Tuesday, August 08, 2006

My apologies to women

I received this comment by email from Anjali Bhardwaj.


I found your blog Twenty-first Century India very good. I have been reading all the post since I stumbled upon it a few days ago.

However, I want to protest about one thing. You use the words "wearing bangles and saris" when talking about the politicians. I completely agree with your view that the politicians are cowards, and are ruining the country for their selfish ends. Perhaps you can use some other language to convey the same. Bangles and sarees are associated with Women, and women as a group cannot be compared to the politicians. Please do not malign us all by using this slang. I would be happy if you can change the language in the 2 or 3 posts where you have used this.


Anjali, you are right. Please let me offer you, and to women in general, my sincere apologies. It was never my intention to belittle or insult women. I agree that it is a grave insult to Indian women to associate their dress items like bangles and sarees with people as low and immoral as our politicians.

I have changed the language used in the following two posts accordingly to address your point.

1. It is not the job of the US to stop Pakistani terrorism against India

2. Why I am ashamed to be Indian

Thank you very much for your comment.


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