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Hezbollah terrorist leader Nasrallah admits war stops terrorism

Just over a month ago, Lebanon-based Shia terrorist group (armed, funded and supported mainly by Shia terrorist country Iran and partly by Sunni terrorist country Syria) kidnapped two Israeli soldiers from inside Israel, close to the Israel-Lebanon border. Hezbollah planned to exchange the two soldiers for Hezbollah terrorists currently in Israeli jails.

This happened at around the same time with the July 11 2006 terrorist bomb attacks on Mumbai and Srinagar in India carried out by India-based Islamic terror group SIMI and Pakistan-based Lashkar-e-Tayiba.

While India didn't do anything at all to retaliate against the attacks that killed over 200 innocent Indian citizens and maimed over 700 (beyond making some pathetic pretensions of diplomatic action, like postponing Foreign Secretary level talks with Pakistan) Israel launched a full-scale aerial, missile, and ground war on Hezbollah and its host Lebanon to save the lives of "just two" Israeli soldiers.

Hezbollah was punished severely for its crimes against Humanity. Now, Hezbollah leader Sheikh Nasrallah has admitted that if he knew that Israel would respond so aggressively, he would not have kidpnapped the two Israeli soldiers.

In contrast, Pakistan-based terrorists have warned of even more attacks coming against India.

This proves that Israel's approach was right, and India's approach is wrong.

Taking a peaceful and non-violent "Mahatma Gandhi style" ahimsa approach against Islamic terrorists will not work at all. One must punish them severely in order to force them to let us live in peace.

It is true that Lebanon is much weaker than Pakistan and Israel (with money from rich Jews in USA) has a lot more financial and military resources than India does.

So declaring war on Pakistan is not the best move for India at a critical stage of Indian economic development. Pakistan will benefit through war, by succeeding in pulling down Indian economic growth to its own pathetic level.

However, there are other things to do besides war.

For instance, the terrorists could be aggressively investigated, their hide-outs busted, their sympathetizers mercilessly punished, none of which are being done by India.

Indeed, India's UPA Government has sent clear signals of unwillingness to fight Islamic terror by weakening and getting rid of anti-terror laws like TADA and POTA, at a time when other developed countries like USA that value freedom and liberty (and are usually against tough laws that infringe upon citizens' personal liberties) have instituted extremely tough anti-terror laws like the PATRIOT ACT.

As I have pointed out already, the terrorists who carried out the 1993 Mumbai blasts 16 years ago have not yet been sentenced, and continue to enjoy life in three-star comfort, hospitality funded by Indian tax-payers' hard-earned money, while occasioanlly appearing in court to watch the joke: Government lawyers and clerks making various ineffective moves while years lengthen into decades.

This is no way to fight terror.

This is happening only because the "secular" politicians don't care about Indian citizens; they themselves are protected by Black Cat commandos -- our own sons and daughters in the Army and Police are protecting them, funded by our own hard-earned tax money.

They know they are safe; they don't care if we live or die. They are more interested in preserving their account with the Muslim Vote Bank. The mainstream media does not care about us either; they are only interested in profits, which depend on having working relationships with the politicians.

Nobody cares about us. We must. Otherwise we will keep dying. Tomorrow you may be the victim of the nest terrorist attack.. Or me.

We must raise awareness of this issue. Help me stop this injustice by telling EVERYONE in India about this. Only then will this horrible joke end.

Help me. Forward this article to everyone you know.

BBC reports:
Nasrallah sorry for scale of war
Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah
Nasrallah ordered the capture of the soldiers on 12 July
Hezbollah chief Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah has said he would not have ordered the capture of two Israeli soldiers if he had known it would lead to such a war.

"Had we known that the kidnapping of the soldiers would have led to this, we would definitely not have done it," he said in an interview on Lebanese TV.

He added that neither side was "heading towards a second round" of fighting.

More than 1,000 Lebanese died in the 34-day conflict which left much of southern Lebanon in ruins.

The Israeli offensive began after two Israeli soldiers were seized during a cross border raid by Hezbollah militants on 12 July.

Annan visit

"We did not think that there was a 1% chance that the kidnapping would lead to a war of this scale and magnitude," Sheikh Nasrallah said.

"Now you ask me if this was 11 July and there was a 1% chance that the kidnapping would lead to a war like the one that has taken place, would you go ahead with the kidnapping?

"I would say no, definitely not, for humanitarian, moral, social, security, military and political reasons.

Mother and child outside ruined building
Many thousands have been left homeless by the offensive
"Neither I, Hezbollah, prisoners in Israeli jails and nor the families of the prisoners would accept it."

Sheikh Nasrallah was speaking on the eve of a visit to Beirut by United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan to discuss the expanded UN peacekeeping force to be deployed in southern Lebanon.

A force of 15,000 soldiers, 7,000 of them from European Union states, will be deployed to maintain the fragile ceasefire between Israel and Hezbollah.

The UN hopes to have some of the troops on the ground within a week, although the foreign minister of Finland - which currently holds the EU presidency - has said it will be two to three months before the whole force is deployed.

The force will be led by France until February, at which time Italy will take command.

Speaking in Brussels on Friday, Mr Annan said the plan would only work if the enlarged UN force, called Unifil 2, was "strong, credible and robust".

Mr Annan said the force offered the possibility of a "durable ceasefire and long-term solution" to the Middle East crisis.


At 4:33 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...


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At 7:04 pm, Blogger Harsh Vardhan said...

> Question--------- How could an illiterate man
> like the prophet Muhammad (pbuh) be the
> founder of a faith???????

The answer is very easy: all the followers of the "faith" you are talking about (Radical Islam) are also illiterate and uneducated.

That is why you see educated Muslims like Salman Rushdie, Taslima Nasreen, Ayyan Hirsi Ali, etc denounce (Radical) Islam.

Only followers of Radical Islam are unable to see these easy answers.



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