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RSS Chief Sudarshan

RSS Chief K S Sudarshan has made a number of claims:
1. USA is using India against China.

2. Congress and Communists are using Casteist Divide and Rule policies to divide Hindus. They are also jockeying for the Muslim vote-bank. However, there are many patriotic Muslims who may be able to prevent the Muslim community being used once again to lead to unrest and violence and the heightening of Hindu-Muslim tentions.

3. He has called for Hindu-Muslim unity.

4. He has blamed the so-called "secular" Parties for the Mumbai blasts.

All four of these comments are obvious.

USA has every right to try to use India against China. India has the responsibility of not being stupid enough to let the USA lead it into doing something stupid.

However, as long as India is careful about using its brain and not doing something stupid, there is no reason not to improve ties with USA and take steps that lead to benefits to both sides.

About 2, yes, of course Congress and Communists are using Casteist Divide and Rule policies to try to divide Hindus. Arjun Singh's OBC Reservations are the latest step in this long game that has been going on for a long time.

Hindus need to stop being stupid enough to allow Congress and Communists to divide them on Caste lines.

And yes, "secular" parties are all jockeying for the Muslim vote-bank. Mulla Mulayam's and Salman Khursheed's statements in favour of the Islamic terrorist group SIMI are the latest evidence of this fact that has been proven many many times in the past.

There are many Muslims who are loyal to India. However, the majority of people of India are iliterate and uneducated, and this applies to the Muslim communityy too; the uneducated and iliterate Muslims are easily controlled by the Muslim religious leaders (Imams) and politicians like Mulla Mulayam, Salman Khursheed, etc, and they act as a voting block. These Muslim religious leaders and Muslim vote-banker politicians benefit by keeping Muslims iliterate and uneducated, because as soon as these people start using their own brains and understanding what's going on they will stop listening to these power-hungry Imams and these politicians.

The Muslims who are educated enough to think on their own, and loyal to India are in a small minority with no political power. So far they have not been able to uplift their community at all.

About 3, of course Hindu-Muslim is good for India. However, it is not clear if that will be possible to achieve, given that most of the Muslims (and Hindus too, for that matter) are uneducated and illiterate and can easily be misguided by mischievous political and religious leaders.

It has not been possible to achieve it in 58 years since Independence. It is unlikely that Hindu-Muslim communal amity will grow significantly going forward, especially when according to news reports Al Qaeda has recently started affecting Indian Muslims.

Of course educated and liberal Muslims will, as before, maintain excellent relations with educated Hindus. However, educated liberal Muslims are an insignificant part of the Muslim community and since they have no political power or control over the uneducated Muslims, or the Muslim religious leaders, they don't really matter as a political force for any practical purposes.

As far as 4 is concerned, of course so-called "secular" parties are responsible for the Mumbai blasts. These parties, in their perennial attempts to garner Muslim votes, have always prevented police action against Islamic terrorists. Even now, Mulla Mulayam and Salman Khursheed have come out in open support of the banned Islamic terrorist group SIMI less than two days after the Mumbai bomb blasts that killed over 200 innocent Indians and maimed over 700.

These "secular" parties are responsible for keeping India safe for Islamic terror groups.

An overwhelming majoity of ordinary Indian Muslims are not terrorists, but the small but dangerous minority of Islamic terrorists live among them, and Indian police is prevented from weeding out these terrorists by these "secular" parties.

Ultimately the fault lies with the People of India. The People of India, the majority of whom are Hindus, need to stop being so petty and stupid. They have to stop allowing Casteist vote banks. They have to overwhelmingly support anti-terrorist action, over-ruling the so-called "secular" parties that molly-coddle the terrorists.

They have to force the government to take action. People must talk to each other. They must stop pretending to be "liberal" and avoiding mentioning the words "Islamic terror".

They must acknowledge the inconvenient truth, that a small but dangerous minority of Muslims on Indian soil (including both Muslims who came from Pakistan, and Muslims who were brought up in India) are allied to Al Qaeda, and are terrorists, and they need to be weeded out.

They must acknowledge the inconvenient truth: that the Pakistani government must be given stern signals that it has the responsibility of making sure that people don't use its territory to plot action against innocent Indian civilians.

Dawood Ibrahim is still sitting in Pakistan, and the Pakistani government still has not handed him over to India.

Mohammed Masood Azhar, the founder of Jaish-e-Muhammad, is also sitting in Pakistan plotting and carrying out terrorist acts in India.

The people of India must force the Government of India to take concrete steps to make progress towards getting these and other terrorists handed over to India.

Once they are handed over, India's government must speedily complete court proceedings against them and execute them for their crimes against humanity; not keep them in jail indefinitely and wait for the next aircraft hijacking to lead to their release again, as happened last time Masood Azhar was in Indian custody (IC-814 was hijacked to Kandahar in 1999).

The people of India have been silent too long. They need to speak up and make themselves heard.

Talk about these issues to all your friends, family, neigbours, and everybody else you know.

Let us build Indian public opinion, one person at a time. In a few years, we shall have enough people aware of our view-points, and thinking alike, to be able to prevent the kind of misrule that has happened in the past.

Here is the report from the Times of India:

US using India against China, says Sudarshan

NEW DELHI: The Rashtriya Swayam Sangh has blasted the United States for its double standards on terrorism, and pleaded that India must not allow itself to be used for US's selfish gains.

In an interview published in the Sangh Parivar's mouthpiece Panchjanya, the RSS Supremo, K S Sudarshan, while reacting to the Mumbai serial blast, has said that even though the USA knows of Pakistan's involvement in perpetuating terrorism, it refuses to declare Pakistan a terrorist state. Why? Because it is "using Pakistan against India so that India could be used in its strategic battle against China."

Elaborating, the Parivar head said that the US is worried that missiles capable of striking targets 12000 KMs away are in China's possession. And for the US, the best way to counter that would be to "control the entire geo-political space around India", and to achieve that, it is important that it props up India against its communist neighbour. "We must understand this game and not become a tool to be used against China".

As expected, Sudarshan has harsh words for the Congress and Communists, who he accuses of working towards dividing the Hindus. He thinks terrorism has grown, thanks to the policy of appeasement of Muslims by this government, and that some of the central ministers are actually working towards driving a wedge between the Hindus and the Muslims. On a reconciliatory note, however, he says there are plenty among the Muslims who are true patriots and would not fall into this trap and claimed that RSS is getting excellent support from these people and is actually engaged in a meaningful dialogue with them.

Extending the reconciliatory note further, he said that given the increasing intensity and frequency of terrorist strikes in India, it is important for the entire nation to act as one. Since all attempts by India to forge friendship with Pakistan are rebuffed, it is "time for us to forget the differences of heart and opinion, come together, and give a stinging response to Pakistan."

The Sangh Parivar's mouthpiece also comes down heavily in its editorial on the appeasement policy pursued by political parties. The editorial holds the so-called secular leaders responsible for the Mumbai blasts.

It says when patriotism becomes a matter of shame and the majority community is insulted to gain political mileage, then the influence of terrorist organisations is bound to increase.

After the blasts when India's national security advisor Narayanan hinted at the hand of Pakistan-backed militant outfits before the Cabinet, two ministers opposed it. They in turn blamed Hindus for the blasts. Their postulation was not supported by any sound reasoning.

Mulayam Singh also made a statement giving clean chit to SIMI. The SP leader's statement came keeping in mind the elections in Uttar Pradesh. The Hindu community being a divided lot, he wants to capture the Muslim votes. Prior to this, Lalu Prasad Yadav had ordered a new enquiry into the Godhra carnage. This was also done keeping in mind the assembly elections in Bihar.

Drawing a parallel between the sympathisers and the militant outfits, it says the secular leaders are doing more harm to the country.


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