Sunday, July 08, 2007

Hindu woman being tortured in Malaysian Government and Courts to force her to convert to Islam

A Malaysian Hindu woman is being forcibly fed beef and physically and mentally tortured by the Government and Courts of Malaysia. They are trying to force her to convert to Islam.

This kind of forced conversion of minority Hindus has been going on all over Pakistan and Bangladesh for the last one thousand years. This was how Hindus were reduced from 18% in 1947 to a negligible 0.1% of Pakistan's population in the 60 years since then.

The same kind of Islamic oppression of minority Hindus goes on in all other Muslim-majority countries like Malaysia and Indonesia as well.

Indian Hindus are secular and broad-minded, so they have elected anti-Hindu Christian fundamentalists like Sonia Gandhi to rule over them. So the Government of India -- the only Hindu-majority country on this planet with the power to prevent these crimes against Hindus worldwide -- does nothing to protect Hindus from being wiped out (Nepal is too small and too weak to protect Hindus worldwide).

Will we the people of India watch silently? Or will we do something to protect this innocent helpless Hindu woman all alone by herself in friendless Malaysia?

You can make a difference to her life. Spread the word about her plight among everyone you know. Force the Government of India to intervene on her behalf to protect her human rights. The Government of anti-Hindu Christian fundamentalist Sonia Gandhi will do nothing to help her unless we the common people of Hindu-majority India force her Congress party to act.

The choice is yours. Either like a human would. Or ignore her plight and let her suffer just because she is a Hindu.

If she had been a Christian being tortured to convert her to Islam, Christian-majority countries like UK and USA would protect her aggressively.

If she had been a Muslim being tortured by Christians, Muslim countries would protect her.

If she had been a Jew Israel would come to her defence.

But she is a Hindu. No Government of any country cares about protecting Hindus.

Will you help make a difference to her life?

BBC reports:
Malaysia 'convert' claims cruelty
By Jonathan Kent
BBC News, Kuala Lumpur

Revathi Massosai
Revathi Massosai alleges harsh treatment in detention
A Malaysian woman held for months in an Islamic rehabilitation centre says she was subjected to mental torture for insisting her religion is Hinduism.

Revathi Massosai, the name by which she wants to be known, says she was forced to eat beef despite being a Hindu.

Miss Massosai was seized by the Islamic authorities in January when she went to court to ask that she be registered as a Hindu rather than a Muslim.

The case is one of a number that have raised religious tensions in Malaysia.

Miss Massosai was born to Muslim converts and given a Muslim name, but she was raised as a Hindu by her grandmother and has always practised that faith.

However, under Malaysia's Islamic law, having Muslim parents makes one a Muslim and, as such, one is not allowed to change one's faith or marry a non-Muslim.

But Miss Massosai married a Hindu man in 2004 and the couple have a young daughter.


When in January she asked a court to officially designate her a Hindu she was detained and taken to an Islamic rehabilitation centre.

Muslims take part in Friday prayer at the National Mosque in Kuala Lumpur
Only the Islamic courts can allow a Muslim legally to change faith

Her detention was twice extended to six months, during which time she says religious officials tried to make her pray as a Muslim and wear a headscarf.

However, the claim that will particularly shock Hindus is that the camp authorities tried to force her to eat beef.

A lawyer representing the Malacca state Islamic department responsible for Miss Revathi's arrest, rejected her allegations and said officials believe that she can still be persuaded to embrace Islam.

She is adamant that she will remain a Hindu. In the meantime, Miss Revathi and her daughter have been placed in the custody of her Muslim parents.


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