Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Why India should have a Popularly Elected President

The President of India is, for the most part, just a rubber-stamp. The President has almost no real power. Then why does India have a President at all?

The President's office is misused as a Retirement Home to reward loyal servants of the Nehru Dynasty. The only exceptions were early Presidents like Rajendra Prasad, and the current President Kalam who was appointed by the NDA, not by Congress.

The current Congress-led UPA Government is talking about choosing the idiot Arjun Singh, loyal servant and pet dog of Sonia Nehru, as the next President. This is absolutely outrageous. Having a lunatic like Arjun Singh as President of India would be a National Shame.

It is time to put an end to this 60-year-long charade. Citizens of India, rise and be heard. Demand change. Here is the demand I want you to consider, and support once you agree it has merit.

"Either the Office of the President must be given real power (and the President must be popularly elected like in the United States), or the Office of the President must be abolished.

We, the Citizens of India, will no longer tolerate the Nehru Dynasty charade of insulting the Nation by rewarding old senile useless unpopular criminal servants and lap-dogs of the Nehru Dynasty, like the current Nehru Dynasty candidate Arjun Singh, by making them Presidents of India."

If you agree to this, forward this demand to all your friends and family. Let the New India rise and be heard. Let the toothless brainless 80+ and 90+ senile lunatics like Arjun Singh go where they belong: to the hospice to wait for death. The President's Office is NOT a Retirement Home.


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