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Kerala Leftists launch new attack on Hinduism

Kerala's anti-Hindu Godless Communists suddenly need their women to be able to enter the Hindu temple of Lord Ayyappa in Sabarimela, in violation of a bar against it in Hindu mythology which states that Lord Ayyappa is a celibate and does not want women to enter his temple.

I support equality of men and women. I do not like the fact that Lord Ayyappa (according to mythology) is against women visiting his house -- his temple. If Hindu religious women who truly wanted to worship Lord Ayyappa wanted to enter his temple, I would have supported them, through the following reasoning:
Though the customs of the temple of Lord Ayyappa are ancient, they should not be immutable. Lord Ayyappa is only a manifestation of the one God that Hinduism tells us is the entire Universe, and that God is present in both men and women, as well as in everything all around us in the entire Universe. That God would surely not mind if women entered the temple of one of his manifestations -- Lord Ayyappa.

But I am absolutely unable to support the anti-Hindu Godless Communists of Kerala who do not believe in Hinduism -- who indeed hate Hinduism, and lose no opportunity to insult and denigrate Hinduism, such as Brinda Karat's vicious and unprincipled attack on Baba Ramdev sometime back, and the Left parties' support for the humilation and arrest of the Shankaracharya on false and fabricated charges of murder by Jayalalitha sometime back -- in this initiative.

These Communists never go to temples at all, because they do not believe in Hinduism or any of its customs at all. They hate Hinduism. I do not believe that they are suddenly interested in worshipping Lord Ayyappa. I see clearly that they are simply taking this opportunity to attack Hinduism.

The Hindu religious women are silent; none of them are demanding to be let into the temple. None of them are feeling a sudden dying need to worship that particular incarnation of the Hindu God in that particular temple while there are 299,999,999 other incarnations of God to choose from and hundreds of thousands of temples all over India.

Only the Godless Communist women in Kerala suddenly feel this pressing need. Since when did the Godless Communist women get so religious ? Why do they sudenly need to enter Ayyappa's temple ? Is there a sudden shortage of temples and incarnations of God to worship in India ?

The temple of Ayyappa is Ayyappa's house. Since Hindu mythology says that he does not want women to visit his house, and Hindu customs say that women should not enter it, I don't see why these anti-Hindu Communist women have any business forcing themselves upon his presence.

Mind you, I would support the right of Hindu religious women who truly respected and wanted to worship Lord Ayyappa to enter the temple.

But these Communists are not Hindu at all; they were born into Hindu families, but they embraced a Goddless and anti-religious ideology Communism that specifically rejects all religions (including Hinduism) and hence they cannot be considered Hindu any longer. They thus have no right to force themselves into Hindu temples breaking Hindu customs.

Only Hindus have the right to break or change their own customs with the change in times. Attempts by anti-Hindu Communists to do so constitute attacks on Hinduism by non-Hindu anti-Hindu Communists.

Communists are not Hindus. They were born into Hindu familes, but they have rejected Hinduism by embracing the anti-religious Godless Communist ideology.

Communism clearly says that religion is "the opium of the masses" (which is indeed perhaps true for narrow-minded dogmatic unscientific and blind-faith-based religions like Islam or Christianity, but does not apply at all to rational, scientific, open, broad-minded and universal religions like Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism or Sikhism).

But these Communists consider Hinduism too to be the "opium of the masses" and hate it, without even bothering to read any of the Vedas, Upanishads, Purans, or the Bhagavad Gita to find out for themselves how scientific, rational, un-dogmatic, open, broad-minded and universal the ideology is.

Hinduism requires no blind faith. You do not have to believe in Creation of the World in 6 days by God, or angels, or demons, or Satan, or Santa Claus, or fairies and other such fairy tales to be Hindu. You can be completely rational, scientific, Atheist or Agnostic, and still be Hindu. Hinduism gives you complete freedom of thought. The Hindu scholar Charvaka was atheist.

But the Hinduism-hating Communists have no idea about these things.

How many of these Godless Communist women know anything at all about the history of the Sabarimela temple, or the mythology about Lord Ayyappa ?

Why should they even be allowed to enter Hindu temples ? They were born into Hindu families, but they have clearly rejected Hinduism since they have embrased an ideology that calls all religions as "opium if the masses".

They are no longer Hindus. Indeed they are enemies of Hinduism. They have proven it on several occasions -- by appeasing Radical Islam, repeatedly playing political games to divide and weaken Hindu society, lying about Hinduism in the NCERT school textbooks, propagating false propaganda like the long-discredited Aryan Invasion Theory in Indian school textbooks to divide and weaken Hindu society into North Indian "Aryan" and South Indian "Dravidian" camps, denigrating Sanskrit, denigrating Hindu mythological figures, suppressing facts about the violent 800-year-long Radical Islamic plunder and rape of Hindu India when Hindu and Buddhist civilizations in Afghanistan, Central Asia, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Kashmir were wiped out and replaced with Radical Islamists, and most recently, by attacking Hindu religious personalities like Baba Ramdev and supporting the arrest and humiliation of the Shankaracharya by Jayalalitha on false and fabricated charges of murder.

We must understand that Communists are not Hindus. They are enemies of Hinduism who just happened to be born into Hindu families. They have no understanding of, and no respect for, Hinduism. None of them have ever read any of the Vedas, Upanishads, Purans, or the Bhagavad Gita. They just read Karl Marx's "Das Kapital" and a few other such Communist books when they were in college a few decades ago, and think that they know everything. These Communist women go to beauty parlours and Churches and Mosques (the latter two to show their "secularism", not out of any real faith in any version of God -- Christian or Muslim) far more often than they go to Hindu temples, if they go to Hindu temples at all.

They worship Marx, Mao, or Stalin. Just as Christians and Muslims worship in Churches and Mosques, not in Hindu temples, these Communists should worship their Lord Marx, Lord Mao, or Lord Stalin in some such separate place.

In spite of India's anti-Hindu "secularism", barring a few nutjobs like Maqbool Fida Hussein and the anti-Hindu Christian missionaries, few Indian Muslims or Christians openly insult Hinduism. Why should we allow the Communists to do so ? Only Hindus can criticize or reform their own customs. Not anti-Hindu Communists. Just because they were born in Hindu families does not make them Hindus. They have chosen to become enemies of Hinduism by hating Hinduism and actively working against it as exemplified above.

They are anti-Hindu and irreligious and have no business entering Hindu temples in the first place. Why don't they build a temple of Lord Marx or Lord Mao or Lord Stalin and worship there ?

No, they won't do that. They will forcibly break down the ancient Hindu customs of Lord Ayyappa's temple, gloatingly enter with no respect for Lord Ayyappa but only vile hatred for Hinduism in their hearts, and then never visit another Hindu temple unless another similar opportunity to insult and denigrate the religion presents itself.

It seems that the attacks on Hinduism in India are getting more frequent each day. After the Shankaracharya was arrested and humiliated (on false and baseless charges of murder) in Tamil Nadu, and Communist leader Brinda Karat launched a vicious attack on Baba Ramdev, this is another fresh attack on the 5000 year old religion and its customs by the Godless Communists and Socialists allied to Radical Islamists.

[I am grateful to Anjali Bhardwaj for finding several excellent improvements to an initial version of this article.]
The Telegraph reports:
Left govt against temple women bar

Thiruvananthapuram/New Delhi, Aug. 18: The Left government in Kerala has stated unambiguously that it will back the demand of women for equal rights of worship at Sabarimala temple.

Reacting to a Supreme Court notice to the government, temple affairs minister G. Sudhakaran said: “We’ll definitely apprise the apex court of the government’s stand in favour of getting rid of barriers on women worshipping at the temple.”

The court sent the notice on a petition filed by women lawyers of the Indian Young Lawyers’ Association, seeking to lift the ban on women aged 10 to 50 years worshipping at the temple.

The deity of the temple is Ayyappa, a celibate born of Mohini (Vishnu) and Siva, according to Hindu mythology.

A Supreme Court bench headed by Chief Justice Y.K. Sabharwal also issued notices to the Travancore Devaswom Board that administers the temple, the Devaswom commissioner and the senior-most priest.

The petitioners have sought the quashing of the provision of Kerala Hindu Places of Public Worship (Authority of Entry) Rules, under which women are not allowed to enter the temple.

The association termed the practice a “socio-religious malady” and wondered how the state could give public money to a temple that discriminated against more than half the population on the basis of gender.

In 1991, Kerala High Court had specified that the bar would apply to women aged between 10 and 50.

The views of the minister, who belongs to the CPM — a party that does not believe in God — as an individual were well-known but this is the first time he is pitching it as the government’s position.

If the Left Front administration does submit a similar affidavit in the Supreme Court, it will be the first time a government in Kerala will be taking such a stand.

Kerala has pioneered several social reforms and has an enviable record on “progressive measures” but, of late, few political parties have risked a backlash by openly intervening in religious issues.

The apex court notices today had the effect of uniting the Thazhamon family of Kerala Brahmin priests who hold hereditary rights at Sabarimala temple and the board, which have been at loggerheads.

Board president G. Raman Nair and senior priest Kantararu Maheshwararu spoke in unison, saying they would oppose any move to permit the entry of women between puberty and menopause.

Maheshwararu said menstruating women would not be able to observe the 41-day penance for pilgrims before they trek to the temple. But advocates for lifting the ban said not all devotees go through the 41-day regimen even now.

Dancer Sudha Chandran and others who danced on the temple steps years ago as part of a film were hauled to court and let off with fines.

Recently, an actress created a storm by claiming that she touched the idol several years ago.

Earlier report from The Hindu:
Jayamala's claim: Crime Branch probe sought

Special Correspondent

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The Travancore Devaswom Board has sought a Crime Branch inquiry into the controversy surrounding the alleged entry of Kannada actor Jayamala into the sanctum sanctorum of Sabarimala Ayyappa Temple.

The board, which met here on Friday afternoon, decided to urge the Government to order a Crime Branch probe since the actor refused to cooperate with its Vigilance wing, which had begun a preliminary inquiry. The board will make a formal request to Devaswom Minister G. Sudhakaran to order the probe.

Board president G. Raman Nair and members told mediapersons that Ms. Jayamala refused to meet the team led by Vigilance and Security Officer P.G. Ashok Kumar and demanded a questionnaire before making any statement.

She also said that the board should have intimated her before trying to record her statement. The board decided not to comply with her demands and it was felt that only a Crime Branch probe could reveal whether there was a conspiracy to tarnish the image of the temple. "The board will make a formal request to the Government to order the probe," he said.

The meeting decided to conduct the atonement rituals as suggested by astrologer Parappanangadi Unnkrishna Panicker, who conducted the `Devaprasnom'.

"The rituals, which are expected to cost Rs.5 lakhs, will begin from the Guruvayur temple this month-end and will be completed within two years. The board will bear the expenses of the rituals."

The `Devaprasnom' was conducted in a transparent manner and all questions posed by the faithful, including members of the Pandalam royal family, were answered.

The board had asked the astrologer whether a ropeway could be constructed at Sabarimala to transport goods, to which he had given the nod provided devotees sponsored the project. The board had decided to construct the ropeway using contributions from devotees.

Asked about the differences of opinion over the `Devaprasnom', Mr. Nair said that the tantri (chief priest) was well within his right to air his views. Regarding the interim stay on the board decision to grant 33 per cent reservation in appointments, Mr. Nair said that the court had not ordered a stop on appointments but had only ruled that a decision could be made only after the final ruling. Board members Punalur Madhu and M.B. Sreekumar were also present.


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