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DMK introduces zizya in Tamil Nadu

The Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK) party ruling Tamil Nadu has introduced reservations for Muslims and Christians in Tamil Nadu Government jobs and educational institutions. Poor Hindus, Buddhists, Jains, and Sikhs are thus being encouraged to convert to Islam or Christianity in order to become eligible for getting access to education and jobs in their own motherland.

The Sultans of Delhi and Mughal Emperors like Aurangzeb -- who spent their lives constantly destroying Hindu temples, butchering Hindus, kidnapping Hindu women and raping and torturing them till they agreed to convert to Islam -- used financial incentives like zizya as well in their crusades against Hinduism.

Hindus Buddhists Jains and Sikhs living under Muslim rule were forced to pay the zizya religious tax. Over the 1000-year-long Muslim tyranny over India, during times of famine, food shortage, crop failure, etc., this zizya tax caused millions of starving Hindus and Buddhists to convert to Islam in order that their starving children might stay alive.

Now poor Hindus Buddhists and Sikhs in Tamil Nadu, where Reservations have already touched 69%, are essentially being told by the DMK Government: "If you want to go to college or get a job, convert to Islam or Christianity. Otherwise, remain Hindu and starve." Do you still think India is a secular country ?

The UPA Government led by the anti-Hindu Catholic fanatic Antonia Maino (a.k.a. Sonia Gandhi) has recently shamelessly introduced Re. 2 coins embossed with the Christian Cross.

Now Hindus are being openly denied opportunities in their own ancient homeland, while they are being reserved for Christians and Muslims only.

How much more of this will the Hindus of India tolerate ? Now is the time for Hindus of India to unite. To forget about Caste differences. To fight for survival.

It is not difficult. All we have to do is to be able to identify our friends and enemies. Anyone practising Casteist Divide and Rule politics, dividing Hindus on the basis of, say, Caste (like Arjun Singh, or V P Singh, and anyone in the same Parties or Alliances with them) is an enemy.

Anyone preaching Hindu Unity, like the RSS or the BJP, or the Shiv Sena, is a friend.

Those who are against OBC Casteist Reservations and angry with BJP and Shiv Sena for not opposing them, please understand that BJP or Shiv Sena cannot protest against OBC Reservations because doing so will mean playing into the hands of people like Arjun Singh.

Arjun Singh and Sonia Gandhi want Hindus to fight amongst each other. We must not. Our OBC brothers and sisters will see through Arjun Singh's tricks on their own, and will oppose Casteism and Divide and Rule on their own.

Hindus of India, unite. If you don't, you will be exterminated.

Your tolerance is being used against you. Your enemies are motivated by mad and intolerant religious fanaticism preached in the Koran and Bible; tolerating this intolerance will have disastrous results.

Hindus must unite and inspire fear among the fanatic Muslims and Christians who seek to destroy us; only then will they start showing secularism, religious tolerance, and civilized behaviour.

Spread these thoughts among all you know. I have reached these conclusions after a lot of thought. I know many of you are afraid of being associated with the RSS. But in truth, Hinduism in India can be saved only if all Hindus of India, of all castes, languages, regions, unite under the RSS flag.

The enemies of Hinduism know this. That is precisely why they are trying to besmirch the RSS by spreading malicious propaganda about it all the time.

The RSS has been banned in in Hindu-majority India three times since Independence; each time on flimsy grounds and false accusations. The enemies of Hinduism have been fighting it desperately.

A small minority of Hindus have been working hard to keep the RSS alive for the last hundred years. Now is the time for the rest to lend a hand.

Join RSS today and work for Hindu Unity, so that your children can have a better future than the unfortunate Hindus of Pakistan, Bangladesh, or Kashmir.

Join RSS today, so that your daughter is not kidnapped into a harem and forcibly converted to Islam, the way Hindu girls are being treated in Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Join RSS today, so that your son and daughter are not forced to convert to Islam or Christianity in order to qualify for college educations and jobs in their own motherland.

Vande Mataram. Jai Hind.

Times of India reports:

TN announces 'exclusive reservation' for minoritiesAdd to Clippings
[5 Apr, 2007 1252hrs ISTPTI]

CHENNAI: In the midst of a raging controversy over the Supreme Court's stay on the 27 per cent reservation for OBC students in the elite educational institutions, the Tamil Nadu government on Thursday announced an 'exclusive reservation' for Christians and Muslims in government services and educational institutions.

Intervening during a debate on the demands of grants for minorities department, Chief Minister M Karunanidhi told the state assembly that the government had accepted the recommendations of the state Backward Classes Commission, headed by Justice M Janardanam, retired judge of the Madras High court, in this regard.

The Commission, which had been asked to go into the question, had stated that the report of the Second Class Backward Commission, headed by J A Ambashankar, which went into the number of backward class people in the state, could be the basis for the 'exclusive reservation’ for Christians and Muslims.

The Ambashankar Commission had studied the population of backward class people among Hindus, Christians and Muslims.

The government would take legal steps to implement the exclusive reservation for minorities once the Supreme Court pronounced its verdict on the 69 per cent reservation case, pending before it, Karunanidhi said.

He said full details on the exclusive reservation would be announced after consultations with 'friendly parties' of the DMK.



At 3:32 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please make the punchline in bold:

Anyone preaching Hindu Unity, like the RSS or the BJP, or the Shiv Sena, is a friend.

Your tolerance is being used against you. Your enemies are motivated by mad and intolerant religious fanaticism preached in the Koran and Bible; tolerating this intolerance will have disastrous results.


Join RSS today and work for Hindu Unity, so that your children can have a better future than the unfortunate Hindus of Pakistan, Bangladesh, or Kashmir.

Join RSS today, so that your daughter is not kidnapped into a harem and forcibly converted to Islam, the way Hindu girls are being treated in Pakistan and Bangladesh.

I loved the article. Nice one!

At 10:44 pm, Blogger Harsh Vardhan said...

Good suggestion, thanks ! I did as you suggested.


At 4:49 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Now Urdu is going to be made a compulsory language in Muslim schools across Tamilnadu. Many of Urdu castes in reserved category already dont speak Tamil, but being treated like Tamils.

Here are some great DMK achievements for Tamil language in Tamilnadu:

1)Tamil removed from Chennai domestic airport.
2)Hindi rotten music brought (latest "pop" albums) in Tamilnadu FM stations.
3)Hindi DMK pamphlets distributed during elections.
4)Karunanidhi reciting Hindi poems.
Kanimozhi condemning Tamil poet Baaradhiyar.
5)Plan to break Ramarpalam.
6)Launch of Isaiyaruvi channel where presenters dont even speak proper Tamil; they have beaten Sun Music in Thamingalam.
7)Allowing Hindi imposition in CBSE schools while Northerners skipping Tamil altogether.
No Tamil in even TN government transport and other website (see Karnataka/Kannada website for comparison)
8)Children's books in Tamil language have only English fruit/vegetable names written in Tamil and not Tamil words (again see Kannada books for children as comparison)
9)Broken promise of Tamil/bilingual engineering and adv course (no 1 reason of Tamil medium student suicides)
10)Use of Thamizh thaai vaazhthu with deleted and modified line and not original (note: High court case has been filed).
11)DMK treats FC Tamils as non-Tamils; hits outs as them being non-Tamil or "enemies of Tamil" while treating Urdu and Hindi castes as Tamils in the OBC reservation policy. DMK has made Urdu as compulsory language in Muslim schools.

DMK is really greatest champion for Tamil language.

At 11:56 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

For the DMK, everything about Islam is right whereas it's totally the otherway when it comes to Hinduism. Some contradictions in Quran (the words of Almighty Allah) are as follows:

By Abul Kasem

This guide is a compilation of contradictory verses in the Qur’an, the holiest book of Islam. Muslims consider the Qur’an as the infallible words of Allah, free of any ambiguities, contradictions, errors and irrationalities. This guide will demonstrate that far from being perfect, free of ambiguities and errors, the Qur’an is replete with hundreds of contradictory statements that will surprise the critical readers of the Qur’an. It is unbelievable that an omnipotent, omniscient, all‑knowing, and all‑powerful Allah will have such a demented intellect to construct so many contradictory passages.

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Please note that this guide does not address Qur’an’s errors, absurdities, and irrationalities on various subjects such as science, mathematics, astronomy, history, embryology, geology, and cosmology. This is a vast topic and a separate guide is necessary to understand Allah’s expertise on these issues.

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Allah created the mankind; they should worship Him.
Contradiction: 3:97, 35:15 say Allah does not need mankind and the jinns; He is free of all want.

Allah created the earth (first) then He perfected the seven firmaments (heavens); He has the perfect knowledge of all things. (This verse indicates that Allah started creation by creating earth, and then He made heaven into seven heavens. This is how building usually starts, with the lower floors first and then the top floors-ibn Kathir).
Contradiction: 79:27‑30 says Allah created the heavens first.

All the angels bowed to Adam, except Iblis. He was haughty and a disbeliever.
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Contradiction: 42:51 says Allah never speaks directly to a human; He speaks either from behind a veil or through a messenger.

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Contradiction: 6:14 says Muhammad was the first Muslim.
Contradiction: 7:143 says Moses was the first Muslim.
Contradiction: 26:51 says some Egyptians were the first Muslims.

Allah ordered Adam and his wife to descend on earth, and to preach on people whatever message they received from Allah.
Contradiction: In verse 20:123, before sending Adam on earth, Allah told him humans on earth would be enemies of one another. This means there were already people on earth when Adam descended on it. So Adam was not the first human created by Allah.

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Contradiction: 10:92 says Allah saved Pharaoh.

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Contradiction: 2:63 says Allah raised the Mount Sinai above the Children of Israel and threatened them to submit to Him.
Contradiction: 7:152 says Allah punished them.

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Those Jews wrote their Book with their own hands, and faked that as the Book from Allah, Allah curses them.
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Whatever verses Allah abrogates or causes Muhammad to forget, He replaces them with similar or better verses (Muhammad did forget some Qur’anic verses-Walker, p. 166).
Contradiction: 6:34, 6:115 say none can change the words in the Qur’an.

The dominion of the heavens and the earth belongs to Allah; there is no protector besides Him.
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Contradiction: 6:14 says Muhammad was the first Muslim.
Contradiction: 7:143 says Moses was the first Muslim.
Contradiction: 26:51 says some Egyptians were the first Muslims.

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Contradiction: Allah says in 4:152 He makes no distinctions among prophets.

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Contradiction: see 2:254.

Allah caused a man to sleep for a century, then raised him up, and questioned the man how long he thought had been in sleep (in this verse Allah is directly speaking with an ordinary person).
Contradiction: 42:51 says Allah speaks only through a veil or through a messenger.

End of Part 1

To be continued in part 2.


Abul Kasem writes from Sydney, Australia. Send your comments to

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