Tuesday, October 10, 2006

US-based Christian fanatics converting Hindus in India to Christianity using money and intimidation

US evangelical Christian missionaries have been targetting India, China, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, etc as sources of "souls" for quite some time.

Having lost influence in the increasingly educated populations of the Western nations of USA and Europe for their narrow-minded and unscientific ideology, these evangelicals have been targetting innocent broad-minded and tolerant Hindus and Buddhists with money, deception, lies, and treachery. People with sick children are promised that God will bless their children and make them better if they convert. People with no food to feed their cildren are promised money or jobs if they convert to Christianity. People who use such tactics to preach about something as high and as noble as God, count among the most base vile and low imaginable.

India's narrow-minded Christian fundamentalist leaders like Sonia Nehru are also betraying the trust given in them by the tolerant Hindus by encouraging this conversion.

Thanks to an anonymous contributor for the following video showing how ancient Indian culture is being wiped out by dogmatic narow-minded Christian evangelical religious fanatics. India's secularism is being taken advantage of to destroy the Hindu/Jain/Buddhist tolerant rational and scientific-minded cultural heritage that has allowed such secularism and religious tolerance to exist for thousands of years, and replace it with intolerant dogmatic narrow-minded fanatic Christianity -- the same unscientific and fairy-tale-based religion that educated people in Europe and USA are rejecting and turning away from.

Hindustan Times reports:

'CIA funds religious conversions in India'
United News of India
Madurai, August 23, 2006

Launching a blistering attack on the US for imposing its culture and value system on other nations, RSS Chief KS Sudharshan has charged the CIA with funding large-scale conversions in the country.

American Baptists were engaged in a grand project of religious conversion, christened as Joshua I, with the patronage of the Bush administration, he alleged, addressing a symposium on Empowerment of Hindu Intelligentsia organised as part of the Golwalkar centenary celebrations at Madurai on Tuesday night.

According to him, the project envisaged a church initially in each locality having a post office and then between a cycling distance.

Turning his ire on Muslims, he warned of the 'serious consequences' of Bangladeshi immigrants, affecting the demographic profile of Assam, West Bengal and Bihar. In Assam alone 10 out of 18 districts have witnessed an alarming rise in the proportion of Muslims, he claimed.

Expressing hope that a Hindu renaissance would blossom by the year 2011, he called upon the intelligentsia to spread 'Hindu Dharma'.

Former Union Minister Arun Shourie, speaking on Media and Hindu Intelligentsia, said intellectual work should be an instrument for acquiring political power. As such, all efforts should be doubled and directed at achieving this and the current situation remained the most opportune and favourable one to realise that, he felt.

Stating that more than 50 years of secular discourse had done great harm to the nation, he said Hindu tradition had been denied its due space in mainstream media, which was insensitive to the national cause.

Rediff reports:

Is US behind conversions in India?

Right wing Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh chief K S Suddharshan on Tuesday alleged that the Central Intelligence Agency of the United States, with the help of non-governmental organisations, was indulging in religious conversions in India.

Delivering the special address at a symposium on "Empowerment of Hindu Intelligentsia" organised in connection with Sri Guruji (RSS founder M S Golwakar) Centenary Celebrations in Madurai, he claimed that as soon as George W Bush took over as president, he had allocated $20 billion for the NGOs to work and convert people to Christianity.

"The CIA planned to establish one church in every post office area. The churches would be established within walking distance of each other," he said.

The 'surreptitious' way of organising conversions under the garb of doing service was more dangerous, he said, adding that the NGOs planned to setup schools, hospitals etc to veer the rural people away from their Hindu moorings.

He alleged that the missionaries were also misleading the tribals, with whom they worked, by saying that Aryans had invaded their land.

He said Maoists also posed a threat to the country, "resorting to terrorism" and "just as they did in Nepal, they would attack government offices, including, police stations, etc to demoralise government officials, and bring the area under their control.

He said Muslims were trying to spread their religion by migrating to new areas, infiltration and Jehad. They had become the majority population in some of the districts, he added.

Eminent thinker and journalist Arun Shourie said the domestic media was not writing about the full preparedness of China along India's borders, or about Pakistan trying build mosques madrassas along the borders, and was giving importance to Pakistan's view or terrorists' views.

The RSS should counter the "anti-hindu anti-Indian culture press" only through alternative way of communicating directly to the people, he said. He also stressed the need for political power to control anti-national forces.


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