Sunday, October 08, 2006

Sharad Pawar's NCP fights for Islamic terrorist

India's (pseudo-) "secular" leader Sharad Pawar's "secular" Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) has joined the "secular" bandwagon that is fighting to save the Islamic terrorist Mohammad Afzal from the just punishment for his participation in Terrorist Attacks and associated Crimes Against Humanity.

Sharad Pawar and other "secular" leaders like him are protected by our own brothers and sisters serving in the Indian Army, the paramilitary forces, the Special Protection Group, and the National Security Guard. They know they are safe; no terrorist can get to them.

So they keep sabotaging India's 1000-year-long fight against Islamic terrorism for petty personal gains (appeasing Radical Islamists to win elections using the Muslim vote bank).

If and when India finally loses the 1000-year-old war against Radical Islam and gets overrun by forces of Radical Islam (like the Hindu Buddhist Parsi and Christian civilizations of Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Central Asia, Lebanon, Iran got overrun and wiped out by Radical Islam) because of these corrupt incompetent and immoral leaders (as opposed to honest and capable ones we had earlier like Rana Pratap, Chatrapati Shivaji, Guru Teg Bahadur, Guru Govind Singh, Peshwa Balaji Baji Rao, Prithviraj Chauhan, etc) our "secular" leaders will simply escape and seek political asylum in civilized countries that will still remain. They have enough money saved in secret Swiss Bank acounts that their next 50 generations can live comfortably in Switzerland.

We, the common people of India, will have nowhere to go.

We escaped from Afghanistan to India. From Pakistan to India. From Bangladesh to India.

When what remains of India gets overrun where will we go ? Into some cave in the ravines of Madhya Pradesh ? And then disappear ?

The overrunning of India by forces of Radical Islam is possible in less that 100 years. Population grows exponentially, so events get speeded up. A few million Muslims took 1000 years to overrun Persia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Central Asia, Lebanon etc. Now a billion Muslims can outbreed overwhelm and overrun India in less than 100 years, perhaps only 50.

They are already doing so taking advantage of Democracy itself.

When Hindus get capital punishment, nobody protests. When a Muslim terrorist should get caputal punishment for terrorist attacks against the Parliament, the seat of Democracy and the Government of India, and waging war against the Nation, the law itself is being changed (subverting Democracy itself, in the form of vote bank politics) to rule out capital punishment entirely, invoking the names of Buddha and Gandhi, no less.

What an irony.

Will all of us silently watch this charade ? Or will we build public opinion against Sharad Pawar and all other "secular" (anti-Hindu) leaders of his kind; make sure they never get a single Hindu vote in the next 50 years ?

You can decide. I can decide. Not alone, but together. Shall we ?

Times of India reports:

Afzal should get life imprisonment: NCP

KATIHAR: Advocating the need for a national debate on ending the provision of hanging in India, Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) general secretary Tariq Anwar on Sunday appealed President A P J Abdul Kalam to commute the death sentence of Mohammad Afzal, facing execution in the 2001 Parliament attack case, to life imprisonment.

"While many countries have ended capital punishment, India continues with it even in the 21st century. Besides, this is a land of Buddha, Mahavira and Mahatama Gandhi, who were symbols of peace ...India should do away with capital punishment," Anwar said.

The general secretary of NCP, a constituent of UPA at the Centre, advocated a national debate on ending execution in the country.

Anwar claimed that besides Jammu and Kashmir chief minister and Congress leader Gulam Nabi Azad, former chief minister Farooq Abdullah, two left parties like CPI and CPM also favoured life imprisonment for Afzal.

"Except for the BJP, majority of political parties and leaders want commuting Afzal's punishment to life imprisonment", the senior NCP leader said.

"Providing clemency to Afzal would give him an opportunity to repent for his act," Anwar added.


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