Friday, August 11, 2006

Sonia has no shame

Sonia Nehru (I call her Nehru because I don't agree with the way the "Gandhi" name made famous by Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi has been usurped by the Nehru Dynasty; Jawahar Lal Nehru's daughter Indira Priyadarshini Nehru's husband Feroze Khan Ghandy was never a Gandhi) has no shame.

She stays in the background when times are bad for the Congress, and only comes out into the limelight to take the credit when things look good.

Thus, when the Congress managed to cobble together a comically contradictory coalition of BJP-hating parties (who call themselves the "secular forces") and come to power (in spite of Congress having gotten less seats that the BJP did), Sonia Nehru took all the credit. She also made a big song and dance about giving up the post of Prime Minister, choosing instead to run the Government by proxy through the pliable and spineless Manmohan Singh, giving her all the power with none of the responsibility. This shrewd act was highlighted as a great "self-sacrifice" of Sonia by the Nehru Dynasty spin-doctors.

When the Student Protests against Arjun Singh's Casteist Reservations were going on, Sonia Nehru kept quiet. She let Manmohan Singh take the blame for the spineless UPA government not being able to counter the Casteism perpetrated by its Casteist OBC Vote Banker and Human Resource Destruction Minister Arjun Singh.

This, in spite of the fact that Sonia Nehru is the UPA Chairperson, and all decisions taken by the UPA Government are taken in accordance with the UPA Common Minimum Progamme.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has no real power; Manmohan Singh has never won even any municipality-level election; he is a Member of Parliament only because Sonia Nehru nominated him to the Rajya Sabha; he is the Prime Minister only because Sonia Nehru wants him there to take the blame whenever required.

And now, when Nehru Dynasty loyalist and Iraq oil-thief K Natwar Singh has finally become too much of a liability because of his internationally known thievery in Iraq and the Congress Party is unable to keep him in the Cabinet or the Party any longer, even now Sonia Nehru keeps quiet and lets the helpless Manmohan face the brunt of Natwar Singh's anger.

Natwar Singh is afraid to directly criticize Sonia Nehru, though the decision to kick him out has undubtedly been taken by her.

Nothing happens in Congress without the Nehru Dynasty's approval. Congressmen who get too independent, like Rajesh Pilot or Madhav Rao Scindia, die in mysterious car accidents that nobody suspects of being murders, in spite of repeated coincidences (like Netaji and Lal Bahadur Shastri, who died earlier to make the road to power clear for Jawahar and Indira earlier).

So the decision to kick out Natwar was surely made by Sonia.

However, the Nehru Dynasty's long-time pet-dog Natwar does not have the guts to directly criticize Sonia.

Everything he has ever achieved in his long infamous and corrupt career has been with the blessings of the Nehru Dynasty.

So he takes out his anger on Manmohan Singh; hoping to keep his media profile and ego intact by breathing fire on the helpless and powerless Manmohan.

I am not defending Manmohan. In my view Manmohan has no self-respect either; shamelessly sitting in his powerless position as Prime Minister on paper, to make it so easy for Sonia to rule by proxy.

However, this simply shows how shameless Sonia Nehru is. She blatantly uses Manmohan to serve as her cat's-paw; all the blame goes to Manmohan and credit if any is "humbly" collected by Sonia.

It is amazing that such a shameless and corrupt thief (remember Bofors ? Sonia's Italian family friend Ottavio Quattrochhi ?) is still ruling India. And still so many patriotic low-level party workers of Congress are still fawning over her. [I am not saying all Congress party workers are patriots; most are corrupt, but some of them are patriotic and they mysteriously fail to see how horribly bad, corrupt, lying, thieving, dishonest, power-hungry, manipulative, and evil Sonia Nehru and the Nehru Dynasty are.]

Have the People of India become so blind ? Have we lost all intelligence ?

News articles on Natwar breathing fire on Manmohan:
Dr Singh is a nominated PM: Natwar

August 09, 2006 01:42 IST
Last Updated: August 09, 2006 02:31 IST

Stung by his suspension from the Congress party, former external affairs minister Natwar Singh launched a scathing attack on Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and his Ministerial council late Tuesday night and declared that he was ready for a 'decisive battle.'

Reacting sharply to Defence Minister Pranab Mukherjee's remark that Natwar had brought disrepute to the Congress, the former external affairs minister said there are three persons in Manmohan Singh's council of ministers who are accused in cases of murder and rape.

"Are they not bringing disrepute to the government? My record is impeccable," he said.

"I want to write to the Guiness Books of World Records that Manmohan Singh is the only prime minister of India among the eleven prime ministers that the country has had who has not won even a municipal election. What is he going to tell me," Natwar asked.

"Manmohan Singh is a nominated prime minister. He is not a representative of the people of India," he said.

Responding to Mukherjee's allegation that he had been carrying out propaganda against the Congress in recent weeks, Natwar said: "Let them give a proof of this."

"Is it fair that the (Pathak Authority) report is leaked from the office of Manmohan Singh," he queried.

Natwar claimed that Pranab Mukherjee wanted to become the prime minister after Indira Gandhi's death. He was thrown out of Congress for six years.

He said his suspension from the party came on 'Raksha Bandhan' day, which is a very auspicious day. "But for the Congress it is ..Vinash Kale Viparit Buddhi..(people act unwisely when facing destruction)."

Declaring that he was ready for a decisive battle, Natwar said: "I am a man of strong nerves. I won't take things lying down."

Asked when he would reply to the show cause notice given by Congress asking him to explain why he should not be expelled from the party, he shot back stating: "What is the hurry?"

Immediately after his suspension, Samajwadi Party general secretary Amar Singh, Janata Dal (United) leader Digvijay Singh and BJP leaders Yashwant Sinha and Shatrughan Sinha drove to Natwar's residence and had a 30-minute meeting with him.

Emerging from the meeting, Amar Singh said: "Natwar has always positioned himself in favour of Iraq, Iran and was anti-US. Now that India has been put on sale, he is fighting against that and paid the price for that."

Yashwant Sinha said the meeting with Natwar discussed Indo-US nuclear deal and how to bring a 'sense of the House resolution.'

Shatrughan Sinha said Natwar is not the leader of Congress alone but the leader of the country. "The country is facing trouble and at this juncture, we need to support Natwar."

Telegraph India:
Hit, Natwar rages at PM

New Delhi, Aug. 8: Natwar Singh tonight launched the strongest attack yet by anyone on Prime Minister Manmohan Singh after the Congress suspended the former foreign minister from primary membership of the party.

The Congress said it would also issue a showcause notice asking Natwar to explain why he should not be expelled.

Natwar, who will have two weeks to reply, has been punished for his alleged role in the oil-for-food scandal in getting persons close to him contracts from Iraq.

Natwar reacted with fury declaring that he was ready for a “decisive battle”.

“I want to write to the Guinness Book of Records that Manmohan Singh is the only Prime Minister of India among the 11 Prime Ministers that the country had who has not won even a municipal election. What is he going to tell me?” Natwar asked. “Manmohan Singh is a nominated Prime Minister. He is not a representative of the people of India,” he added.

Suspension from primary membership does not mean Natwar has lost his position as an MP and a member of the Congress parliamentary party (CPP).

Defence minister Pranab Mukherjee, who is one of the four members of the Congress’s disciplinary committee that met late tonight to decide on the action, said the parliamentary party had its own constitution under which to act when it becomes necessary.

Being a part of the CPP means Natwar will be subject to party whip. If he defies the whip, further action might become necessary.

Mukherjee explained that today’s action did not mean Natwar’s punishment was over.

He said if Natwar could satisfy the party with his explanation, it would be a closed chapter, a possibility that looks highly unlikely.

The decision came a day after the Pathak committee report, which held Natwar responsible for using his position in the Congress to acquire oil contracts for persons close to him, was placed in Parliament.

Although Natwar performed the gross indiscipline of filing a privilege notice against Manmohan, the party has not specifically cited that action as the reason for suspension to prevent him from striking the pose of a martyr.

The party also does not want to expel Natwar at this moment because that is what he wants so that he can hold on to his MP’s position as an Independent member enjoying the freedom to speak as he pleases in Parliament.

Now that he remains a CPP member, Natwar won’t be allowed to open his mouth in the Rajya Sabha if the privilege notice does come up and the party does not list him as one of the speakers.

Natwar’s late-night outburst is being seen as an attempt to force the party’s hand and expel him.


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