Friday, July 14, 2006

Blasts fallout: Indo-Pak secretary-level talks called off

India has decided to break off Foreign Secreary level talks with Pakistan, Hindustan Times ominously reports. Anyone think Pakistani President Musharraf is shaking with fear over this one ?

Hindustan Times reports:
Blasts fallout: Indo-Pak secretary-level talks called off

The Indo-Pak foreign secretary level talks are the latest casualty of Tuesday’s serial blasts. India has called off the talks that were to be held here next week, top government sources said.

Reflecting New Delhi’s mood, Foreign Secretary Shyam Saran said that “unsettling events” had taken place. “Cooperation is a two-way street. No cooperation can be one-sided… India will do what it has to do,” he said.

Saran, however, emphasised that the peace process was not off.

Though there was no schedule of the talks, India and Pakistan had agreed in January that the dialogue could be held on July 21, which was to be confirmed by both sides. While Pakistan had 10 days ago expressed readiness, New Delhi had not responded.

The cancellation followed some very tough talk from Prime Minister Manmohan Singh during his Mumbai visit. He said that it was impossible for terrorists to execute Tuesday’s train blasts without support, instigation and inspiration from across the border. Speaking at the airport after visiting blast victims, Singh said Pakistan had assured in 2004 that terrorists would not be allowed to operate from its soil. “That assurance has to be fulfilled,” he said.

When asked whether confidence-building measures would be affected, Singh said the destiny of South Asian countries was interlinked and that it had been explained to Pakistan, at the highest level, that it would be exceedingly difficult to carry on with the peace process if terrorism continued.

When asked if India planned to declare Pakistan a terrorist state, the PM said India has used all possible avenues in world fora to tell how India has suffered from brutal terrorism in the last 15 to 16 years. “There’s more awareness than before that terrorism is a global phenomenon,” he added.

Singh asserted that “adequate information was given to the state about possible terrorist acts.” But he said the terrorists succeeded because of the element of surprise. “At a macro level, we had a lot of information, but at micro level no specific information was available.”

Pakistan reacted by rejecting Singh’s “unsubstantiated allegations.” “We have already rejected the charges,” Pakistan Foreign Office spokesperson Tasnim Aslam said.

Anyone think Pakistani President Musharraf is going "Ooooooo, I'm so scared ! India has broken off Foreign Secretary level talks because of the Mumbai blasts ! Oh my God, what will I do now ? "

Anyone think he cares at all whether India breaks off Foreign Secretary level talks, or postpones them, or whatever ?

Musharraf does not care.

The reason is simple. Breaking off these talks DOES NOT MATTER.

Why did India break off the talks ? Because India's lame-duck Prime Minister Manmohan Singh NEEDS TO SHOW that he is DOING SOMETHING, but has NO CLUE WHAT TO DO.

So he is making meaningless gestures like "breaking off Foreign Secretary level talks" and hoping that nobody will notice that he didn't do anything remotely meaningful that can punish Pakistan at all for the grisly terrr attack it wreaked upon Mumbai's innocent lives killing more than 200 and severely injuring more than 700 precious Indian lives.

The reason he is getting away with not doing anything is because India's stupid media has failed to point out how meaningless his actions are.

Just notice how solemnly Hindustan Times is reporting this meaningless step taken by a useless Prime Minister.

As if breaking off Foreign Secretary level talks really means something.

Imagine how Israeli citizens would have reacted if their Prime Minister had been so ineffective.

Imagine how American citiens would have reacted if Bush had announced after the 9/11 terror attacks that he was "breaking off Foreign Secretary level talks with the Taliban", or even worse, with the Al Qaeda.

India's Government sucks. It is full of old doddering stupid idiots with no idea how to do anything besides cling on to their precious Ministries.

The People of India are to blame. They should have take the last Elections a little more seriously.

Anybody who elects a bunch of idiots to rule over them deserves whatever happens to them.

As you sow, so you reap.

It is not too late yet. There is still time.

Start talking. Make yourself heard.

Criminals and bullies pretend to be brave, but they are also fearful.

As soon as you the People rise up to claim your human dignity and rights of citizenship (good governance, etc) the criminals who rule over you today will run away with their tails between their feet.

Demand lame-duck Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's resignation.

Demand Divide and Rule Casteist Ministers Arjun Singh's and Ambubani Ramadoss to be sent to jail for Casteism. Yes, Casteism is banned in India and practising it (like they did by proposing Caste-based Reservations) is an offence punishable with prison sentences.

Demand the Bofors-thief Ottavio Quattrochhi's accomplice Sonia Nehru (who calls herself Gandhi) be sent to jail for stealing our hard-earned money.

Demand your rights as a citizen of India.

It is not your place to cower in fear in your own Motherland while criminals call the shots.

Rise up.

Stop obeying the immoral laws (such as 104th Constitutional Amendment allowing Caste-based Reservations) framed by the criminal rulers.

Rise up and fight for your rights. For your dignity.

Be prepared to lay own your lives. So that your children may live with dignity.

Those in the Army, the Police, and the Paramilitary forces, stop obeing orders from this immoral, dishonest, corrupt, and evil UPA government.

Let a new India rise up from the ashes of the evil self-seeking thieves who rule over it today.


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