Friday, July 28, 2006

Pakistani Army's terrorist Major killed when sneaking in Kashmir

Pakistan has carried out terrorism against India for over three decades now, ever since Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and the Pakistani Army realized in 1971 after the three crushing military defeats of 1948, 1965, and 1971 -- in spite of Pakistan having vastly superior American tanks and warplanes to fight India with, and starting hostilities without a declaration of war trying to take India by surprise -- that Pakistan would never win a war against India.

It started using terrorism as an instrument of State policy in Punjab, hoping to capitalize on Hindu-Sikh differences that it (with -- perhaps unwitting -- help from "Divide and Rule"-type Indian politicians) had created and nurtured.

However that failed due to the valiant fight by the Sikhs and Hindus of Punjab in defence of the Motherland, led by people like K P S Gill.

After 1989, Pakistan focused on igniting terrorism on a large scale in Jammu and Kashmir using a large body of Islamic jihadi fighters from countries like Saudi Arabia, Libya, Sudan, Afghanistan, and Pakistan, who had been fighting the Soviet Union in Afghanistan from 1979 to 1989, and had been rendered jobless by the Soviet withdrawal from Afghanistan.

It is no coincidence that Jammu and Kashmir erupted in flames of large scale terrorism in 1989, the same year the Soviet Union withdrew from Afghanistan.

Just as it is no coincidence that Jammu and Kashmir has seen relatively a lot less terrorism ever since the Iraq War began.

The same people and the same terrorist groups that fought USSR in Afghanistan were also fighting Pakistan's terror war for Kashmir's so-called "freedom" (which in truth, if it can be called a "freedom struggle" at all, can only be called a struggle for freedom from secularism and other broad-minded modern values, freedom to practise 7th Century Taliban-style Islam, freedom to torture maim and kill non-Muslims, freedom to keep women as slaves, freedom to behave as barbarians, freedom from Civilization), and those same people and same groups are today fighting American troops in Iraq.

As recent hostilities such as the Kargil War of 1999 show, Pakistan is still using the same policy of producing Islamic fundamentalist jihadi terrorists in the terrorist training camps its Army and its spy agency ISI runs all over Pakistan-Occupied-Kashmir, and sneaking them into India across the Line of Control every day across the mountainous border under cover of night or artillery fire, along with its regular Army soldiers in civilian clothes, and then calling them mujahideen "freedom fighters", trying to pass them off as Indian Kashmiris.

Over the last 30 years, a mountain of evidence of cross-border infiltration has been collected by India and presented to the International Community. A mountain of electronic evidence has been collected that conclusively shows that terror attacks in India are associated with telephone calls, SMS messages, emails, and other electronic communications of instructions and congratulatory messages from Pakistan.

In spite of an enormous body of evidence of Pakistan's culpability in this infamous three-decade-long sting of Crimes against Humanity, the civilized world continues to turn a blind eye.

If 9/11 had not happened, they would probably have been even more blind to Pakistani terrorism against India, if that were possible at all.

USA, UK, and other Western Nations do not care about innocent Indians being killed by Pakistani Government sponsored terrorists, innocent Kashmiri Hindu Pandits living in refugee camps for 30 years. It is not their job to keep Indians safe from terrorism. That is the job of the Indian Government -- the bunch of thieving morons like Mulla Maulayam, Bihar-Democracy-Killer Lallu, Spineless Eunuch Manmohan, and Christian-fundamentalist Sonia Nehru -- elected by the People of India to run their country.

However, the hypocrisy of the Western Nations with regard to ignoring Pakistani terrorism against India continues to erode whatever little credibility and claim to honesty and integrity they still possess.

Rediff reports:
Pak army major among killed infiltrators

Mukhtar Ahmad In Srinagar | July 29, 2006 02:48 IST
Last Updated: July 29, 2006 05:44 IST

A major of the Pakistan army was among the three infiltrators killed in an encounter in Gurez sector of the north Kashmir Baramulla district on July 26.

Defence spokesman Lieutenant Colonel V K Batra told newsmen that Major Mohammad Hyder Turkey alias Abu Bilal a serving major in 9th Baluch batallion of the Pakistan army was among the three slain infiltrators who had crossed over into this side of the Line of Control on Wednesday in Gurez sector.

"The killing of Turkey, a resident of Gujranwalla Pakistan, has confirmed involvement of Pakistan army in the cross border infiltration," the spokesman said.

He identified the other two militants killed in the encounter at Gurez as Mohammad Qasim alias Abu Usman and Mohammad Ayub Khan alias Islam both Pakistan residents.


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