Friday, July 14, 2006

Manmohan Singh moved by plight of injured

Lame-duck Prime Minister Manmohan Singh says he is "moved by the plight" of the victims of the latest Mumbai blasts. That is what politicians have made a habit of saying every time, and it is not enough.

People responsible for failing to prevent terrorist attacks must resign. Starting with Home Minister Shivraj Patil. Let's get somebody who CAN DO HIS JOB, for a change, in the Ministry. Like K P S Gill.

Times of India reports:

MUMBAI: Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Friday visited victims of the blasts in suburban trains who are being treated at Sion and King Edward Memorial (KEM) Hospitals.

Singh went around various wards in both hospitals and enquired from the injured about their condition and their treatment, hospital officials said.

He was moved by the plight of the injured, they said.

Singh was briefed about the medical aid being given to blast victims by the deans of both hospitals, officials said.

The Prime Minister was accompanied by Maharashtra Governor SM Krishna, Chief Minister Vilasrao Deshmukh, Union Home Minister Shivraj Patil, Union Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar, and top state government officials.

Singh arrived in the city this afternoon and drove first to Sion Hospital and then to KEM Hospital, where many of the injured were taken following Tuesday's seven blasts in local trains during the evening rush hour.

Later, he will interact with state government officials to take stock of the situation in the wake of the terrorist attacks that killed 200 people and injured over 700.

Singh is scheduled to address the media before leaving for Delhi later in the day.

Indian "leaders" have always been well-known for their theatrical abilities. Each time there is a national calamity, they "speak from the heart" about how "moved" and "overwhelmed" they are about the "suffering of the common man".

In truth, they don't care a damn.

If they did, the situation would not have been as bad as it is today.

There is a reason they don't care a damn about what happens to the common man.

The reason is the apathy shown by the common man himself. The common man is no-one but people like you and me.

Today you and I care about the blast victims. Tomorrow we will forget them.

We don't care about the lives of our fellow-citizens. We only care about ourselves, and perhaps our close relatives, and maybe some of our friends.

A society in which people have so little love for fellow citizens is not a Nation. It is just a bunch of people living on the same land mass trying to pursue their own selfish interestsm, and nothing but.

Till we Indians become a Nation, we won't be able to respond as a Nation to the crimes committed against us by our enemies.

USA is a Nation. Israel is a Nation. Russia is a Nation. They are able to fight terrorism resolutely, and banish the scourge from their homelands.

Shamil Basayev is dead. Arafat paid the price of his support for terrorism. The Taliban got removed from power in Aghanistan for having sheltered bin Laden.

India keeps suffering the same kinds of terrorist acts committed by the same bunch of people living comfortably in Pakistan. Because India's leaders don't see much benefit in spending a lot of effort on fighting terrorists (rather than spending the time on vote-bank calculations related to Caste-based Reservations, and other similarly politically profitable issues).

Why ? Because India's people don't force their leaders to avenge acts of terrorism.

Why ? Because India's people -- we -- are too selfish.

We will forget the Mumbai blast victims -- dead, injured -- and their helpless families, soon. Till more blasts occur.

Most of us will never have reason to regret this apathy because most will never personally fall victim to terrorist attacks.

Others will be less lucky, and will be future victims. By then, it will have been too late for them to have done anything to prevent their grisly fate.

The time to act is now.

Don't let them say "everything is back to normal". Go out on the streets and protest the government's failure to stop the attacks. Ask for resignations.

People have died. Heads must roll. Only then will there be accountability, and our "leaders" will take their jobs seriously.

We pay taxes to the government to protect us. Not for politicians to stuff our money in Swiss Bank accounts and focus on Divide and Rule Politics (such as Arjun Singh's Caste-based Reservations) while letting us get bombed by terrorists.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh: being "moved by plight" is not enough.

Please identify those Ministers, Secretaries, and other officials in your Government whose failures led to these bomb blasts, and ask them to resign.

If you cannot, then please resign yourself.

We have had enough of your histrionic antics.


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