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Communists attack Rahul Dravid for performing Surya Namaskar

After a thousand years of slow destruction of Hinduism and Hindu culture and heritage, India has finally reached the final stage. Now Communists trying to prove their regard for "secularism" (defined as anti-Hinduism and Muslim-appeasement in the Indian context) are openly attacking people for performing non-religious Hindu activities like Surya Namaskar and other forms of Yoga.

Indian cricket team captain Rahul Dravid is being attacked by these anti-India anti-Democracy anti-Hindu Mao-worshipping Communists for participating in a Yoga camp organized by the RSS.

The Communists are calling the RSS "sectarian" and "fascist". This has been a long-standing trick employed by anti-Hindu elements in India: bad-mouth someone or something often enough for long enough, and the gullible common people of India will believe it. And most India, from the common man to public figures like Rahul Dravid or Amitabh Bachhchhan will be afraid to associate themselves with the RSS for fear of being labelled "fascist".

There isn't and has never been any evidence to support the commonly-used "fascist" charge against RSS. Going by real evidence, RSS is a peaceful volunteer organization focused on social service and charity. It is "fascist" only in the baseless dream-world the Communists live in.

Since 1947 these anti-Hindu elements have tried to destroy the RSS by banning it three times. Each time the RSS was found not-guilty of any and all charges by the Courts of India. If the Communists can prove the RSS "fascist" why don't they go to Court and get it banned once and for all ? They cannot because they know their charges are baseless and cannot be substantiated by even the flimsiest kind of evidence. So they are trying to destroy the RSS by bad-mouthing it day after day in public and trying to intimidate people like Rahul Dravid who want to take part in its altruistic social development activities.

By tying up with their anti-Hindu Christian missionary partners have also gotten the RSS labelled a "terrorist organization" by the Christian-dominated US Government. Why did the Us agree ? Because the RSS hinders the Christian missionary groups' "convert poor Hindus to Christianity by offering money an jobs" activities by helping poor Hindus in Indian villages get educated, get jobs, support themselves, and develop pride in their ancient Hindu cultural heritage by learning about it. Then, they no longer need the measly dollars of the American Christian evangelist priests, and they no longer want to join a backward unscientific irrational fairy-tale-full religion like Christianity by giving up the rational scientific thought-and-question-encouraging open-minded faith like Hinduism.

The anti-Hindu Communists are calling the RSS "fascist" but offering no reason, argument, or proof to support their absurd claims.

Who is fascist ? The volunteer group that organized Yoga lessons for poor villagers, or the un-democratic Mao-worshipping group of corrupt Leftist politicans that tries to intimidate everybody from joining the social service activities of the RSS by calling it "fascist" ?

You decide.

If you think the RSS is being targeted for peacefully working to prevent the continuing destruction of one of the few remaining enlightened religions on this planet -- Hinduism -- by the forces of irrational "believe it or God will send you to Hell" unscientific "listen to what the cleric says" fundamentalist dogmatic and backward religions like Islam and Chrisianity, then join the RSS or help its activities.

If you are afraid of being targetted as "fascist" by the anti-Hindu Communists and hence don't want to help the RSS, at least spread this article so that others more willing to take risks will read my arguments and help the RSS in peacefully preventing the destruction of Mankind's greatest treasure: the enlightened path, the Sanatana Dharma, called Hinduism.

Hindustan Times reports:

Dravid attends RSS function; Left unhappy
Sutirtho Patranobis
New Delhi, February 6, 2007

The Left parties have expressed their displeasure over Indian cricket team captain Rahul Dravid attending a function organised by an RSS-affiliated body in Nagpur in January.

On January 20, Dravid inaugurated a "surya namaskar" (a yoga-based ritual to worship the sun) programme organised on the occasion of Makar Sankranti by Vidya Bharati, an RSS-affiliated organisation that runs a chain of schools. After lighting the lamp at a gathering in the Ramnagar area of Nagpur, Dravid went on to give a speech and asked the attending children to do 'surya namaskar' daily. It keeps the body fit, Dravid added.

Following the event, RSS mouthpiece Panchjanya carried an article on the event complete with a picture of Dravid, flanked by RSS members, addressing the audience. The article was carried in the February 4 issue of the weekly magazine. In the issue, dated February 11, Panchjanya again made a reference to Dravid, saying that after his participation in the January 20 programme, Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh followed suit and organised a similar event.

The Left said on Tuesday that what Dravid played at the Ramnagar Maidan in Nagpur on January 20 was not cricket. Both CPIM and CPI raised objections to the fact that one of the most famous cricketers in the country is rubbing shoulders with an organisation that spreads "sectarian politics" and is "fascist in nature".

"He (Dravid) might be the Indian cricket captain but he is also an individual and an adult. In the end, it is his choice. And if his choice of company is the RSS, good luck to him. Everyone knows, that RSS promotes an ideology that is sectarian. It is his choice if he wants to be made use of by the RSS," CPIM politburo member, Brinda Karat, told HT. She added that the 'surya namaskar' is not a monopoly of the RSS and millions of Indians go through the ritual everyday.

CPI's National Secretary D Raja was more direct and said that Dravid should not have taken part in an RSS function. "Why should he take part in a function organised by RSS, which believes in a fascist and communal ideology? Why should he allow himself to be identified with RSS," Raja asked.

"I was asked to got to a function where a lot of school children were coming to talk on the benefits of yoga. I have no political leanings. Yoga is something where even the Indian cricket team does. I had no idea that this could be used for political purposes,’’ Rahul Dravid told HT from Calcutta on Tuesday evening.

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please write about this on ur website too.

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