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Fascist CPM Government's Reign of Terror in West Bengal: Massacre in Broad Daylight

The CPI(M)-led Left Front Government of West Bengal has stayed in power for over thirty years by brute force. Sometimes they have rigged elections, captured polling booths by force and stuffed ballot boxes with false votes, and sometimes they have simply intimidated (beaten up, and when necessary, murdered) their political opponents out of the elections, especially in rural West Bengal where rule of law exists only for CPI(M) supporters.

Now the Fascist Government is up to a new tactic: they are setting up "Special Economic Zones" in villages where Opposition voters live.

That is, if they suspect you are a supporter of the Opposition Trinamool Congress or the BJP in rural West Bengal, they will simply "acquire" your land, your house, and all your property, in order to build a Tata Motor car factory, or an Indonesian fertilizer factory, or something of the sort. They will pay you a pittance for the land, not the prevailing market rate, and even that pittance will probably never materialize -- you will end up running from pillar to post, filing thousands of applications over the next several decades to get your money. In short, your life will be destroyed, and you and your family will land up on the streets as beggars, rickshaw-pullers, or prostitutes.

The moral of the story: if you don't want to be kicked out of your house and lose everything you have, you better make sure you and everybody else in your village vote for the Left Front in the elections.

The people of Singur and Nandigram are fighting valiantly against this evil Government. They need the support of the rest of us, all over India. We must unite to fight this barbaric Fascists. If not, tomorrow they may decide that your house should be "acquired" for a Tata motor or fertilizer company office.

At least 11 people have been killed in Nandigram according to official figures. Acording to some reports, more than 50 have been killed by the Fascist mass-murderous CPI(M) Government of West Bengal. Several others have been raped and killed in Singur over the past several months. Before India became Independent, the British did this at Jallain Walla Bagh. The Left Front has already done this tens of times over the last 30 years. Is this Independence ? Is this Freedom ?

Let the children of Mother India unite in revenge. Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth. Let no Fascist Left Front "leader" be safe anywhere in India.

We the people of India have been too peaceful for too long, and our corrupt murderer thief liar robber and rapist "leaders" have become too complacent. They think they can get away with anything -- literally get away with 11 murders in broad daylight. They are treating us as animals. If they are to treat us as human beings, not as animals, they must fear us, just a little bit. We must make them fear us.

If Mahatma Gandhi were alive today, he would say the same thing. Being non-violent must not mean being reduced to the status of animals. We are human beings, not goats or sheep to be slaughtered at will for profit.

We must prove this to our "leaders".

Spread this thought around to everybody you know. Let a hundred million voices rise in anger to condemn this Fascist mass-murder in broad daylight. Let some Fascist CPI(M) blood be spilled in revenge. Let Mother India rise to protect her children from the cowardly traitorous murderous thieving tyrants who oppress them.

Vande Mataram ! Jai Hind !

Hindustan Times reports:

11 killed, 40 injured in Nandigram police firing
Sujit Nath and Aloke Banerjee
Nandigram/Kolkata, March 14, 2007

At least 11 people were killed while 40 others were injured after a large contingent of police entered Nandigram in East Midnapore district, opened fire and clashed with local people on Wednesday morning.

Unconfirmed reports put the death toll to more than 20 while the Opposition alleged that more than 50 people had died of police firing.

The Trinamool Congress has called a 12-hour Bangla bandh on Friday, which has been supported by the Congress, BJP and SUCI. Trinamool chief Mamata Banerjee demanded resignation of the chief minister and alleged that many bodies had been sunk in the nearby river.

Trouble started at about 8 in the morning when over a 2000-strong police force armed with AK 47 rifles attempted to enter Nandigram, which has been cut off from the rest of the state for over two months now by villagers resisting land acquisition for setting up an SEZ.

The first barricade was put up by women and children who resisted the police from entering the villages. The police fired tear gas shells and then rubber bullets and finally live cartridges. A section of villagers were armed and they retaliated and injured several policemen.

The plan to push in police into the trouble-torn and tense area was chalked out by the CPI(M) top brass last Saturday, insiders told HT. They were under pressure from the East Midnapur unit of the party led by MP Lakshman Seth who felt that the CPI(M) would permanently lose ground in the area unless barricades were removed and normalcy was restored in Nandigram. A large section of the CPI(M) secretariat was also of the same view and felt that the manner villagers were keeping the administration paralysed for over two months was creating a bad precedent.

According to the strategy, the police was asked to remove resistance, enter the villages and 'restore law of the land'. They were to be followed by CPI(M) activists, who would “reinstall civil society” in Nandigram. The Opposition too alleged that armed CPI(M) cadres had mixed with the police, fired upon villagers and then attempted to enter the villages. Another group of party activists cordoned off the entire area checked all vehicles to prevent journalists from entering the scene of violence. Several scribes were beaten up. "We wont allow the media to enter the village. So far you were running the show. Now it is our turn," Lakshman Seth said bluntly.

The opposition members staged a walk out in the assembly. The government also came under heavy criticism from Left Front partners CPI, RSP and the Forward Bloc. An emergency Front meeting has been called on Wednesday. The Chief Minister is expected to give a statement in the state assembly.

Police said that entry inside the Nandigram had become necessary because there was no law and order in the area and the police needed to gain access. The Director General of Police, AB Vohra said that 14 policemen were injured including an additional SP.

The sudden raid came as a surprise for the villagers as they started running here and there to maintain a safe distance. It was a horrific sight as armed policemen were seen dragging villagers out of their houses and beating them.
“It is like a war. I don’t know where my family members are. I never expected such an attack from the policemen,” Saber, one of the villagers of Gorchakraberia said.

Around 10 am the entire area turned into a battlefield. “I can see every were bodies are scattered all over paddy field smeared with blood. Those who were injured are screaming for help but instead of providing any aid policemen were seen kicking them with their boots,” Ehsan one of the local villagers told Hindustan Times over telephone.

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