said.

He said it was time to recognize that "whatever the outward manifestation at any one time — in Lebanon, in Gaza, in Iraq in Afghanistan, in Kashmir, in a host of other nations including some in Africa now — it is a global fight about global values; it is about modernisation, within Islam and outside of it".

Britain's former foreign secretary Malcolm Rifkind said the Kashmir issue was a "matter between India and Pakistan" and it was "silly" for Blair to portray it as a sign of extremist Islam's war on other cultures.


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