Friday, July 14, 2006

The burqa is too dangerous: allows terrorists to cover their faces and get into airports

A man wearing a burqa was arrested in the sensitive Mumbai International Airport soon after the Mumbai blasts that claimed over 200 lives and injured more than 700.

Now he claims he was just trying to meet a girl by pretending to be a woman. How do we know that is true ? Terrorists can have girl-friends too, can't they ?

Times of India reports:

Love in time of terror costs him dear

SURAT/NAVSARI: Love, and not terror, was on the mind of a burqa -clad man from Navsari, who was mistaken for a spy and caught by Sahar police at Mumbai’s international airport on Thursday night.

Ilyas Mohammed Kagzi, 33, was on a mission to woo his girlfriend through her elder sister. And the burkha was to avoid getting noticed by the girl’s father, who was also at the airport.

The desperate love story unfolded after the arrest of the burqa -clad man was flashed across national television channels.

According to Navsari police, as soon as the images of burqa -clad Kagzi were flashed across national TV channels, the Sahar police, in a press briefing, mentioned that the man belongs to a village in Navsari.

A team of officials immediately set off to find his antecedents. Police conducted searches in Sattapeer, Rangoonwala, Mothwad and Dastoorwad villages.

However, by Friday morning Navsari police managed to trace Kagzi’s parents to Maroli village in Jalapore taluka.

Talking to his family members it transpired that he had resorted to the subterfuge for the sake of his lady love.

His mother Amina and his brother Ishad, who is a qualified computer engineer, said that it was only on Friday morning that they saw him on the news channels and recognised him.

Police said that Kagzi loved a girl called Akita from his village and was desperate to meet her sister, who was returning from London.

Ilyas feared Akita’s father and did not want him to know that he was there. Navsari superintendent of police ND Solanki questioned Kagzi’s family members and Akita’s father about his statement to Sahar police.

Both the families agreed to the version. "We have searched his home and have found nothing suspicious. We have even questioned his parents and his brother. Even Akita’s parents were questioned. Kagzi’s role as a terrorist at the moment seems doubtful," says Solanki.

Whether he was a terrorist or not, isn't it dangerous to allow men to wander about in sensitive areas like airports hiding under burqas ?

Presumably the reason he could get into the airport is because nobody checked under the burqa to make sure it was a woman.

In that case, what would have stopped a known terrorist like Tiger Momon, or Dawood Ibrahim, or any of their associates, to have done the same ?

People wandering about with their faces covered in sensitive areas in these dangerous times should not be allowed.


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